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Transformers The Movie – My Collectibles Robot

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Calling all Trans fans. Transformers are BACK…Many of us grow up with the Transformers cartoon back in the 80’s. As in all shows, there is always the good guys (Autobots) and the bad (Decepticons)
The popularity of the cartoon shows was follow up with the release of books and also the toys. They were selling like hotcakes back then. The songs are so powerful and great, and will remain in my head for a long long time. the band that did the opening theme was Lion. – Catch the video on :

Having two boys, I also bought the toys and watched most of the cartoon shows with them. After a lapse of twenty years, my two boys have already grown up and there were some toys left that is still in good condition.. and if I remember well, the rest – which is either without an arm or head, was thrown away. End up keeping these only lo..

The Whole Group (good & evil)

Optimus Prime


And also included in the collection is this REFERENCE BOOK….

I can’t wait to watch the movie in the cinema and who knows, I might end up buying the toys based on this new film too … hahaha.

Penang Hawker Food – Super Tanker Food Court

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Hi, I am a newbie…. This is my first post and would like to share some nice food tips. Hubby and myself went to try out the hawker food at Super Tanker food court which is located in Taman Lip Sin (opposite the market). We reached there around 7pm and the place is already packed.
We went around the place and finally decided to try the Thai food.

Besides their famous belacan fired rice and tomyam fried maggi mee, what attracted me is …. the green chicken curry and the roast pork leg. The bowl of green curry cost RM4.00 and the roast pork leg with an egg cost RM 5.00. Both dishes come with a plate of white rice. This type of hawker style Thai food is definitely so much cheaper compare to those serve in the restaurant.



There is a stall selling satay from Batu Maung with choices of pork, pork intestines and chicken We had a few sticks of chicken satay which is sold at RM0.50 per stick.

Lastly we rounded up our dinner with pancakes from Aki Pancake, with tuna and cheese turkey ham filling….. very tasty and crispy.

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The Manhattan Fish Market – Queensbay Mall

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Went to try out the Manhattan Fish Market in Queensbay Mall. As the name implies, they serve western style seafood. There was a queue. While waiting, we browse through the menu. There were so many choices to choose from – Fish & Chips, Mussels and Fried Calamari.

Undecided which dish to choose, we settle for the Seafood Platter as it has a mixture of seafood. The dish consist of deep fried fish fillet, calamari rings, mussels and prawns served with garlic rice and potato chips. I would prefer the chips be serve separately from the rice so that it won’t turn soggy. The garlic rice is very tasty.

All the seafood were fresh but I personally love the prawns that goes very well with the sauce. My hubby showing the reasonably big mussel.

We had two cups of hot tea to go along with the meal. The bill came up to RM54.54.


JW Marriott Hotel – Kuala Lumpur

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JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur located in Jalan Bukit Bintang is within walking distance to a lot of shopping malls, restaurants and other entertainment outlets. There are many public transportation around – the monorail station is only 10-minutes walk from the hotel.
We stayed there several times in the past years. They provide very detail and excellent services. Even our car was given a free wash each morning during our stay.

JW Marriott Hotel
183 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Phone:  60 3 2715 9000
Fax:  60 3 2715 7000

Do click on this website for more information.

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