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Ipoh – Biscuit Hunting @ Lam Fong

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Recently I followed my hubby on a day trip to Ipoh. We had our meal and the famous white coffee at Nam Heong Coffeeshop in old town.
After the meal, we went around looking for Lam Fong Biscuit shop which was recommended by a friend. The shop sells many varieties of biscuits and the ones that I was looking for come in the shapes of animals. We  managed to locate the shop after going around the area several times.

Located at No.50, Yau Tat Shin Street/ Jalan Tawil Azar (directly opposite Restoran Lou Wong Tauge Ayam), the shop opens from 4pm onwards till 12am at night….. (such an odd opening hours for a biscuit shop).

The shop sells many varieties of biscuits and these are the cute looking biscuits that I was looking for. Each cost RM2.



Bought some of them home and now wondering whether I should eat these cute looking biscuits or keep them…..

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For dinner, Hubby and myself decided to have something different. We went for a Korean dinner at Sam Oh Jeong Restaurant at Cantonment Road. This cosy place is located on the right side if you are travelling on Cantonment Road heading towards Gurney Drive. Beside it, is Matsuki Japanese Restaurant.

Like most menu in a Korean restaurant, one cannot figure out what is written in there. So we decided to ask the manager to recommend some dishes to us.

We have the Beef Bulgogi ……….

The side dishes of pickles, fermented vegetables and fresh salad comes along with the Beef Bulgogi. We had a total of ten side dishes.

We laid the beef slices together with the pickles on the salad leaves and roll it up (just like the poh-piah). Very tasty indeed.

The next dish was the claypot rice. The rice has lots of ingredients, a bit sticky and very tasty. This is what is left of the dish when hubby snap this photo. As for the dessert, there were two slices of watermelon – complementary of the house.

This dinner was definitely something different… not only the food but we also had the whole restaurant to ourselves (a family left while we were ordering our food) …. just imagine the quietness with the flow of korean music at the background (scene from a korean drama????).

I recommed you drop by this restaurant if you are looking for Korean cuisine.

TEL : 2294461


Penang Bon Ondori Carnival – Esplanade

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Bon Ondori Carnival was held at the Esplanade on 21st July 2007. This year was our first visit to this event. There were many stalls set up by the perimeter of the field – game stalls and also others, mostly selling food and souvenirs. There was a huge crowd.

My hubby went around the food stalls and bought some fried baby crabs (RM5.00) and finds them very crispy. I end up buying a packet of Japanese cake that cost RM10.00.

In the middle of the field is a huge stage where all the performances were held. The carnival started with the Japanese drum performances and follow by their cultural dances.

Many Japanese ladies and children were dressed in their traditional costume. This lady look so elegant and beautiful and so are the children.

We were impressed by the overall cleaniness of the venue. Bravo to the organizer. Its a shame we could not stay on to watch the firework display as it started to drizzle. Hopefully we will be able to attend this event next year…..
The face of Penang is changing rapidly but there are still some colonial-era buildings around. Most of them are located within the inner city of George Town and these are some photos that I took in Lebuh Muntri (around the corner from CHEONG FATT TZE MANSION). Some of the houses have nice and lovely details carved on the doors and windows.

Patterned tiles are also laid on the walls below the front windows facing the street. Design of flowers and geometrical are usually found on the tiles.



A photo of a floor tile decoration.

Now, most of these houses have been converted into restaurants, cafes, bars and hostels. An example is the GREEN HOUSE which is run by an expat Australian couple. The cafe serves Western food and also delicious dessert.

Further down the road is the Hainan Temple called Thean Ho Keong or Temple of the Heavenly Queen. The I00-year-old temple is remodelled by craftsmen from China in 1995 (when it celebrated its centenary) with elaborate stone carvings and dragon pillars.

If you happen to be spending your holiday in Penang, my advice is – hop on a trishaw and travel around. Its the best way to see the town.

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We went to Swee Garden Restaurant for lunch, with the recommendation from our friend, Dr and Mrs Lim.  The restaurant frequented by many outstation diners is located behind Maybank in Nibong Tebal, Seberang Prai.


Its specialty dish is the Thai style deep-fried pork trotter. The skin is crunchy, yet the meat is very tender and the dish comes with some pickled onions and fresh cucumber. Indeed very delicious.

The restaurant also serves many varieties of seafood. We had the steamed fish, fried lala, Assam prawns and some vegetables.


Do try the umbra juice suan -boi (sour plum) that comes in a jug. Many coffee shops and restaurants in Penang is serving this fruit juice but this one is the best that we had tasted so far. The pure fruit juice is thick and not mixed with a lot of water.

The food is delicious, prices are reasonable but it was a bit uncomfortable as there are many flies flying around.

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Mandarin Oriental Hotel – Kuala Lumpur

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During one of our holiday trips down to Kuala Lumpur, we stayed in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel for two nights. This hotel is in a good location which links up directly to Suria KLCC which is indeed very convenient for us to do our shopping and dinning. The light rail transit is located within this shopping centre too. Besides this hotel is the Petronas Twin Towers and also the new Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Together with our children we book ourselves into an apartment suite that has two rooms and a kitchenette. The living room provides a good view of the KLCC park – the landscaping was beautiful.

We all agree that we will come back and stay at the Mandarin Hotel again on our next trip. For more details on this lovely five star hotel, do click at :

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PAROS Exhibition at PISA – Superbikes/Cars

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The Penang Auto and Road Safety Show (Paros) was held recently at Penang International Sports Arena (22nd June to 24th June 2007). My hubby suggested that we visit this exhibition cos he personally has a great interest for motorcycles.

There were around 20 exhibitors including many automobile-related companies. On displayed was the latest cars, motorcycles and car audio systems but we spend most of the time in the motorcycle booths.

Just look at these scooters….. the amount of time repainting them – using airbursh painting method. Its a work of art- very impressive, don’t you think so???

Collected a few brochures and key-chains.

We really enjoyed ourselves seeing all these BIG BIKES…

Our very good friend, Dr Alex Lim and his lovely wife took us for dinner at a new dining place located in a house in Jalan Tanjung Bungah – Hillside.
The house is facing opposite the Esso petrol station, very near to Tanjung Bungah Medan Selera Mutiara food court. Entrance to the house is through Jalan Oldham. The kitchen is in the back portion of the house,  with a few tables spread out in the garden. It is run by Stella – a nice and friendly German lady.

Dinner hours are from 7pm onwards. We ordered the signature dish – ROAST PORK RIBS. The roast pork is slightly fried before serving and comes with potato wedges and salad. The texture and flavor is slightly different from those we have tasted in other food outlets.
Do give it a try. Choices of dishes are quite limited as Stella personally cooks all of them. For reservations, do call her at 016-4868880.

After dinner, we head back to Doctor’s house where we have our coffee and dessert – Baskin Robbins ice cream cake. Thanks again to our good friend for introducing us to such tasty pork ribs and also for the lovely evening.

Click here for the Map Location.

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Woke up on a raining Sunday morning and drove all the way to the Chowrasta market with my hubby to have breakfast. Parking space is very limited and we only managed to find one after circulating the area twice. The coffee shop is located on Kimberly Street…. a few shops away from the Shong Hor Hin Medical Tea Stall – selling kor teh (bitter).
This stall is run by two ladies and they sell the IPOH type of yong tofu with noodles.

This bowl of noodles with five pieces of ingredients of your choice is only RM3.50. The chili sauce is similar to those found in Ipoh and K.L. (unlike those served in Pg, which is “teem cheong”). During the weekends, they prepare additional side dishes such as stew pork trotter, vinegar pork trotter (tu kar chor) and stew soya sauce chicken leg.

After shopping in Prangin Mall on a Sunday evening, we decided to have some hawker food in town. We went for some bak moi (pork porridge) at a roadside stall beside Ho Ping Coffee shop located in Penang Road/ Kampung Malabar junction. It operates from 5pm onwards.

You can choose from a varieties of pig innards – brain, kidney, intestines, liver and mince meatball as your ingredients. There are two types of vermicelli (bee hoon), the thick and the thin ones. Tang chai (dried preserved vegetable) are also added to the noodle for that extra taste.

No garlic oil and MSG is added. The food is always served to the customer steaming hot. Do go there earlier to avoid waiting as it can sometimes take up to an hour.
There is a very famous Lorbak stall in this coffee shop too. We usually go for the hae jie and the lorbak. Business starts from morning till night. There are also other stalls selling char koay teow, tai pan hor fun and mee goreng. Click here for the Map Location.

Ho Ping Coffee Shop
Penang Road/Jalan Kampung Malabar

Closed : Every Alternate Thursday

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