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TGIF – Queensbay Mall Penang

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Went to TGIF for lunch after shopping in Queensbay Mall. This is our third visit to this outlet since its opening.

Hubby ordered the Friday’s Burger which was recommended by the waiter. The big chunk of grounded meat was tender and juicy, top off with beef bacon slices and cheese. The taste is very much better than those serve in burger chain stores. TGIF do serve great and tasty burgers.

And this was my lunch – Chicken Quesadillas. A piece of grilled tortilla with fillings of grilled chicken, beef bacon and melted cheese together with pieces of onions, tomatoes and red chilies. Served with sour cream and salsa.

I ate half of the tortilla and share the other half with hubby so that I have room for my favourite dessert – Friday’s Sundae. (I ordered this dessert during my last two visits too). Its basically vanilla ice cream topped with hot fudge and caramel, nuts and whipped cream… yummy…licious.

The food was excellent and the servings – quite LARGE !! It’s a great place to enjoy a full course meal or just having a light snack. We were so full after the meal that hubby suggested that we continue with our shopping (hopefully the walking will help to digest the food faster).


Atawoo Thai Restaurant, Penang

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We had a hot and spicy dinner last night. Went to Atawoo Restaurant in Trengganu Road for Thai food. This was our second visit. The first dish that we ordered was our favourite tomyam soup which comes with big prawns, fish slices, sotong, mushroom and tomatoes. The taste was just right for us.

The waitress recommended the brinjal dish. Mince meat with lots of chopped garlic, ginger and chili padi were laid on top of the slightly fried brinjal. It was a very appetising dish.

The last dish was a mince meat dish. The meat was fried with black soya sauce and chili padi with lots of basil leaves (daun selasih). The leaves gives a sweet and fresh fragrance.

The three dishes were equally good. This is a nice place for those who love spicy food with affordable prices. By the way, rice is charged at RM1 per person (eat all you can).

We drove over to Gurney Drive to have our seafood dinner with our parents in Bali Hai Seafood Market. This restaurant is on your right if you are travelling down from Gurney Plaza. The bright and colourful sign board can be seen from afar. There is a car park behind the restaurant.

The place is usually crowded during weekdays and weekends with locals and foreigners. Customers have a choice to pick and choose their seafood from the rows of aquarium.

We ordered the fried fish (cui jiam), flower crabs, claypot fish with preserved vegetable and yam, fried vegetable with sambal and noodles. The steamed flower crabs came with pounded ginger and stripes of black fungus. Chinese wine was added to enhance the flavour. The crab meat was so firm and fresh. We ended up using our hands to eat this seafood.

We then had the claypot with pieces of fish head cooked with preserved salted vegetable,  slices of yam, dried chili and plenty of leeks. We enjoyed its unique and appetising taste …

After that we were served another two dishes. The vegetable dish was a combination of long beans, star beans and lotus root fried with sambal. The lotus root was thinly sliced and tasted good. The fish (cui jiam) was  fried until crispy.

We rounded up the dinner with fried seafood mee-tiau. Fried dried and not oily, the noodle went well with the accompanying spicy sambal.

This place with a cosy ambiance is suitable for entertaining friends or a dinner with the family. You get to savour delicious and FRESH seafood and at the same time enjoy the beautiful seaview. Price is a bit expensive but that depends on the type of seafood that you order.

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Yam rice for lunch? Yes,of course. How could I resist when my hubby suggested it. There are a few places in Butterworth selling it but we still prefer to frequent the stall in Bukit Mertajam, located behind Jalan Kulim. The stall is based in Kedai Makanan Hing Hing at Lorong Melor. It serves yam rice, preserved salted vegetable pork soup, stew soya sauce pork trotter as well as stew tofu and egg. Not to miss out the special chili paste with thick black sauce.

That’s a choice of having white rice or yam rice but most customers will opt for the latter.The rice is boiled with the yam (which is why the rice is so fragrant). The yam is soft and creamy…and I love to have more pieces of it.
Ordered two bowls of soup that comes with chinese celery and preserved salted vegetable. First bowl was mix ingredients of pork organs – stomach, liver, pork slices and meatballs. The other bowl consist of rectangular pieces of pig blood (congealed pig blood). Its jelly like structure is very smooth like tofu.

We also had the stew pork trotter as a side dish.

Up to now, we still can’t find any stalls selling this dish in the island…. so whenever we feel like having yam rice, we will take a short journey up to BM to enjoy this delicious food.


* The stall has shifted to a new coffee shop located just nearby the old place. Do drop by Eleen blog’s for a detailed map to this place.

Business Hours : 9am – 3pm
Closed : Wednesday

GPS Coordinates : N05º 21.690   E100º 27.787

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Coca Cola – Collectibles Items

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These are some of my son’s Coca Cola collectible items besides his Coca Cola – Bottles and Canscollection. I would like to share these images with you.Coca Cola signs.

Coca Cola vending machine tin.

Coca Cola waxed paper cups. On the left is from GSC, Oliver Sandwich and TGV.

Coca Cola tins.

Coca Cola Santa 38 oz. popcorn tin featuring Santa Claus with 3 types of flavour popcorn in it – caramel, cheese and butter. The tin was designed and marketed by Houston Harvest Gift Products.

Coca Cola drinking glass bought from the flea market at Lorong Kulit, Penang.

Anyone seen a Coca Cola tyre tube cap????

A little coke bottle key chain.

Coca Cola battery operated train set.

Since my son started collecting the Coca Cola products, my hubby and myself also tend to be on the look out for other items to add to his collection.

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Coca Cola – Bottles and Cans

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Coca Cola is one of the famous and popular fizzy soft drink consumed by many people. Some even like to collect Coke products as a hobby. My second son happens to be one of them who started his collection since school days. Here are some of his collectible items of Coca Cola bottles and cans.

Coca Cola bottles collection.

Below are the aluminum twist top bottles and the 500ml cans from Japan which were made of very good quality..

Wrapped bottles from Australia.

This is a 4 part series cans collection from Australia – Limited Edition Music.

Collection from Australia – Australia Football League (only collected 4 cans)

Collection from Australia – 2003 Rugby World Cup.

Collection from Singapore – 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

Collection for football fans.

Coca-Cola Light/Diet twist top bottles and cans.

Diet Coke Collectibles from U.K. by designer Denise Van Outen, Sadie Frost and Alesha Dixon.

Coca Cola America Classic Design Cans – 1 to 8 part series made in Japan.

Coca Cola 250ml cans from Korea…..

Cool and stylish cans from New Zealand.

Cans for the Christmas season from Thailand, U.S. and Singapore.

Cherry Coke anyone???

Coca Cola Zero was bought from Australia on a holiday trip.

A gift from Dubai by a friend – 330ml bottle and 150ml small can.

This cute Disneyland Minnie Mouse can is from Hong Kong.

These are from China – who will be hosting the coming 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Coca Cola is one of the sponsorship of the games….

My first blog was on sewing of beaded shoes which can be view at Peranakan Beaded Shoes – “Manek Ay”. Besides that I have venture into sewing a lot of items using beads. These are some of the beads embroidery that I have done in the past years.

These bags can be used for keeping hand phone, tissue paper, spectacles…..I have given some of these items as presents/gifts for my friends and relatives on special occasion. They were very pleased with it.

I have gone as far as framing up one of the beads design as a picture to hang on the wall in my living hall.

These are miniature pillows with colourful flower design. I used them to brighten up small corners in cupboards and on table tops.

All the colourful beads, patterns and materials can easily be found in handicraft shops – Sin Seng Lee in Penang Road and Sin Soon Lee in Rangoon Road. It is an interesting hobby. It gives me a rewarding feeling looking at them.

Do give your views and ideas on beads and cross stitch sewing and I would be happy to share mine with you too.

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Snacks – Nuts and Sweet Corn

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During the early days, it is common to see stalls selling snacks of boiled groundnuts, sweet corn (jagung) and chickpeas. The stalls were usually found plying outside cinemas, at the bus stand and near the market place. Practically all of them are run by the Chinese. It was and still is a popular snack among all walk of life because it is reasonably cheap. I am sure most of us have eaten a lot of these snacks. Sad to see that there are only a handful of them left in Penang nowadays.

My hubby used to buy more for keeping in the refrigerator because they do taste nice even when its taken cold. One of the stalls selling this snacks can be found at night at the junction of Penang Road and Chowrasta Road (directly opposite the police station).

The Indians have their “kacang putih” stalls that sells assorted roasted nuts and peas …will blog about them soon.
During our stay in Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur we had the opportunity to dine in a pivate room at Lai Po Heen chinese restaurant. This chinese restaurant with prices on the slightly high end has an elegant ambience.

Beside the entrance of the restaurant is the an open kitchen whereby chefs are seen preparing the food.

We had a few dishes and I particularly enjoyed the black pepper beef tenderloin and their signature crepe durian pancake (durian flesh wrapped in soft crepes). If you happen to be dining here, do order this durian pancake. You can’t find it as delicious elsewhere.

Thanks to my brother for the delicious meal.

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Penang Western Food – Green House

   Posted by: CK Lam    in Western Cuisine

Lunch at Green House at Lebuh Muntri. The place is run by an Australian couple (Pat and Alan) who made Malaysia their second home. They serve home style traditional food. The dining place is on the ground floor which is decorated with lots of collectible items and antiques.

We had the ham & bacon quiche and the shepherd’s pie from the day special menu. The shepherd’s pie consists of hash brown potatoes and lots of minced lamb and fresh garden salad.

The savory quiche pie was equally good. It features ham and bacon serve with fries and fresh garden salad too. We were very impressed with the quality and taste. Both pies were delicious.

For dessert we had their famous and well known “sticky dates pudding” and also the “impossible pie”. They were served warm, top-up with butterscotch sauce and a large scoop of ice cream. They were sweet, rich and moist.

The Green House is opposite the Hong Kong Shoe store.

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