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Ipoh Hawker Food and Landmarks

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Photos of surrounding and food taken during our Ipoh trip on 15th September 2007.

We proceed to old town for lunch at Thean Chun coffeeshop. Ordered the famous satay and kai see hor fun which are not found in Penang.

Before the journey back home to Penang, we made a pit-stop at Sin Yoon Loong coffeeshop to have a good cup of white coffee.

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Ramadan Hawker Food in Penang

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Ramadan is a festival celebrated by Muslims around the world. It is held every year and last for one month. For this year, it started on the 13th of September. During this period the adults will “fast” – they are not allowed to eat, drink and smoke from sunrise until sunset.
During the Ramadan Festival, a lot of makeshift food stalls are set up in most places for the breaking fast. Business starts from 3pm onwards until almost 7pm. It is always crowded with the Malays buying the food for their buka puasa meal. Nowadays it is common to see other races joining into this festivity too.
We went to the Ramadan Bazaar in Bayan Baru (near to Sunshine Square). All the stalls are located inside the compound of the mosque. You will find all kinds of buka puasa fare and also other local delicacies in these stalls and some of them are very delicious.



We would like to wish “Selamat Berpuasa” to all our Muslim friends & readers of our blog (and enjoy all the nice goodies like we did).

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We found a cosy cafe serving authentic Nyonya cuisine at Tanjung Tokong. Situated behind The Penang Chinese Swimming Club (next to Naza Hotel), the restaurant is known as “NYONYA CAFE”.
The place is fully air-conditioned and is nicely decorated with antiques. We spend some time taking photographs  of the surrounding while waiting for the dishes.
We had (from clockwise) the Black Vinegar Pork Trotter (tu-car chor), Nasi Ulam, Perut Ikan and Acar Fish (photo below). The Pork Trotter in Vinegar was a bit oily and had too much of the black soya sauce. Still the gravy was delicious.
The Nasi Ulam (rice dish) came with a variety of pungent fresh herbs. The herbs and rice were blended together with grated coconut and served cold.
The Ikan Perut was good, not very spicy but lemak cooked  with coconut milk (santan). Fish stomach was the main ingredient of this dish and we wish there was more of it.

The Acar Fish (fish pickle) was equally as good as the rest. The ginger and garlic was well seasoned.

The dessert of the day was very very delicious. It has a gravy of rich coconut milk, shaved ice and topped up with jackfruit.
All the dishes whetted our appetite.

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Do you prefer to eat Kampung Chicken rather than the commercially bred chicken? If you do, then head down over to Hutton Lane Penang. There is a stall that sells chicken rice and a variety of meat – roast pork, roast chicken and bbq pork.

Their specialty is the Kampung Chicken.

This variety of Kampung Chicken is known as “ang koo” in Hokkien or “woo so kie” in Cantonese. The meat is tasty and lean. The yellowish skin is much thinner and very smooth (doctors advised not to eat the skin but can’t resist!!!). It comes with steaming hot rice, garlic chili sauce and their special soya sauce with chopped chinese celery leaves.

And also not forgetting the soup which has a bit of chinese kei chi and herbs. It is mild and very tasty….

Look out for this stall as you travel downwards in Hutton Lane. The coffeeshop is on your left, two houses away from the mosque.

**Updated 2010** – The stall is no longer operating!

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Since we already had seafood dinner at Bali Hai again??with our uncle (who came from Singapore) on his first night in Penang, we decided to take him to Ocean Green Restaurant to try out the seafood.

We ordered a few of their signature dishes – inche kabin (deep-fried chicken Nyonya style) and deep-fried crispy choon-piah (Hainan spring roll). The rolls seems to have shrink in size lately.
The third dish was steamed fish in curry sauce. We normally would have this steam fish with plain beehoon (rice vermicelli).

A firm favorite at Ocean Green is the baked crab which comes with plenty of crab meat and cheese, all stuffed in the crab shell.

Kerabu Tofu.

Fried rice with salted fish (kiam hoo).

Satay grilled with the sauce together.
Lastly, the sweet dessert was steam tapioca served with thick santan (coconut milk).

This restaurant which faces the sea is hidden behind Paramount Hotel (a very old hotel on Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah).



Ocean Green Restaurant & Seafood
48F Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah
10050 Penang

Tel: 04 2262681 &  2274530

Business hours: 12noon till 11pm (daily)


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This is the first time we step into Sri Ananda Bahwan Restaurant located at Penang Street. We found that their cooking uses a lot of spices and chilies to bring out the flavour of their dishes. Their curries are not as spicy and hot as those of the Mamak and the Malays.

I had the banana leaf rice which was served on a banana leaf. I chose the mutton curry to go with the rice. The waiter laid the rice and 3 side servings of vegetable, beans and chutney (pickles) on the leaf. He top it up with two pieces of pampadum (crackers). Most of the customers ate the rice with their hands.

My hubby had the onion thosai, made of rice and lentil that comes with a bowl of white creamy sauce. It was tasty but we can’t figure out what ingredients was used to make it.


These pieces of idly (steamed rice patties) caught my hubby attention and he ate one of them which can be dip into any gravy of your choice. Tasted a bit sourish.

This restaurant have a wide varieties of desserts – sweet and savoury.

The tiny “apple” cookies was so cute and looks so real that I could not resist buying some and on top of that, some chocolate almond cakes too.

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Bali Hai again??

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Bali Hai again?? That was the question my hubby asked when I told him I wanted to patronise this restaurant for dinner with our uncle from Singapore. We patronised Bali Hai Seafood Market at Gurney Drive with our parents just nine days ago.

We were there quite early and the tables were not fully occupied. We decided to try out other dishes besides the ones that we have tasted on our first visit.


The menu for the night include:
a) Boiled baby octopus – tu boh sui, with two types of chili sauce, a red and a green.

b) Steam prawns in Chinese wine.

c) Fried noodles -mee-tiau (photo shown in my earlier blog)

d) Teochew style steamed fish with preserved salted vegetable and tofu.


e) Black pepper crabs – very tasty dish especially with the sauce fried until dried.


A view of the large open kitchen of the restaurant.

Went to the wash basin after an appetizing meal and took this photo of the gargoyle guarding over the basin.


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Penang Free School

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PFS or Penang Free School is the oldest school in this region and was founded in 1816. Both of my sons are Old Free.

Lately, the Education Ministry of Malaysia had awarded cluster school status to several schools in the country and PFS happens to be one of them. The cluster school concept is aimed at spurring outstanding schools to achieve world-class standards. Schools have more independence in choosing its teachers (can hire the top teachers) and students (select good students). It is also capable of raising additional funds and also giving additional pay increase for their teachers. They are allow to explore different methods and assessment and use different curriculum.
The selected cluster school principals have to undergo two months training programme at King’s College, University of London. On the other hand, teachers will be trained as examiners and the know-how in the process of marking examination papers to be on par with the international standard.
Below are some photographs of the Grand Old Lady taken during our Malaysia 50th Merdeka Day.

The School Band room.
More updates on Penang Free School can be view at and the school official


Auto Bavaria Penang

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What make heads turn and eyes glitter when they reach the Burma Road and Anson Road junction???

No doubt, it is the posh showroom of the above logo that needs no introduction….

This state of the art center looks very different now as compare to its earlier days when it was a showroom of another car company. Besides displaying their latest cars, they also have their MINI and BMW motorcycles.

They have not stop upgrading and renovating since they shifted here in August and I have counted that they had already held three buffet. They do have a big budget$$$$$.
SYABAS to Auto Bavaria for giving a fresh new look to this landmark located in one of the busy and bustling main road of the island.

Fishball Koay Teow Soup

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Believe it or not – Eel Fishball??? That is what we found out in the Rasa-Rasa Penang book. It feature a Koay teow thng (koay teow soup) stall in Lebuh Pitt which sells fishball made from eel (mua hoo in Hokkien) meat. In order to kill our curiosity, we just have to try it.

It is the “lone ranger” stall in Heng Seng Coffeeshop at Pitt Street and Armenian Street junction.

A basic bowl of Koay teow thng comes with slices of duck meat, sliced mince meat and five balls. The fish ball is not as “bouncy” as those sold by most of the stalls and the smell is not that strong. The clear soup is a chicken and duck based soup. The sliced mince meat was tasty. Extra ingredients can be added on to your liking.

The chili padi that are served to the customers are ready mixed with garlic and soak in soya sauce. It enhance the taste of the soya sauce.

Updates : The stall has since moved to another shop further up the road in January 2009. Click here for the       new location.

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Finding it difficult to choose where to have nice and tasty hawker food? Well, there is this coffeeshop that we used to patronized quite often because it has a lot of stalls selling tasty and reasonably price food.

To savour the yummy hawker food, drop by Keat Seng coffeeshop at night. It is located at the junction of Jalan Ayer Itam and Reservior Road. Recently the shop was renovated and given a new coat of paint – much brighter and cleaner. In the daytime there is a car wash operating at the open space in front of the coffeeshop.

Fried oyster is only RM 5.00 with fresh oyster

This curry mee is RM 3.70 (extra chicken) – very flavorful

Fried “tai loke meen” at RM 3.50, still not as good as those sold in KL

A basic plate of nasi lemak with tasty ikan bills and long beans.

This is one place whereby you can find most of the hawker food – Satay, Chee Cheong Fun, Chicken Porridge, Char Koay Kak, CKT, Wanton mee, dumpling, tong sui, claypot rice, Loh bak, and economy beehoon.

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Art Design – On Trucks

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I received these pictures of big trucks with trailers decorated with very nice cool designs from my friend, May Ooi . The designs of the products that they are hauling are painted on the sides and back of the trailer.

The first picture is a bottle of beer and it looks so real, like as if it is coming out from the side of the trailer.

The second picture is of a canvas tote bag. So chic and stylish. They even emphasis on the shoulder stripe.

The third picture showing Pepsi cases stacked on the ceiling of the truck. Wonder how they are able to stack them in this position????

The fourth picture shows another truck with its windshield facing the back and a driver painted in the driver’s seat looking back over his shoulder to appear like he is driving backwards. Will the vehicle following from behind get confused???

The fifth picture showing an aquarium with fishes swimming in it. It looks so real.

The sixth picture of a bookshelf with books lined up in it and a post-it-note with an advertisement on it too – probably for the company that sells the books.

The last picture showing the snack enjoyed by many people – Pringles Hot & Spicy. The “inside” of the trailer has the appearance of having been through a fire.

Actually they are not real photographs but digitally super imposed on to the truck for an art design competition held in Germany. The above seven designs were selected for the award, then implemented for real and shown during the award ceremony.

They do have a very imaginative and creative way of designing their products. It sure does attract everyone’s attention.

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