Bali Hai again??


Bali Hai again?? That was the question my hubby asked when I told him I wanted to patronise this restaurant for dinner with our uncle from Singapore. We patronised Bali Hai Seafood Market at Gurney Drive with our parents just nine days ago.

We were there quite early and the tables were not fully occupied. We decided to try out other dishes besides the ones that we have tasted on our first visit.


The menu for the night include:
a) Boiled baby octopus – tu boh sui, with two types of chili sauce, a red and a green.

b) Steam prawns in Chinese wine.

c) Fried noodles -mee-tiau (photo shown in my earlier blog)

d) Teochew style steamed fish with preserved salted vegetable and tofu.


e) Black pepper crabs – very tasty dish especially with the sauce fried until dried.


A view of the large open kitchen of the restaurant.

Went to the wash basin after an appetizing meal and took this photo of the gargoyle guarding over the basin.


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