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Pepsi Collectibles – Bottles and Cans

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Pepsi has produced many types of variations over the years. Here are the pepsi design in my son’s mini collection. He was more hooked up with his favourite collection of Coca Cola – Bottles and Cans.

Aluminum twist top bottles of Diet Pepsi Twist of Star Wars featuring Yoda, Queen Amidala and C-3PO & R2D2. These 300 ml bottles are from Japan.

Pepsi Max Can featuring Aragorn and Diet Pepsi Can featuring Eowyn of Lord Of The Rings are from Australia – 375 ml.

Pepsi launches some limited edition products on football in Malaysia such as Pepsi Gold (the FIFA World Cup) and Pepsi (Gladiator style).

Pepsi put “a little twist on a great thing” when they introduce lemon-flavored Diet Pepsi Twist. This 500 ml aluminium twist cap bottle is from Japan.

The two glass bottles on the left is from Thailand and right is from Australia.

Pepsi bottle featuring 50th Malaysia National Day logo – 600 ml.

Pop superstar Britney Spears appears in the Pepsi Can too.

The blue coloured berry cola Pepsi Blue.

Pepsi Ice and Pepsi Fire comes in bottles and cans too. This awesome advertisement was air in Malaysia featuring Vanness Wu Jianhao and Tata Young (with some special effects) and can be view at

Pepsi Max, the drink with ‘maximum cola taste, no sugar’ – it comes in a small 150 ml size.

Pepsi Tarik – a coffee flavoured cola.

A gold colour Pepsi Can for the Chinese New Year – 2005 year of the rooster.







These are the rest of the collection.









Heard that Japan has recently launch the Pepsi Ice Cucumber. It is a mixture of cucumber and cola. Wonder how does it taste like??

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Chilis in Penang is located on the ground floor beside G hotel in Gurney Drive. We went there to try out their varieties of American food. The place was packed and there was a long queue. Finally got ourselves a table after waited for half an hour.

The dining area is very warm and cosy and filled with quite a number of tables laid with beautiful modern design tiles.


I ordered the triple play which is a combination of buffalo wings, egg rolls and chicken fritters. This finger food is served with three different dips (all of them is good) and very tasty.

Hubby had this ground peppercorn burger. This tasty burger is served on a sesame seed bun together with fries.
The food comes in quite big portion. The prices of the items here are reasonable and affordable. By the way, aerated water and fruit juices are refillable. After the hearty and satisfying meal, we went to the adjoining Gurney Plaza to do our shopping. The main entrance was nicely decorated in conjunction with the Hari Raya festival.

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Red Rock Hotel (previously known as Agora Hotel) on Macalister Road recently open its door to the public. Located on the 1st floor of the hotel is “Tian-Tian Restaurant” – Everyday Supreme Restaurant.

The ambience’s of the Chinese restaurant is clean and spacious. As this is our first visit, we ordered a few simple dishes.

Overall the dishes are well flavoured and delicious. The prices are reasonable and it is worth visiting again.


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Goodbye Melbourne

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Took a midnight flight back home to Penang. Thanks to Chin for allowing us to stay at his apartment for two nights and YingHan for the packet of Grinders Coffee. Happy to meet Andrew as well. Most of all, we were happy to see our son MZ but sad for it was time to leave him again. All in all, both of us had a wonderful time and a great holiday in Melbourne.

Couldn’t stop taking photos in the airport too…

bye bye Melbourne for now, we will be back for a holiday in the near future.

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Around Melbourne, Australia

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These are some nice and unusual shots that we took while strolling in the city during our trip in Melbourne, Australia.

Cast iron chair.

Work of Art…

Large coin purse – wish it was mine.

Beautiful lavendar flowers.

Set of knives on display in a shop in Melbourne Central – “death by the knives“.

Flowers blooming in spring.

Designer’s toilet...
Antique weighing machine.

Fancy lamp post.

Staircase leading to ………????

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University of Melbourne

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These are the buildings and surroundings of University of Melbourne.

Photo of myself in the South Lawn with the Old Arts Clocktower in the background.
Hubby standing in the Union Lawn with the Old Commerce Building in the background.
This magnificient porch was formerly the entrance of the Colonial Bank of Australasia. It was presented to the university when the building was demolished.
Buildings of Trinity College which is located on the grounds of the university.

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The Block Arcade runs between Collins Street and Elizabeth Street. It features huge ceiling murals and very beautiful mosaic floors.
Royal Arcade in Bourke Street is the city’s oldest shopping arcade. There are statues that toll the hour on either side of the clock.
Australia On Collins….with beautiful mosaic logo on its entrance – a place of indulgence.

Melbourne Central – a modern shopping arcade with an old building inside it. The roof is in a shape of a cone which is made of steel and glass.

State Library of Victoria.

Public Bath (nice public swimming pool).

Parliament House.

More of Victorian architecture buildings is in Melbourne Landmarks & Historical Buildings (1).


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There are many beautifully preserved Victorian architecture as you can see from many of Melbourne’s historical buildings. One of them which caught our attention is the ANZ Gothic Bank and also known as ANZ Banking Museum. Anyone who passes through Collins Street will fall in love with this building. Here are some exterior and interior shots of this lovely building.

This is also part of the ANZ Bank – safe deposit purposes…

This whole stretch of Victorian buildings were well preserved and look majestic. Rialto Hotel is on the far right.

More photos on Melbourne Landmarks & Historical Buildings (2).

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Melbourne Food

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Melbourne is known of having a rich diversity of food outlets with different ethnic cuisines. We took this opportunity to try out some food from the following places. Everything was simply marvellous.

In Victoria Market (QVM), we had nanchos served in an edible basket with tomatoes, salsa, melted cheese, sour cream and guacamole from Pide Bread Bakery. The nanchos are warmed in the oven before being served.

Had Vietnamese food in Mekong at Swanston Street. Ate the pho (beef noodle soup with fresh raw beansprout and selasih leaves) and the rice paper roll. It’s good value for money. This restaurant is usually crowded with students most of the day.

Restaurants and cafes serving great Greek food are located in Lonsdale Street. Stalactites Restaurant which has a cave decor was our choice. You can see the chicken and lamb being grilled the minute you walk-in. This place is very popular with the locals. Try out their famous Lamb Souvlaki – the Greek version kebab with lots of meat. For dessert, we had Greek coffee and Baklava. The taste of this coffee is new to us and the mixed nuts filling in the Baklava was very sweet.

Teatime at Greco European Grill @ Crown after a long walk exploring the Southbank and waterfront. The vast selection of cakes displayed here are so tempting. Had the coffee toffee cake (you must come and try the cakes). This outlet serve Giancarlo coffee. Prices here are higher as it reflect the fact that you are at The Crown.

As for simple and tasty Chinese food, we had it at Rice Bar with our son and his uni-mates. Hot chinese tea is provided free and is served in a thermos flask. Food served in Chinese restaurants in Australia comes in a rather huge portion.

Had roast beef sandwich in Grind In The City which is located on one of Melbourne’s cutest alleys. Manage to grab a small table on the pavement. We got to savour Lavazza coffee here. The whole alley is dotted with other small food outlets and one can find all sorts of snacks here.

Here are two more pictures showing other cafes in the alley.

At David Jones Departmental Store Food Hall, we try out their fresh yogurt. Hubby chose the yogurt with mixed berries. The yogurt turn out to be very creamy.

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Lygon Street, Carlton is the place where a lot of Italians resided. There are dozens of restaurants offering fine pasta, steaks, wine and delicious cakes. Many of them have outdoor terraces with tables and chairs set on the walkway. We ate at several cafes located on this street :

Lunch at Threshermans Bakehouse.

Teatime at Cafe Notturno – Italian Apricot Cake with ice-cream and Dilmah Tea.

Dinner at Cafe Trevi – calzones, woodfired pizzas and many types of pasta…

Having tea at Brunetti. This lovely place is popular all day for coffee, cakes, snacks and meals. They serve Victtoria coffee. Another photo of hubby having COOOL gelato (Italian ice-cream) at IL Dolce Freddo.

Dinner at Papa Gino’s. Outdoor dining can be cold at times but they do provide overhead heaters. The food here is GREAT…. and value for money.

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Melbourne – Public Transport

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Spring Holiday in Melbourne!!! Hubby and myself spend 10 days in this lovely city of Australia and at the same time paid a visit to our son who is studying at University of Melbourne. Moving around in Melbourne is very convenient because it has a very good public transportation network. There are buses, trams and trains and most of them passes through the famous Flinders Street Station (on the corner of Flinders and Swanston Street).

A daily Metlink ticket allows you unlimited travel on all buses, trams and trains within the Zone you purchase for that date. Tickets can be purchase at most convenience stores, on the trams and train stations.

There are plenty of trams plying the streets and here are some of the nicer ones……

Another type of tram is the City Circle Tram – which is free for everyone. It only travels around the Central Business District (CBD).

To me, the most gorgeous way of seeing the city is by taking a ride on a horse carriage. There are various type of carriages. Having a ride on a horse carriage looks romantic, don’t you agree !!!

Its clean and safe environment makes Melbourne a nice city to visit. To know more, do check out .

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