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Min Jiang is a coffee shop in Ayer Itam Road which is located a few houses away from the Nissan showroom. There are quite a number of stalls there. Highly recommended is the Thai Tomyam stall which is run by a lady with operating hours from 8.00 pm onwards.

The taste of the tomyam soup is one of the better ones that we have tasted so far. A bowl with big size prawns, sotong and fish slices costs RM6 and is garnished with lots of coriander leaves.

We used to eat Oh Chien (fried oyster omelette), how about Hier Chien (fried prawn omelette)? There is a stall selling this omelette that uses prawns and cooked in a flour mixture until brown, served garnished with chopped spring onions. A bit of lime juice is added on to enhanced the flavour.

Grilled fish.
Evenly grilled chicken satay (sold by a Malay family) comes with cucumber and pieces of raw onions. This stall starts selling from 8.00pm onwards.
The food served here are worth trying out. The coffeeshop is closed on Sunday!

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Penang Hawker Food – Fishball Noodles

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Fishball noodles also known as koay teow soup is basically a bowl of noodles in clear soup with fishballs, sliced fish cake and sliced meat. This Penang hawker food can be found all over town. The stall that we are mentioning in this post is in the Anson Road wet market – which operates in the morning.

Besides a bowl of noodles (have it either dry or with soup), their side dishes are worth trying out. We had a plate of chicken legs and pig intestines.

And another side dish that is rarely found nowadays is the duck intestines. It has a very crunchy texture and served with some light soya sauce and some garlic oil.

All these side dishes goes very well with the noodles.


Restored Colonial Buildings – Penang

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When Penang was under the British rule, alot of buildings were erected and their designs were majestic and impressive. Over the years, some of these buildings were left abandoned and not being maintained. As a result, most of them is an eyesore.

Lately these few years, Penangites began to appreciate all this heritage buildings and slowly restoring them. Hubby and myself went around the town to capture images of some of these buildings. Most of them are found along Beach Street.

Beautiful artistic iron works.

The newly restored High Court.

We were glad that the owners and the Penang government have taken the initiative to bring back all these buildings to its majestic state again but there are still alot of them left run down or abandoned. Hopefully we get to see more of them being restore in the near future.

To savour tasty Taiwanese food in Penang, the place to be is Kocha Taiwanese Delight in 229, Jalan Burma Road. This restaurant is walking distance from the famed biscuit shop, Him Heang. It is decorated with simple furniture, mainly rattan chairs and lots of knick knack plus several different sizes aquariums.
As for the food, there is a wide selection of noodles, rice and snacks in their menu to choose from. We ordered the sliced cold Drunken Chicken, Kimchi pork in hot plate, salted vegetables (kiam chye) and also the Dumplings in Beef Soup. There were five big dumplings in the bowl of slightly spicy soup. Being beef soup lovers, we give this dish a big thumbs-up.

The dishes that we had goes well with the rice but take note that their bowl of rice cost RM1.20..(bit pricey for plain white rice). Overall the food is very tasty and unique in its own way. Business starts from 12.00 noon right till 10.30pm. For reservations, do call 04 2275048.

Finding a car park space can be a bit difficult during peak hours as there are only a few parking lots right in front of the restaurant.

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Penang At Night

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These are some of the images taken at night in Georgetown, Penang. The town looks so different at night – especially with the lights on.

The Queen Victoria Jubilee Clock Tower – located near to the famous Fort Cornwallis.

A classical fountain right in the heart of the business district center.

ABN-AMRO building nicely lighted up in the banking center, Beach Street.

A shot of a cruise liner taken from Esplanade.
These three shots were taken from my MIL apartment in Tanjung Bungah – view of the sea, hotels, the newly built four blocks of condominium known as The Cove and the Floating Mosque.

Hope all the relevant parties and the council will further beautify the town by lighting up more of the buildings and other prominent landmarks.


Ribs Barbeque Restaurant Penang

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***The restaurant has since closed down.
This was our first visit to Ribs Barbeque Restaurant in Burma Road although it has been around for sometime. We have talks of visiting this place many times but somehow we ended up dining in other places.
We went in and browse through the menu. There is a wide range of choices and they even have a set dinner menu too. I chose the Burrito – lightly grilled tortilla wrapped around a filling of hickory pork, shredded lettuce and salsa sauce. The sauce is tomato based and a bit spicy. The meat is very tasty.

In this restaurant, the recommended item is of course the Barbeque Ribs. Hubby had this meaty barbeque pork ribs marinated in their in-house special BBQ sauce. It comes with side dishes of garlic mashed potato and coleslaw. The meat of this finger licking ribs is so tender and juicy.

For dessert, we chose their homemade special – Banana Froster. Banana cooked in a sweet sauce with raisins and served with a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream. This yummy delicious dessert goes well with the cups of black coffee that we had.

Decoration in this restaurant is simple – nothing fancy but you can count on the excellent taste of the food and its decent portion size. Parking is very convenient as it is just a few doors away from Giant Supermarket.

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Ajisen Ramen – Gurney Plaza Penang

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***The restaurant has since closed down.

This is a new food outlet that our parents and us happen to stumble upon in Gurney Plaza. It serves noodles and snacks.
The menu has a wide range of noodles and side dishes. We had a few side dishes together with our noodles. – The Salmon Sashimi, Fried Tofu and Pan Fried Gyoza (with soy-vinegar dipping sauce).

There are many variations of noodles to choose from. We tried out three different types. This is the Volcano Ramen – noodles served in a bowl of soup with big slices of meat, half an egg, seaweed and spicy mince meat.

Seafood Ramen consists of four big prawns, half an egg, crab stick, cuttle fish and seaweed.

Stewed tender pork ribs, half an egg and cabbage makes up this bowl of Nan-Kotsu Ramen. The soup is cloudly white.

This is our only rice item – Una Ju rice set. The unagi is nicely done.

Hubby looking happy and pleased. The prices were reasonable and most important of all, the food were fresh and the noodles were of the right texture. We even received a free gift from them too. Definitely a place to visit for a quick lunch or dinner.

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Dragon i – Queensbay Mall Penang

   Posted by: CK Lam    in Noodles

This is our fourth visit to this chinese restaurant since its maiden opening in Queensbay Mall. The place was crowded as usual and waiting time for us was around half an hour (slightly faster than our previous visits). Once sitted, we were served with a small bowl of stewed groundnuts with ‘nam yue’ and hot chinese tea.

After browsing through the menu, we choose to try out their ‘light’ food. We had the Cold Pig Shank with Jelly Fish. It comes with a special sourish and spicy sauce which enhances the meat. Thumbs up for this dish.

Steam Meat Buns – the texture of the bun is firm and comes with a generous amount of filling.

Fried Carrot Cake (you can find more carrot in the cake then flour). It is fried with egg, prawns and beansprout. It is quick fried and not soak in oil. This a good tasty snack food.

Fried Shanghainese La Mien in dark soya sauce with mushroom slices, meat and cabbage – very tasty.

Most of the servings are decorated with water chestnut leaves and small size tomatoes. Besides that, the staff were very attentive and we did not have to wait long for the food.


Sakae Sushi – Queensbay Mall, Penang

   Posted by: CK Lam    in Japanese Cuisine

We spend the afternoon of the Deepavali holiday in Queensbay Mall. In the mall itself, there were several on-going events held in conjunction with this festival – stage show and kolam decoration. When it was dinner time, we head over to Sakae Sushi for some Japanese cuisine.

There was already a long queue and we end up waiting for fifteen minutes. Once sitted, we ordered the Japanese tea which comes in a sachet. We got to fill up the cup with hot water from a dispenser from the table.

Then its makan time. We started choosing the food from the conveyor belt. This is the Sea Snail Maki.

Deep Fried Salmon.

Tempura Maki.

Unagi Maki.

Besides those from the conveyor belt, we also had the Saba Shioyaki set which have my favourite grilled mackerel, a plate of tofu, miso soup, rice and fruits.

This is one place whereby you can enjoy fresh and affordable Japanese food.

Worth trying out their new items which they introduce on and off – like the Volcano Kimchi Maki which we had on one of our previous visits.

Hubby and myself had our lunch at Summer Garden Food Bistro in Vale of Tempe, Tanjung Bungah. Its right on the junction of Jalan Lembah Permai and the road leading to TAR College.

The garden is decorated with lots 0f green plants that creates a pleasantly outdoor environment.

The dining area inside is quite spacious and has a lot of decorative items.

It has an open kitchen right beside the counter.

The mains that we ordered were Duck Breast with Black Cherry Sauce for myself and Roasted Rack Of Lamb for hubby. The duck meat was firm and the cherry sauce compliment the meat. The greens were very fresh but we felt the portion was a bit small. The roast lamb was tender and served with brown sauce but hubby requested for some mint sauce instead.The food were very well presented.

After the food, we skip desserts but we did have a cup of coffee. The brown and white sugar were served in containers unlike most places that provide sugar sachets.

We were happy with the service, the food and relaxing environment. Do try out the cakes.

By the way, to call for service is just by pressing a button.

Summer Garden Bistro
No. 2 Lorong Lembah Permai 3
11200 Tanjung Bungah
Tel: 04 8900977
Business Hour : 11am – 10.30pm daily

View here for the Map Location. (updated)

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Hai Boey Seafood Restaurant – Penang

   Posted by: CK Lam    in Seafood

Had dinner with Dr and Mrs Alex Lim at Hai Boey Seafood Restaurant which is located in Teluk Kumbar. Our good friend who have patronised this place a few times (and found the food tasty) was kind to offer to drive us there. We reached there after sunset.

We ordered their signature dishes – deep fried balls made up of brinjals and minced meat. Then came the stir-fried Kapar clams (also known as Lala) with tom yam sauce. The clams were big and very fresh.

The spare ribs were marinated with their special sauce – the meat were very tender and juicy. For vegetable, we had the fresh “nai pak” stir fried with garlic.

Steamed fish with soya sauce. The taste of the sauce is just right and goes well with white rice.

The last dish is the fried mantis prawns (lye lui har) with salted egg yolk, chili padi and curry leaves. The prawns were fresh and very meaty. This dish gets the thumbs up from all of us – just delicious.

A drive from the city to this restaurant takes around 45 minutes but it is worth the distance because the food served here is simply awesome. By the way, remember to bring your cash along cos this restaurant do not accept credit card payment….

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