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Invited to dinner by our family friend, Dr Alex Lim and his family at Salsa Restaurant located in Upper Penang Road. Salsa was famed for fine dining. A couple of years ago, we went to Salsa with his family as well, but was at its former location @ Kelawei Road.
For starters, we had a round of appetizers. The seafood platter with smoked salmon served on salad was a tickle to the taste buds. The soup was great.

Then came the following main course : I forgot what was it called, just vaguely remembering them – Beef Sirloin.

Roast Lamb.


Finally, its time for dessert. The dessert make up of three items.

  • Freshly baked rich cake topped with delicious cream and biscuits
  • Finely cut fruits mixed in syrup and topped with strawberry
  • Creamy vanilla ice-cream that melts in your mouth

The restaurant was warm and cosy, ambience was great, it has to be said. Nice having dinner with our good friend. Hopefully many more dinners could be enjoyed with them in the coming years. We wish them and everyone else a very Happy New Year!

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Is the food served Halal? Do u hv halal certificate?

January 18th, 2010 at 3:11 pm

Had lunch on 02/01/2012, while the food was superb, the waitress (senior) who served us was very rude! I request that instead of dessert, can I have extra salad which previously was promptly attended to but this time the waitress without refering to the kitchen commented that they have run out of salads! On top of that, when she served us the main course, just dumped the plate on our table with a stone face demeanour. Obviously she was unhappy with us after we argued that the our request for change was always entertained previously, thats why we have been patronising this restaurant whenever we think of having western meals. I find this unprofessional and even tho’ how difficult the guest is, the service staff should not show it openly! Anyway our request is not that demanding either, just serve me an extra plate of salad instead of dessert or add in more salad which ever way is not a hassle which you can compromise.
P.S. the waitress who served us was working at the upper section of the restaurant with a block of blond hair in front.

January 3rd, 2012 at 1:07 pm

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