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Meiji – Hello Panda Biscuits

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Hello Panda fans!!!

Hello Panda are small round biscuits in the shaped of a panda head. It has cute little panda sports printing on every cookie. There are various types of fillings but MZ love those with chocolate cream filling.

Surprisingly we find them very tasty. The choco cream is rich yet not very sweet. These finger sized biscuits is an excellent snack for people in the office, on the road or those looking for a munch. Now hubby and myself are also a HELLO PANDA fan.

***The restaurant has since closed down.

On the famous Armenian Street, stands a two storey shoplot building known as the Colonial Restaurant. This restaurant cum art gallery was opened to the public recently. We went there for lunch with our good friend.

This tastefully decorated restaurant uses marble-topped tables and kopi tiam chairs. Many art pieces were nicely decorated on the wall and some of them are up for sale too. Beautiful wood panellings were installed near the counter.

One of the attraction of this place is the airwell – decorated with many potted plants. The airwell which is airy and bright makes the place very cooling to sit around even in a hot afternoon.

We had our mind set on ordering their Hainanese dishes. From clockwise – Chicken Curry Kapitan, Curry Lamb, Mixed Vegetables, Sweet and Sour Fish and Yam Duck (ark ore) in the center. And the rice came steaming hot in a coconut shell (yah kak).

The taste of the food was quite near to the original ones we had during the old days except the mixed vegetable was a bit watery. As for desserts, we had the bee kor moi ……speciality is that it comes with a scoop of ice-cream rather than the standard coconut milk. Quite a nice change!!!

Head down over to 35 Armenian Street for some good old Hainanese fare.. if you need to make a booking, just call 2614489.

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San Francisco Steak House, Mid Valley

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On our last night stay in Kuala Lumpur, my brother and sister took us makan-makan at San Francisco Steak House (which is not available in Penang) at Mid Valley . Unlike TGIF and Chillies, this outlet is more of a fine dining restaurant.

We had a hard time choosing our food as there was a wide range of choices of food on the menu. Finally, all of us opt for the oxtail soup and garlic bread for starters.

The garlic bread was one of the tastier ones that we had so far… with generous amount of garlic and butter.

Finally our food came, and this was my plate…. baked lobster with a piece of steak.

On that night, the happiest person would be my hubby. He received a special present from our eldest son… a T H watch. He was so moved by our son’s gesture that he was in tears. Thank you so much  MYen…

and also thanks to my brother and sister for the lovely dinner.

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The Gardens at Mid Valley

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We went to The Gardens at Mid Valley which was opened a few months ago. This is the extension of the Mid Valley project and is connected to the old building through a covered walkway. The shoplots here have more creative designs to attract their customers.
A very unique pharmacy entrance.

The base of the escalator is even decorated with frosted glass which enhances the surroundings.

An eye catching sign. The owner sure does have good taste in choosing the name for his shop.

We spend some time walking around before we head over to San Francisco Steak House for dinner.

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Holiday @ One World Hotel at 1-Utama

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During our Chinese New Year holiday in Kuala Lumpur, we stayed at the newly launched One World Hotel in Petaling Jaya. It is very convenient as it is connected right to the doorstep of 1-Utama Shopping Centre.

The grand lobby is very spacious with a high ceiling, marble flooring and grand chandeliers.

I get to have both of my sons with me in this photo….look as though I have two personal bodyguards.

The room is mostly brown and beige in colour. The nice part is… there is a large LCD television hanging in front of the bed.

Breakfast is at the spacious and comfortable Cinnamon Coffee House which has a wide variety of buffet spread.

Check out this nice 5 star hotel at if you are planning a holiday in Kuala Lumpur.

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Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner

   Posted by: CK Lam    in Events

This year our eldest son, MY managed to come back from Australia to join us for the family New Year Reunion dinner. We had our dinner at two places – Zhong Hwa Restaurant in Cititel Penang on the eve and another one at Tai Thong Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur on the first day. Both were set course dinner.

We went down to K.L. to visit my mum, brother and sister. My youngest son, MZ with his uncle (kau fu) during the dinner at Tai Thong Restaurant SS2.

It was a nice gathering for everyone and it was an awesome dinner for the CNY.


Shanghai 10 – Queensbay Mall, Penang

   Posted by: CK Lam    in Noodles

Seen the movie Shanghai Noon, then how about having lunch at Shanghai 10…. which is Shanghai Tien in mandarin. This outlet located on the cinema floor of Queensbay Mall, Penang serves delicious dim sum and noodles.

We went for the noodles. The noodles is like the wan ton mee type although its name as la-mien. The clear soup is tasty yet not oily. The dumplings (sui kow) are quite big in size.

Then came the dim sum. The fried carrot cake was surprisingly not oily and yet very tasty.

This is the siew loong pau and the char siew pau.

Our favourite lor mai kei.

Desserts that we had were the black sesame gultinuous rice ball (a must try). We also had the yee mai fu chok and the black sesame tong sui but won’t recommend as we found them to be very diluted.

Food items served here is quite similar to those that we had in Dragon i – Queensbay Mall Penang but both outlet has its own individual taste. Decorations here are quite simple and not as posh as Dragon-i. Jusco card members can enjoy 20% discount of the whole bill until the end of February… remember to flash your J-Card!!! Bon-appetite!


Barbeque Steamboat Dinner at Seoul Garden, Penang

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Fancy paying your own dinner and still have to cook yourself? That is what you have to do while having a barbeque steamboat buffet in Seoul Garden. This was our third visit to this outlet at Gurney Plaza.

There are a few choices of soup for the mini steamboat and a wide selection of meat, seafood and vegetables to choose from.

This is our first round of mini steamboat and hot plate. This outlet uses cooking oil for the grilling/frying unlike others that uses butter. We find this healthier. The good thing is that they allow their customers to change their pan after it get burned.

Not forgetting the sweets corner. Ice-kacang with toppings of red bean, jagung, cendol, peach fruit slices, sea coconut and colourful jellies. There are also choices of ice-cream besides fresh fruits.
Besides the above varities, they also served snack food – pizza, fried chicken wings and satay. The cost of the barbeque varies during weekdays and weekends. Students and UOB credit card holders are also entitle to a discount. Three of us have some good fun cooking and eating. We left happily with a full stomach.

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