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Titbits and Snacks

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These chinese pastry snacks are sold together with mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Some comes with different types of sweet filling and also those without filling which is known as ‘ang kong ar pieh’.

I discover a biscuit shop nearby Gama Supermarket that sells this goodies. I bought a packet of the rounded ones which has red bean paste filling and another oblong shape with grated coconut. The crust is soft and moist. It makes a good teatime snack and its the nearest thing to mooncake. Best part, we get to eat it anytime throughout the year!!!!

Hock Lok Siew Biscuit Shop located in Noordin Street ‘jie tiau lor’ sells many other types of biscuits …. and also supply them to hawker stalls all around town.


Ipoh Hawker Food – Yong Tau Foo

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The best deep-fried yong tau foo that we had eaten is in Ipoh. The stall which looks a bit shabby and rundown is one of the many stalls cluttering under a big tree “tai shue keok” and located nearby Tuck Kee Restaurant in Jalan King, off Pasir Pinji.

It serves many varieties of fried yong tau foo like stuffed chili, brinjal, bitter gourd, fish ball, fish cakes and crispy foo chok. The fish paste is very fresh and has a springy texture.

The stall also sell different types of noodles …. curry, assam laksa and even dried ones. The curry is very lemak and the assam laksa although different from those in Penang is just as tasty.

Crispy deep fried prawn fritters with vegetables are fried on the spot.

Recommended drink… Hong Tau Ping (Ice Red Bean Shake). Unusual and very tasty – (give it an “A1”). The texture of the shake was smooth, creamy and the sweetness was just right. We were wondering how much blending is needed to make the red bean drink so creamy when this type of bean is know to be powderish when made into paste. It was so irresistible that my son had two glasses!!!

We found out a little too late that they have Loke Tau Ping (Ice Green Bean Shake) too. Already too full to have another glass, we plan to have it on our next visit to this place.

*Prices of food is generally cheaper and bigger in size than those sold in Penang*

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Penang Hawker Food – Trang Road

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Sunday afternoon – teatime was at a relatively small food court in Trang Road, Penang (behind Gama Supermarket). We often pass through this place which has been around for a long time but somehow or rather we give it a miss until yesterday. The area is quite small and all the hawker food stalls were neatly lined up beside each other.

Many customers were seen eating bubur kacang, sold by an Indian man. It is basically boiled green bean soup (tong sui) but this is thicker, creamier and served with a spoonful of pulut (glutinous rice) which cost only RM1.

Slices of chinese sausages, fresh prawns and cockles were the ingredients of this plate of yummy Char Koay Teow.

These fritters were different from those sold in the Lo Bak stall. They have varieties of chopped vegetables and a bit of prawns….best eaten with the chili sauce which has a tinge of lime and grounded peanuts. Finally a glass of fresh sugar cane juice to round up the meal.

An enjoyable tea-time snack.


Braun Buffel

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BRAUN BUFFEL – the premium German designer and producer of leather goods and accessories. Recently I received a present with this distinctive bull logo.

Here is just a sneak peek of the good stuff. =p

The accessory that comes with this stylish leather bag is a silver bracelet with their silver signature bull and beautifully polished beads.


Location of Ben’s Diner

   Posted by: CK Lam    in Western Cuisine

Came to realise that I forgot to include the location of Ben’s Diner in my blog only after DurianBerry pointed it out. This is the name card showing its location…..hope this is helpful as it is quite difficult to find this outlet if we are not staying around that area.

Read more about our outing at Penang Western Food – Ben’s Diner.


Starview Restaurant, Penang

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Starview Restaurant which has been around for years is located right in the busy junction of Burma Road and Jalan Telekom. Well, most Penangites will know it as the “every night also packed restaurant”. Its quite phenomenal actually, other restaurants in Penang have come around and gone but Starview has survived the decades strongly.
Since it is usually packed at night, we decided to give it a shot during lunch time. Fortunately for us, we manage to get a table as well as a carpark. Its been a while since we had a meal there, so we were unsure about their signature dishes.
The captain recommended the fish hotpot (Hu Lor) and my son was eager to give it a try. The hotpot of soup comes with pieces of fried fish and tofu. Two plates of freshly prepared raw fish slices comes with generous servings of vegetables.

This is the delicious and tasty hot bowl of fish soup.

We had the hotpot together with two other dishes…..Steamed Chicken with oyster sauce and the very appetising dish of Brinjal with ‘sambal hei bee’ (chilli dried prawns).

Overall a nice and satisfying lunch….

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Penang Western Food – Ben’s Diner

   Posted by: CK Lam    in Western Cuisine

Dinner was satisfying at Ben’s Diner which was located in Sunway Tunas, Penang. It serves Western Food.

Decorations are kept simple but nice and cosy.

The choices are aplenty in the menu – consisting most of the red meat and fish as well. All the servings comes with a selection of vegetables and coarse smashed potatoes. The Lamb Combo tasted good but the meat is a bit tough.

The Pork Eye Rib is soft and tender. The gravy has a tinge of wine.

Chicken Combo….this combination with sausage is delicious.

We also ordered the saute potatoes as a side dish. Potatoes are sliced thinly and stir-fried with onions and their ‘secret’ sauce….

The food portion is quite big and the prices are reasonable too. There are no sales tax. It’s better to make a reservation as sitting spaces are quite limited. Do give them a call at 6452790. Surprisingly they closes on Saturday!!!

Tomato Rice/Nasi Tomato – Jalan Sungai Pinang

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Fancy having Nasi Tomato for lunch? We accidentally stumble upon this stall operating from a house in Jalan Sungai Pinang. You won’t miss this outlet. It is located directly opposite the Proton Edar Service Center.

They only serve nasi tomato (no white rice) with around ten varieties of dishes.

I had the beef rendang which is soft and tender whereas hubby’s choice of fried chicken and curry fish was just as tasty. Not forgetting the main item… the nasi tomato…cooked with the right amount of spices….yummy.

Many customers came in and out and many had theirs take away. There are only a number of tables around, so it can be quite crowded during rush hour (was told it is especially crowded on Friday).


Four Leaves Bakery, Penang

   Posted by: CK Lam    in Bakery

Four Leaves Bakery is located right inside Gama Supermarket Penang. All the items are baked in the little kitchen on the premises. Our whole family have been buying bread from this bakery since a long long time. They have a wide selection of delicious breakfast/teatime favourites and we have tried most of them. My youngest son’s favourite is off course their EPI.

Wondering what is EPI???

It is basically baguettes shaped like leaves…. with ham and garnish with a bit of pepper.
Quoting my son on the taste of the EPI: chewy yummy snack…been eating it for 10 years steady and its still fantastic…just take your time to chew it as can be a bit tough.

Fresh butter rolls and mini butter tops.

This bakery outlet has stayed on for so many years. I am sure those that have patronise this bakery will agree with me that their items are really nice although their prices are slightly above average.


Yamaha – Lagenda 110ZR

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Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Sdn. Bhd. recently came out with their Lagenda110ZR to cater to those who prefer more sporty features on their motorcycles. The two prominent features are the cast wheels and the rear absorber with extra oil canister for smoother ride. The latter feature should be quite practical given the condition of our present roads – “full of pot holes and uneven surfaces.
Presently Hong Leong Yamaha only spray blue for this model. Hope they have more colours later on just like the other new model Lagenda110Z colours which are very striking and eye catching.

More details of Lagenda110ZR can be found at and the Lagenda110Z at


Penang Hokkien Dishes

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There are only a few restaurants serving Hokkien dishes in Penang and one of the place is Sin Lean Heang located in Goh Tiau Lor (5th Street) – near McCallum flats . This place have been around for a long time. It was fully packed with customers at lunch time and we waited almost an hour for our food.
We had the recommended dishes like bak kee th’ng, stir fried tau kua with leeks and big size prawns, fried oyster noodle (char oh mee), fried beehoon and oyster omelette (oh chien).

The first dish was the Bak Kee Soup – meatballs that are dip fried coated with cornstarch and cooked in a starchy soup with cabbage. The meat is very smooth.

Fried beehoon and oyster mee…. with plentiful ingredients.

Big plate of fried oh chien..

Kailan stir fried with salted fish (kiam hu)…very tasty.

Five Spice Tau Kua stir fried with big size prawns and leeks (suan nah).

This very satisfying lunch with chinese tea cost RM95.00. Will definitely come back again for another bite in the near future!

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Japanese Sushi – The Work Of Art

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Preparation of sushi is quite difficult and it requires the uses of the freshest ingredients. Most of the sushi outlets do make decorative rolls to impress its customers. Here are some very unique decorative sushi-rolls that we never thought of presented by Sushi Chef Ken Kawasumi…….

This is a replica he created of Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ made of sushi at a press event recently celebrating the publishing of his new book ‘The Most Simple Way To Make Decorative Sushi-Rolls’. I would like to get hold of this book. If anyone happen to come across this book, please let me know…

Here are some of his other creations…I will not give any comments but rather let you enjoy admiring them.

Also these cute lovable sushi bear, fish and car ….. too nice to be eaten, right???

Read that he opened a sushi restaurant named “Kawasumi” in Tokyo. I just wish I could have the chance of dining in this restaurant and see with my own eyes his work of art.
Photos courtesy of (AP Photo/Koji Sasahara).

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