Butterworth Dim Sum – Restaurant Sweet Paradise

A weekend had us traveling over to Butterworth, Bagan Dalam to try out the teochew steam fish-head beehoon. The shop located just beside the wet market is actually a dim sum shop. Occupying two shoplots, it is really packed in the morning, with tables set up on the service road.

We went there late in the morning (in fact they were starting to clean up the premises) but still they were kind enough to take our orders. As for the dim sum, there were only two types left but we didn’t really mind as our our aim was to go for the beehoon.

The soup which has tomato, mushroom, ginger and chilli padi was definitely appetising. The fish was fresh. As for the beehoon (soak in the teochew soup), it was so tasty that we ordered another plate.

We agreed to make an earlier trip next round. Super recommended if looking for something spicy and sour to savour!

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