Penang Hokkien Dishes

There are only a few restaurants serving Hokkien dishes in Penang and one of the place is Sin Lean Heang located in Goh Tiau Lor (5th Street) – near McCallum flats . This place have been around for a long time. It was fully packed with customers at lunch time and we waited almost an hour for our food.
We had the recommended dishes like bak kee th’ng, stir fried tau kua with leeks and big size prawns, fried oyster noodle (char oh mee), fried beehoon and oyster omelette (oh chien).

The first dish was the Bak Kee Soup – meatballs that are dip fried coated with cornstarch and cooked in a starchy soup with cabbage. The meat is very smooth.

Fried beehoon and oyster mee…. with plentiful ingredients.

Big plate of fried oh chien..

Kailan stir fried with salted fish (kiam hu)…very tasty.

Five Spice Tau Kua stir fried with big size prawns and leeks (suan nah).

This very satisfying lunch with chinese tea cost RM95.00. Will definitely come back again for another bite in the near future!

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