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Peking Arp @ Midlands Court Restaurant, Penang

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The Midlands Court Restaurant located in One Stop Midlands is one of the popular chinese restaurant in Penang. Having dinner especially on a weekend can be quite difficult since it is a popular venue for wedding dinners.

The menu did not change much since our last visit and still offers a wide variety of dishes. We were recommended the Peking Duck and since it is quite rare that we eat it (especially for lunch), we all agreed.

Pieces of thin crispy skin is cut off from the duck and served on top of freshly deep fried prawn cracker. It is lay on a thin chinese pancake, garnish with carrot and cumber sticks with a dash of hoisin sauce.

We requested for the left over duck to be served as a dish itself. The pieces of meat is tender and tasted good with the cucumber pickles which is not too sour.

Fried rice with eggs, french beans and prawns with a sprinkle of small fish. The small fish enhances the taste of this dish.

Por choy soup with strips of chinese ham (fal tui). Chinese ham makes good soup stock.

This restaurant is pretty quiet during lunch hour with only a few tables being occupied. We get very attentive service. The restaurant is well kept and clean but I won’t say so for its exterior surroundings (the complex itself is not well maintained).


Teatime Snack & Dessert

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People used to say that cream puff taste best when it it served right out of the oven but I have tasted some which are just as good when consumed later. I bought these puffs from a stall in Chew City Cafe @ Sg. Kelian (stone throw away from Esso Station). Thanks to Foong for the review and recommendation.

This miniature size puff can be easily popped into the mouth. It is filled with lots of fresh cream; which is surprisingly not curdled and thick like those sold elsewhere. Really enjoyed it!

Besides that, the stall sells scrumplicious apple tarts. They are filled with apple cutlets with a light touch of cinnamon.

The place sells chicken tarts too. Alas, did not manage to get hold of the chicken tarts as they were sold off even by noon. Its all and all the making of a pleasent teatime snack… especially with a cup of good old coffee!

Eating Teochew braised duck can be quite pricey in a restaurant. If you like to have this delicacy at a reasonable price, then head over to Carnovan Street. This delicacy is sold during lunch hour at a koay chiap stall run by two brothers who also sells koay teow th’ng in the morning.

The braised duck is very popular and usually sold out quite early. The duck is braised in a variety of herbs and spices till dark brown; its texture soft and tender while the soy sauce brings out the best of its flavour. Like all these similar line of dishes, it is sprinkled with garlic and spring onion.

Braised foodstuff in this stall is not only limited to duck meat, it also includes beancurd, intestines, egg and blood! You can have them served together with your choice of rice, porridge or koay chiap.

One of the highlights of the meal is the porridge. Unlike normal watery porridge found in Penang, this place offers a different type of porridge. The rice is firstly cooked in the gravy of the braised duck…imagine it as having porridge with loads of gravy, which is not too salty yet so aromatically herballish with a hint of five spices. Slurp! :p

The shopkeepers of this braised duck stall are actually sons of the old man selling koay teow th’ng in the morning at the same place! I reckon most Penangnites would have known this shop anyway since the father has been selling there since the 80′s, however please take note that the entire business is shifting to a new location in June. Not to worry, it is just a stone’s throw away, and for anyone looking for a map, we are throwing in a map of the new location.

Happy Braise-Duck-ing!


Swiss Mövenpick Ice Cream – Gurney Plaza Penang

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* The kiosk has since closed down.

You can now treat yourself and your loved ones to the premium Swiss Mövenpick Ice Cream in Gurney Plaza. We came across this ice cream kiosk which is situated on the lower ground floor with a small sitting area.
The choices of flavour is limited. You can have the the ice cream in a waffle, cup or cone and my hubby chose to have the hazelnut ice cream in a cone.
The ice cream is very smooth and creamy and yet not too sweet. Just melts in the mouth… just like those we had at Edelweiss. It does not use artificial colouring but instead colours from the ingredients itself. Although on the pricier side, a little indulgence now and then means no harm :p

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Recently the International Women’s Association (IWA) celebrated an “all things Japanese” event. I took the opportunity to attend it which was held in the ballroom of Cititel, Penang.

The first site that attracted me was the display of beautiful kimonos. Guests were allowed to put on those kimono (with some professional assistance) and pose to have their photos taken.

Other demonstrations include flower arrangement (Ikebana), paper folding (Origami) and the traditional tea ceremony …..

There is also a doll exhibition of many types of dolls, from the beautiful and elegance ones to the heroic and magnificent warriors with very detailed accessories.
Display of a warrior doll with his weapons of sword, bow and arrows.
Samurai warrior helmet displayed on top of a lacquered box.

Finely detailed samurai armor suit.
Another site with display of sake bottles in different shades of black ….
We were treated to sushi (made during the demonstration) and this lovely green tea cake which was sponsored by Sea English Language Center for this event.
Overall, it is a well organised exhibition which features interesting Japanese customs, crafts and cultures.

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Nasi Melayu at Jones Road, Penang

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Finally nasi Melayu has landed in Pulau Tikus!!! The stall is in Hai Beng coffeeshop (famous for its lor mee) which is located at the Burmah – Jones intersection. This owner is related to the nasi Melayu food stall at Lay Hong coffeeshop @ Mcalister Road which is famous for its fried ikan cincaru with chili and onions stuffing.

Business starts around 10.30am right through lunch hour. From then onwards the boss will continue selling the food in a makeshift stall just outside the coffeeshop facing the second-hand car dealer under a big colourful umbrella (only for take-away only). Most of the food will be sold off by 7pm.

It nice that we get to savour nasi Melayu for lunch and also dinner especially in Pulau Tikus area which is known to have only a few such stalls. Rest day is on Thursday.


Piggy Bank Containers

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Almost every child has a ‘piggy bank’ when they were young. Money were kept in these containers with a slot for dropping coins. These containers which were pre-dominantly used by children back then; comes in different figures, shapes, sizes and colours.Nowadays people find it a bit troublesome and wasteful using these type of ‘piggy bank’ because it needs to be broken up in order to retrieve the money. It starts to phase out slowly. User friendly containers made of plastic and tins have gradually replaced these breakable ones.

As a child, I used to have a ‘piggy bank’ in the shape of a chicken. I am pretty sure you have one too when you were young. It would be nice if you can share your nostalgic stories with me!

Edelweiss Cafe is the first and only Swiss Restaurant in Penang. We have heard of it for some time but only saw it while on our way to lunch with our friends at Colonial Restaurant. We found this place very charming when we walk passed it.

We finally visited the place last week. It is housed in a pre-war shoplot. The entrance is decorated with assorted green plants and ferns.

The interior of the restaurant is beautifully decorated with antiques.

Now for the food that we came for……

Being pork lovers and don’t mind consuming a bit of fatty meat once in a while, we tried out the smoked pork belly which is rarely found nowadays. The meat was succulent and the smoked aroma was very strongly embedded into it. It was served up with salad and mashed potato mixed with cheese.

The plate of barbeque spare ribs marinated with plenty of seasonings were very tasty and I could not resist eating them using my fingers!

Dessert not to be left out. The apple flan was served warm with a scoop of Swiss Mövenpick ice cream whereas the pumpkin cake with fresh cream.

We also had the caffeine-free Madras coffee which is very soothing and smooth. The coffee cream looks lovely with a heart shaped sign made up of cocoa powder. I think it would be very romantic having this cup of coffee on Valentine’s day!!!

If you are looking for Swiss cuisine, desserts or even for a drink in a pleasant and cozy environment, just drop by this lovely restaurant located in Armenian Street.

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Tasty Restaurant ???, Penang

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***The restaurant has since closed down.

Fancy eating delicious and tasty food? Then head over to Tasty Restaurant for fantastic roast meat – siu mei (??). This clean shoplot situated along Anson Road is right beside the coffeeshop selling the famous duck meat koay teow th’ng.
The chef cum owner who run this place has over 10 years of experience, hails from Ipoh. He also prepares other various dishes of savoury dumplings, Siu Lon Pau and porridge. Additional dishes are added to the menu on Sunday.
Our orders were pei pah arp, siew yok and siew pai kut (roast spare ribs). All the roast meat are tender, juicy and succulent. The minimum order for the pei pah arp is a quarter portion. This is reasonable unlike other stalls that only sells minimum of half a duck.

The three layer siew yok with crispy skin.

The roast spare ribs (which are rarely sold in Penang) were very tasty and tender enough to be removed from the bone easily. We had the dried noodle which is very springy and tasted good with bit of oil (pork lard) and sauce.

A bamboo basket of steaming hot Siu Lon Pau is best eaten with strips of ginger dipped in vinegar. You get to eat it here at a fraction of a price compare to some outlets.

Highly recommended is this refreshing cold dessert – Iced Mango Sago. The mango is blended with crushed ice and served with chunky pieces of mango and generous amount of sago. The sweetness was just right. There are also other desserts of soya bean and yee mai foo chok.

This is an ideal place to be for those who wishes to have a full meal, snack or just a dessert. Surprisingly this outlet is Wifi enabled. Glad to have found this place and definitely will drop by for more.

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Penang Heritage Trees

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In many ways Penang is blessed with many old majestic trees that line up some of our major roads especially at Upper Mcalister Road, York Road, Scotland Road and Jalan Masjid Negri. We passed through these roads daily and we tend to take them for granted. Motorist would only come to appreciate them for providing shade from the scorching hot sun when they are stuck in a traffic jam.
All these mature shady trees not only give a pleasant and cooling environment especially for motorist but also beautify the roads and more important to our Eco system.

In Penang these trees are given priority over development. One can see that some of our roads are aligned to the position of these trees – especially at Burma Road in front of the Chinese Recreation Club and Kelawai Road near Gurney No 1 (when a two lane road suddenly narrow down to one lane). Even the pedestrian path are in contour to the tress.

If they ever carry out PGCC, I hope that all the trees on the proposed route would not be sacrifice. I like the photo snapped by 5xmom which is right to the point.

Do spare a thought the next time you drive pass these beautiful trees. I hope the above photos will bring back fond memories to all Penangites. Can someone please update me the name of this type of tree???

German food is hard to come by in Penang Island but lucky for us Penangites, we have the Ingolf’s Kneipe German Restaurant which serves delicious German food. This outlet is housed in the middle of a row of shophouses located opposite Copthorne Orchid Hotel in Tanjung Bungah.

Beer Cans, posters, sign boards and pictures of food/beer lined the wall and stairway. Beer drinkers can pick their choices of beer from the many beers on tap found in the bar area located on the ground floor.
This restaurant has a wide selection of food to offer to its customers. Hubby took the beef and pork patties covered with a dark rich sauce and served with creamy smashed potato, salad and mild mustard. The meat was tender and tasty (particularly the beef).
My Rindsrouladen (beef rolls) were wrapped up by bacon strips. There were three side dishes – fresh garden salad, creamy smashed potato and sauerkraut (sour cabbage). I love the taste of the sourish cabbage. It went well with the beef rolls which were braised with a flavorful dark brown sauce.
My son had the mixed grill served with potato wedges, garden salad and black pepper sauce. The mixed grill had a combination of pork, beef, lamb, sausage and bacon strip. The food portion was huge and tasty except for the pork – which was a bit tough and dry.

We wanted to try the desserts but were too full after such a heavy main dish. We will definitely visit this restaurant again.

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Foong Wei Restaurant, Penang

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Penangites often patronised Foong Wei Restaurant in Jalan Sri Bahari for its delicious food and good service. This restaurant is located diagonally across The Ship (that serves Western Food) and on the same row as Kheng Pin cafe (famous for its lobak). It has been around for a long time and has since expanded its business from one shoplot to two.

We had their speciality dish of deep fried pork leg. The big plate of pork leg comes with small fried man tou and cucumber pickles. The skin was very crispy and the meat was tender. The fatty side of the meat is best eaten with the sourish pickles.

Steamed kampung chicken with Chinese wine. The chicken meat has the pungent smell of the wine and best of all, the gravy goes well with a bowl of hot rice. We also ordered a plate of stir fry Hong Kong choy sum. I personally feel that they added too much minced garlic to it.

Braised tau foo with mushroom.

The taste of the food? The photo shows that my son and myself are very happy with our meal. We ended it with a dessert of hot soya bean milk with ginkgo nuts.

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