Nasi Melayu at Jones Road, Penang

Finally nasi Melayu has landed in Pulau Tikus!!! The stall is in Hai Beng coffeeshop (famous for its lor mee) which is located at the Burmah – Jones intersection. This owner is related to the nasi Melayu food stall at Lay Hong coffeeshop @ Mcalister Road which is famous for its fried ikan cincaru with chili and onions stuffing.

Business starts around 10.30am right through lunch hour. From then onwards the boss will continue selling the food in a makeshift stall just outside the coffeeshop facing the second-hand car dealer under a big colourful umbrella (only for take-away only). Most of the food will be sold off by 7pm.

It nice that we get to savour nasi Melayu for lunch and also dinner especially in Pulau Tikus area which is known to have only a few such stalls. Rest day is on Thursday.

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