Received a call from a friend and was told that a blogger was ‘stealing‘ my photos and even my write-up and pasted them on her own blog. So far, I have found out that she has extracted the contents of the following articles :
Barbeque Steamboat Dinner at Seoul Garden, Penang
Swensen’s – Queensbay Mall
Penang Hawker Food – Min Jiang Ayer Itam
Penang Hawker Food – Roast Duck/Pei Par Arp

It is a shame this has happened because blogging is to express one’s personal experience and the writing should be from your own ideas. Seeing my stuff being ‘copy and paste’ without proper acknowledgement is pure frustration. Now I start to print my name on my photos.

I hope everyone should respect other people’s works!!!!

Is there any ways to protect the contents in the blog from being stolen by others? Any suggestions are most welcome.

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