Penang Heritage Trees

In many ways Penang is blessed with many old majestic trees that line up some of our major roads especially at Upper Mcalister Road, York Road, Scotland Road and Jalan Masjid Negri. We passed through these roads daily and we tend to take them for granted. Motorist would only come to appreciate them for providing shade from the scorching hot sun when they are stuck in a traffic jam.
All these mature shady trees not only give a pleasant and cooling environment especially for motorist but also beautify the roads and more important to our Eco system.

In Penang these trees are given priority over development. One can see that some of our roads are aligned to the position of these trees – especially at Burma Road in front of the Chinese Recreation Club and Kelawai Road near Gurney No 1 (when a two lane road suddenly narrow down to one lane). Even the pedestrian path are in contour to the tress.

If they ever carry out PGCC, I hope that all the trees on the proposed route would not be sacrifice. I like the photo snapped by 5xmom which is right to the point.

Do spare a thought the next time you drive pass these beautiful trees. I hope the above photos will bring back fond memories to all Penangites. Can someone please update me the name of this type of tree???

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