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Last night dinner was at the new and spacious Korean Palace BBQ Restaurant in Jalan Tanjung Tokong. Located on the 1st floor of Wisma Bayu, it was opened in late April 2008. This was the first time we step into this restaurant. At the entrance of the lift, was a poster featuring some of their dishes. The lift leads directly to the entrance of this brightly lighted restaurant. Browsing through the menu, we found many choices of soups, noodles, rice, stews and the popular barbeque meat charcoal grilled at the table. One part of the menu is only available for lunch. We started the BBQ meal with an assortment of “banchan”, small cold side dishes (total of 10) and a plate of salad. The salad is a combination of lettuce, perilla leaves, slices of pumpkin and corn. We love the perilla leaves which is very aromatic.
Just see how much trouble they take to cut this piece of paper thin pickled white radish.On top of our food list was Chadolbaegi – beef brisket (RM 45), followed by Osam Bulgogi – pork belly with squid (RM35). The thinly beef slices comes with quite a bit of fats which makes it more tender. The pork and squid were marinated in red pepper paste.The meat is charcoal grilled by the staff unlike when we did it ourselves in Kim Chi Restaurant. The grilled tender and juicy pieces of meat is absolutely delicious eaten with a dip in their special sauce. It enhances the flavor of the meat wonderfully !!The slightly spicy red pepper paste used for marinating the pork and squid is very tasty and it further raises our appetite. The meat is best eaten wrapped up in lettuce or the perilla leaves.Yukgaejang is another dish that we had. This hot and spicy beef soup has a combination of beef slices, lots of fresh vegetables and egg. It is accompanied with a bowl of rice.
Dining is very pleasant in this very well ventilated restaurant. Exhaust funnels fixed under the table helps to suck up the smoke from the griller. So no worries of smelly clothings after the meal :)
At the end of our meal, we were served with watermelon and refreshing chilled dessert drink. My son loves the drink……who would have thought that a simple rice drink tasted so good.
We fully enjoyed the dinner. The staff were friendly and service was quick….with a press on the bell at the table.There will definitely be many more visits for us to this restaurant to savour their other dishes especially their Beef Bulgogi. The last time we had this dish was at Sam Oh Jeong Korean Restaurant. I highly recommend this Korea Palace BBQ Restaurant to anyone looking for good Korean food in Penang. This place is run by a friendly Korean lady who is always on hand to assist newbies to Korean cuisine.
Here is the location.
Korea Palace BBQ Restaurant
28-1-2 Jalan Tanjung Tokong
Tel : 04 8997900  (Updated)
Bussiness Hours : 12pm – 3pm & 6pm – 10pm

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Mother’s day celebration came a bit late for me because of hubby’s work commitment. To compensate this, my son and hubby took me to Ferringhi Garden Restauran. I truly fell in love with this picturesque ‘garden’ restaurant when we reached there.


This upmarket restaurant has beautiful landscaped garden that surrounds the whole building. The patio planted with lusty green plants, a mini water fall and several fish ponds fill the whole place with tranquility. Windows were not left bare but dotted with hanging plants. The beautiful landscape garden stretches from the main entrance all the way to the back of the building.


The restaurant has another upper floor section which is used to cater large functions. The stairway leading up to the hall is pleasantly decorated with small orchid potted plants.

The indoor area is tastefully decorated with Balinese furniture, decorative items and floral arrangements. The fresh flowers plus the warm lighting makes the place charming and cosy. Inside the building is a spacious sitting lounge and a bar.

We chose to sit in the patio. Its natural cool surroundings and the sound of the running water from the  miniwater fall puts everyone in a truly relaxing mood.

I could not resist taking a shot of this beautiful lamp on the table….


Flicking through the menu, I was delighted to see the homemade tomato bread. The bread was toasted slightly brown and yet soft on the inside. The Italian tomato spread was very tasty.


Hubby had the BBQ chicken kebab which was marinated with herbs and spices. My son went for the pan fried fish fillet of red snapper. As for myself, I ordered the Mongolian steak served with lots of onions and mushroom in a sizzling hot plate. Overall, all the dishes were delicious.

We couldn’t resist the desserts although we were quite full. We had the cheese cake with Movenpick strawberry ice-cream.

In addition, we also had the chocolate and cheese cake with Movenpick chocolate ice-cream. Both desserts came with nice presentation.

These two lovely porcelain door plaque caught my eye while I was on my way to the ladies.

Located in Batu Ferringhi, The Ferringhi Garden Restaurant with good ambiance is the ideal place to entertain friends and loved ones. It was awarded the cleanest and pleasant restaurant way back in 2005. The staffs were very attentive and friendly. We were truly amazed that there is such a charming and cosy restaurant tucked in the corner of Batu Ferringhi.


*Directions – After Parkroyal Hotel, take the first right turn into a narrow lane. Drive until you reach a T-junction. Turn left into the car park entrance. The main entrance of the restaurant is directly opposite Yahong Art Gallery. Click here for the map location.

Updates (12/7/2010) : More of Ferringhi Garden can be seen here.

Ferringhi Garden
Address : 34-C Batu Ferringhi
11100 Penang

Tel : 04 8811193

Business Hours : 2.00 pm till 12.00 am

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Eng Loh – Peanut Butter Toast

   Posted by: CK Lam    in George Town, Hawker, Penang, Roti Bakar

Peanut Butter !!! There are many varieties of peanut butter. I have been using peanut butter as a spreader since ……can’t even remember when. I loved the Skippy creamy ones although I sometimes have the extra chunky version too. Another favourite of mine is Smucker’s black current and strawberry. They make a tasty spread for bread as well as cream cracker.

Besides making peanut butter toast at home, my hubby and myself like to eat those sold at Eng Loh coffee shop located at Church Street. The bread is known as Taiwan Roti and the thick slice is sold for RM3.50. The main ingredients is margarine, peanut butter and crushed peanuts. The bread is the ordinary fresh white bread which is sliced into very thick pieces. It is toasted with a layer of margarine. Peanut butter is then spread on to the melted margarine with crushed peanuts sprinkled on top.

The warm crusty bread and the stickiness of the peanut butter is delicious. On the first bite, it tends to stick to the gums…. and glue the jaws together for few seconds.

And not forgetting a hot cup of kopi-o kau that goes hand in hand with the toast. Super breakfast :P

Eng Loh Coffee Shop
Church Street (Jalan Gereja)

Opening Hours : 8am – 3pm
Closed : Sunday
GPS Coordinate : N 05 25.106 E 100 20.457

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In Penang, beef noodles are very hard to come by. There are only a handful of stalls selling beef noodles compare to other hawker food. For us, our regular joint is the stall located at Beach/Chulia intersection.


Besides beef noodle, we also like  the Hakka style beef ball noodle. From what we gather, this is the only stall selling this delicious noodle in town. The bowl of dried noodle is topped up with stewed minced beef cooked in dark soya sauce. Additional items of spring roll and bean curd can be added too. We usually go for the dried koay teow and loh sui fan.

The dried noodle comes with a bowl of clear soup with ten springy beef balls and plenty of fresh parsley. The soup tasted superbly good with an added dash of pepper.


This delicious bowl of beef ball noodle cost RM4 and is only available for breakfast till lunch at Hoe Ping coffee shop located at Penang Road/Kampung Malabar. Try to be there early because the additional items are sold out pretty fast. This coffee shop offers two more yummy hawker food, lobak (available for the whole day) and bak moi (only at night). Click here for the Map Location.

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During the weekend, we had our dinner at a seafood stall in Gurney Drive. This place is well known for its seafood porridge but they do serve noodles and rice as well. There is a consistent crowd particularly during weekends.

With a wide varieties of fresh seafood ingredients to choose from…

Large orders of porridge and noodle are served pipping hot in claypots whereas a single serving is usually served in a bowl. You can add and mix any seafood in one claypot. We had a big pot of fish porridge and a bowl of fish with thick beehoon garnished with spring onions. The fresh fish contribute to the sweetness of the soup and is so delicious.

Fried mee tiau was very spongy.

Delicious fish head cooked with yam which we had on our earlier visit.

This seafood stall is in Public Cafe (next to the famed Song River Cafe), directly facing the sea and is only open for dinner.

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All rojak sellers in Penang claims that their rojak is the best as seen in their sign board of A1, AAA and so forth but there is one stall that truly stands out. It is Hock Seng Rojak stall which is located on the ground floor of Macallum Flat in Gat Lebuh Cecil.

All the mixed fruits and vegetables are packed separately from the prawn sauce (ha koe). The sauce is sprinkled with some powder followed by peanuts. The owner uses uncut peanuts which tasted so much better compared to other stalls that uses crushed peanuts.

Lastly pungent dried shrimps were added to it.

The prawn sauce (ha koe) is so thick that the peanuts and the dried shrimps did not even sink into the sauce unlike those that will turn watery after a while. Even my hubby and son who are not keen eaters of rojak give their thumbs up. Click here for the Map Location.

Feedback from one of my readers, Yoong :

A general description — the sauce is thick and potent, topped with dried squid powder, roasted peanuts and dried shrimps. We’ve never had it like this before.

Hock Seng Rojak
Macallum Street
10300 Penang

Business Hours : 1.30pm – 5pm
Tel : 016 4772472

Updated 25/5/09 : Other food oultet around here…Restaurant Hock Chuan Heong which serves Hokkien Dishes.

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Hummer Spotted in Penang

   Posted by: CK Lam    in Sights

Hummer is featured in a few movies on the big and small screen. The very noticeable Hummer is shown in the television series CSI- MIAMI, driven by no other than the hero, Lt. Horatio Caine. I am sure many viewers were impressed with it. It was so cool.

Recently hubby and myself have a up close view of this very pricey H3 in Penang. The owner of this awesome black Hummer was very kind to let us take some photos.

Gleaming chrome cast wheels.

The big stylish rear tyre carrier cap.

This rugged SUV definitely left our jaws dropping the whole morning :P

Sin Kheng Aun is a place where all Penangites and many outstation visitors would have heard of. This restaurant has been operating for decades, serving tasty Hainanese cuisine. All the food in this restaurants is cooked over a charcoal stove. My hubby used to patronized this restaurant since he was a kid.

These non-air conditioned restaurant has two dining areas, one on the ground floor and another upstairs. The kitchen is located on the ground floor. Dishes from ground floor kitchen are send to the dining hall upstairs by a food lift. The food is placed in the lift and the worker upstairs will pull it up manually. So far this is one restaurant that I have came across that still uses a manual food lift….

Dishes that we had – the curry gulai tumis pomfret (tau tei) . They only uses this type of fish for this curry dish. The ingredients are coarsely chopped and the gravy has a hint of belacan.

Kerabu chicken with the mixture of cucumber, onions, chicken pieces and chopped peanuts which was rather spicy.

Fried liver and pork in black soya sauce served with sourish pickles.

Fried assam prawns – the prawns were very fresh with the sweet and sour assam taste concealed in it.

The last dish we had was fried broccoli with cauliflower, which I find it a bit soggy.

This restaurant located in Lorong Chulia serves really great and tasty Hainanese food at very affordable prices except for the fish which can be a bit pricey.

Sin Kheng Aun
2 Lorong Chulia
10200 Penang

Tel : 04 261 4786

Business Hours : 11am – 2.30pm and 5pm – 8.30pm

Closed on every alternate Mondays.

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Ginger Brown Sugar Tau Fu Fah

   Posted by: CK Lam    in Bayan Lepas, Dessert, Drinks, Penang

Tau Fu Fah is usually served with a choice of clear sugar syrup or gula melaka syrup. Our friend, Dr Alex Lim introduced us to this dessert taken with ginger brown sugar syrup!!!

Strips of ginger are cooked together with the brown sugar. This syrup gives the tau fu fah a slightly gingery taste.

The texture of the tau fu fah is very smooth and delicious. This, together with soyabean milk and other juices are sold by Soya King, which is beside Jusco food court in Queensbay Mall.

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***The restaurant has since closed down.

In Penang, mee sua are sold in different variations such as ‘mee sua koh’, fried mee sua’ and ‘ark tui mee sua’. Recently we came across a stall selling a new found delicacy, ‘ang chew mee sua’ ????.

‘Ang Chew mee sua’ is actually rice vermicelli cooked in red fermented rice wine. It is considered a confinement food and also a dish for birthdays in the Foochow community.

The stall is found in the coffee shop located at the corner of Burma Road/Kedah Road junction. Another landmark that you can refer to is that this shop is right beside the famed Fatty Boy Chicken Rice.

The lady owner was kind to shared with us her expertise in preparing the red wine; from the fermentation of glutinous rice, red rice (in the plastic bottle) to the starter cake or commonly known as chou bang ??. The outcome of the residue is in the yellow container. To see how it is done in detail, click to Aunty Nee’s blog.

These are the pots of red wine chicken soup. The red colour appearance of the soup turned me off at the first glance but after tasting it, I truly find it very unique and enjoyed in immensely!

Every bowl of mee sua comes with a chicken drumstick. The texture of the mee sua is very fine and smooth. The full flavoured chicken soup is slightly sweet with a hint of liquor. We were recommended to have another bowl of mee sua with a hard boil egg – the lady told us that we should mix the egg yolk into the soup. It was very tasty and I couldn’t resist drinking up all the soup!

We really enjoyed the smooth mee sua. Forgot to mention, it cost only RM4.00 for a bowl of mee sua with chicken drumstick and only RM3.00 for the hard boil egg mee sua. If you are the adventurous type, do drop by this stall which is open from lunch till dinner.

***Updates (19/2/2009) : The coffee shop has already closed down and all the stalls have shifted out.

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Turtle / Terrapin

   Posted by: CK Lam    in uncategorized

Chinese believed that turtles have medical values when cooked with Chinese herbs to improve one’s health. Is it just a myth or is it true? These photos were taken in Pulau Tikus Market.

Most of this turtles end up in the cooking pot. One quite popular dish is the turtle soup ?? . It is a Chinese delicacy known for its rich herbal taste. The meat, skin and innards of the turtle are used in the soup.

This type of species is getting rare and vanishing each passing day. We should strongly save them from extinction by not consuming them. When I left the market, these turtles were not sold yet. Sad to say, they will be sold, slaughtered and cooked very soon ….what a shame!!!

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