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We had an early breakfast at The Coffee Bean in their Gurney Plaza outlet on this lazy Sunday morning. We were surprised to find the place fully occupied. They offer four scrumptious breakfast sets. Every set meal is well balance with an egg, a meat/fish and salad. This comes with a choice of coffee or tea which is refillable until 11am. We had our meal with freshly brewed coffee.


My choice of sandwich – bread with fillings of cheese, ham and egg together with a salad.


Twin sausages with all time favourite scrambled egg and salad accompanied by two slices of toast bread for my son.


Hubby love the foccacia bread layered with slices of smoked salmon and egg together with a salad.


After the light breakfast, we stayed on for a while to ponder over the newspaper with another cup of refillable hot coffee. Somehow the simple sandwiches tasted so much nicer that those that I make for the family in the morning. Just wondering why? :P

How nice if I could wake up to this type of breakfast everyday…

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La Mian is Chinese noodles that goes through the hand-making process of repeating stretching and pulling. This type of noodle has since gained popularity in Penang in recent years after the opening of places like Dragon-i and Shanghai Ding. Another newly opened outlet is the Tang Dynasty Imperial Noodle Restaurant. We stop by this restaurant for lunch to try out their various types of noodles.

We went for the basic item – the la mian and dumplings. The Chinese chef prepares the dumplings in the open kitchen which faces the entrance of the restaurant.

Two plates of hot dumpling with minced pork, one steam and one pan fried….eaten with a sauce which makes up of vinegar, ginger and chili oil.

This is the pan fried dumplings with crispy bottom.

Besides the dumplings, we had the stir fried la mian with pork and another plate with beef. Both the noodles is actually quite nice and chewy. Their way of stir frying makes it very tasty and it doesn’t have the taste of our local fried noodles.

We paid over RM32 (plus drinks) for this full and satisfying lunch. We will be dropping by this place again to try their other cold dishes and hot plates.

This restaurant is located at 70-A, Jalan Zainal Abidin.

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Dining at Ghee Seng Tomyam Seafood Restaurant was a first for us. This Thai restaurant located in Weld Quay has been around for a while and has a reputation for serving authentic Thai cuisine in Penang at very reasonable prices.

We had six dishes to go with rice. Tomyam is a must have dish but in this case, we had the White Tomyam instead of the traditional red version. This hot and sour soup has a lot of chopped garlic, chillies, lime juice, lemon grass and daun limau perut. We just love it.

Stir fried chicken meat with basil leaves in dark sauce.

Deep fried Yam Balls with fillings of minced meat and vegetable. The strips of yam was very crispy.

Mildly spiced Curry with chicken meat and long beans. Recommended!
Thai style fried omelette. Surprisingly this simple dish tasted very good.

Stir fried vegetable.

Presentation of the restaurant is kept simple (no frills and air-con).

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Last Sunday we had a dinner outing with our good friend, Dr and Mrs Alex Lim. The destination? The Sire Museum Restaurant, of course, that serve good food in a charming environment in Penang. We had such an enjoyable time at this restaurant on our first visit on Friday. Furthermore, Dr Alex is a photographer as well, and this museum restaurant is a great place for photo shots. Since I had little time to blog about The Sire on my first visit, I will do it with more detail this time!

Inside the restaurant, we were greeted with the triple arch doorway. The glass work on the doors were really impressive!

Our previous visit was marred by the lack of natural light for our photographs, so we made it a point to go there early to capture better photos. We were seated in the front part of the restaurant. Love the glasses and white colour feature throughout the restaurant.

After giving much thought to the wide range of menu choices, we finally made our pick. Our dinner began with the serving of tomato bread which is similar to those served in Ferringhi Garden. My personal recommendation? Have it for your every visit! Tomatoes were cooked up into a tasteful puree and I could not resist spreading the puree a little more each time on to my tomato bread.

Then came the good old salad. Unlike Friday’s salad which was Caesar Salad, Chef Liang tweaked his menu a little today and opted for fresh garden salad with fresh fruits and cherry tomato. Sweet!

Food servings were quick and efficient and the staffs made sure all customers were comfortable and well attended to. It didn’t take long for the main course to come.

This was the Caramelized Red Snapper, which does not carry a strong caramel taste as its name suggest. It is pan fried with a mix of herbs, different from the Pan-Sealed Snapper which I had on Friday. The reduced use of oil brought out the full flavours of the red snapper. Spinach and mashed potatoes completed the dish.

The other main course we had was the Macaroni Prawn. Sounds unfamiliar doesn’t it? Well, once you give it a try, you will be in for a surprise! The sauce for the macaroni is not similar like those usual cream cheese sauces, it is actually black pepper sauce! Not too creamy, it makes a superb compliment with the macaroni. Grilled prawns top off this dish nicely :) Definitely a dish to savour on our next visit.

Besides that, we ordered the Stewed Lamb Shank (you can find this in my previous post) and the Seafood Spaghetti. My son found the spaghetti specially delicious, the sauces were carefully balanced to bring out the best of spaghetti. Best taken warm, my son gave the pasta two thumbs up!

Desserts and coffee was similar as before, so I won’t bother writing about them here. Furthermore, we were looking forward to a full tour the museum. Now that we know our way around better, we discovered and rectified particular spots of photographic pleasure, and here are some of the photos for your enjoyment.

Penangites are definitely proud that Dato’ Seri Stephen Yeap Leong Huat has displayed his family belongings and sharing them with the public.

Antique items have a very soft spot in my heart, it always tends to bring up a nostalgic feeling. Thoroughly enjoyed the tour. We had a chance to catch up with Chef Liang and Chef Toh after the tour and had a chat which filled us up with more stories about the restaurant.

Like always, had a blast of a time too catching up with Dr and Mrs Alex Lim.

* More photos of the museum can be view here. *

The Sire Museum Restaurant
4 King Street
10200 Penang

Tel : 04 2645088

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GPS Coordinate : N 05 25.206 E 100 20.474

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The Sire Museum Restaurant in the financial district of Georgetown is open to the public recently after a soft opening. The restaurant is inside a building ideally situated in No.4, King Street which belongs to the Yeap Chor Ee family.

This building has been restored and beautifully refurbished and turned into a museum cum restaurant which serves delicious food.

We celebrated Father’s Day two days earlier at this beautiful restaurant.

The fine dining restaurant on the ground floor is managed by the same owner of Ferringhi Garden. We had a chat with their Executive chef, Mr Yeoh Woei Liang who also runs the kitchen in Ferringhi Garden. We learned that even though it is under the same management, the menu and the food has been developed differently for each restaurant respectively.

This is the view that greeted us when we stepped inside.

Moving further in; the second section of the dining hall which is simply breathtaking. The high ceiling and the white glass panel wall at the rear give us an impressive feeling. The whole hall was tastefully decorated with freshly cut flowers and well tended plants.

The complementary basket of garlic bread and the plate of salad was a pleasant start to our dinner.

To start off our dinner, each of us had a share of the Baked Cheese on Smoked Salmon sandwich.

I opted for the Baked Pan Sealed Red Snapper which is infused in olive oil with fragrance garlic and seasoned with salt & pepper. It was aromatic, light and fresh tasting.

My son’s plate of carbonara spaghetti with turkey ham and assorted mushroom and seafood, tasted superb. It was garnished with chopped herbs and grated cheese. With a tinge of spiciness, this dish tasted much better and different from the usual creamy carbonara spaghetti.

Hubby had the Lamb Shank braised in tomato concasse with mirepoix – which is a blend of Tuscan herbs. It is served with pistachio mint sauce. Hubby just love its tantalizing aroma.

As there was an opening promotion (read below), ice-cream and coffee was on the house. Nice!

The surroundings of the dining hall is brightly lit with potted plants hanging from the wall. What was more impressive was the dinning area which was restored and designed to give their customers a modern and contemporary atmosphere with a bit of the olden days charm. This mixture puts one into a sense of calmness and relaxing experience.

After the meal, we took a tour around the museum of the upper floor which is filled extensively with the family heirlooms, pictures and paintings. More can be view at this post, which is solely about this museum. Here is a peek on what’s in store.

Beautiful ambiance, soothing music and delicious food plus the friendliness of the staff makes The Sire an ideal venue for lunch, dinner or a snack. Our first visit at The Sire is definitely one to remember for us especially so when it is to celebrate Father’s Day.

This stylish restaurant is currently having a special opening food promotion from now till 21st June. Customers gets to enjoy free appetizer, dessert and coffee or tea for every main course.

Happy Father’s Day to all!

The Sire Museum Restaurant
4 King Street
10200 Penang

Tel : 04 2645088

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GPS Coordinate : N 05 25.206 E 100 20.474

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***The restaurant has since closed down.

Com Viet which serves Vietnamese delicacies and cuisine is located in a quiet lane right in the buzzing suburb of Pulau Tikus. It is in the middle of the row of shoplots just behind Kassim Mustapha. I found out about this place from Pixen and decided to try out some of their cuisine.

The restaurant radiates a very pleasant feeling, coupled with strokes of Vietnamese culture.

By playing it safe, the first dish we ordered was the Fresh Spring Roll. We have eaten this appetizer at Mekong on our Melbourne trip. Chicken meat, prawns and vegetables are wrapped in transparent rice paper and eaten by dipping into the sauce. A plate of six rolls cost RM12.

We had the Bun Bo Nam Bo which comes with lots of fresh vegetables and herbs …. beef with laksa noodles, mint, coriander, bean sprout and garnished with crushed peanuts. This huge bowl of noodle (RM12) is very tasty with the special sauce which gives the dish an extra kick.

A fabulous dish of sliced stuffed pork leg (Chan Gio Nhoi) served with fish sauce and lime juice cost RM15. The meat is very well flavoured and delicious.

After the meal, we had a cup of Vietnamese Coffee. It is interesting to watch and wait as the coffee goes through the dripping process in the charming peculator. The hot water in the little teapot is poured into the coffee powder in the metal container. The coffee will then drip into the cup below it. It has a unique flavour and tasted good with added condensed milk. It cost RM6.

The accompanying signature baked apple pie – the crispy texture of the freshly baked pie and the apple slices topped with cinnamon powder complemented each other very well.

Vietnamese food is healthy as it requires very little oil in its cooking. Just head over to this place for excellent Vietnamese food. Its location : 19, Lintang Burma, Pulau Tikus.

*** Updates (January 2009) : This restaurant which was closed for a short period of time is now reopen under the name, Saigon Kitchen Vietnamese Cuisine***

Saigon Kitchen Vietnamese Cuisine
19 Lintang Burma
Pulau Tikus

Tel : 04 2267285

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Maxim Cake House @ Pulau Tikus

   Posted by: CK Lam    in Dessert, Penang, Pulau Tikus, Tidbits and Snacks

Maxim Cake House located in Pulau Tikus has introduced an additional item to their range of product – donuts. It is a right timing as the Klang Valley is now getting crazy over this hole in a circle snack. Maxim do not offer the largest variety like other donut outlets but they do sell fresh and warm donuts. They usually prepare the donuts around noon and that is the time where you get to buy most of its varieties. They only make it in small quantities.

I selected a few but end up buying half a dozen costing RM1.2o each.
Besides donuts, Maxim also have a wide range of gelato (ice-cream). This is definitely the place for those with a sweet tooth.

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***The cafe has since closed down.

A drive down Bangkok Lane will lead you to a charming couture house where fashion designer Richard Rivalee works with his staff in designing beautiful gowns. The hard working man who also has a passion for cooking has since open up a cafe right beside his boutique.

I came to know about this place from my friend KS. I was told that its popularity is coupled by word-of-mouth recommendations by a lot of satisfied customers.

It is open for lunch daily except Sunday. For dinner it is on order basis. The menu is limited. On the day of our visit, Richard has prepared ayam kurma and curry chicken. The ayam kurma was stewed with potato and carrot with very mild gravy. The curry chicken was slightly hot spiced and rich in coconut milk. Each set meal comes with white rice, a hard boiled egg, acar and mango kerabu. The mango kerabu was fresh and fragrant with “laksa flower”. These set meals were accompanied with clear soup. We truly enjoyed this flavourful meal.

The small and neat kitchen where the food were prepared.

Richard took much time explaining to us on how he got his boutique and cafe started. A lot of effort and attention was put into decorating the cafe himself.

The flooring of the exterior area is laid with wood and certain paths are paved with stones. There is a water feature right in the centre of the area and potted plants line up the side of the wall. This setting puts you in a relaxing mood.

The exterior area provides customers with a choice of sittings : bench, couch or just laze around with some scatter pillows.

The small interior dinning area was filled with his personal collectibles of urns, jars and prints which makes this place interesting and colourful.

The pricing of the food in this little cosy cafe is very reasonable. Do check it out at 12, Bangkok Lane, Pulau Tikus.

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We decided to pay a visit again to Sri Ananda Bahwan at their new outlet in Tanjung Bunga, Penang. This restaurant which serves Indian cuisine  is located directly opposite Paradise Sandy Beach Hotel. This garden style restaurant is very spacious, quiet and more airy compared to the Penang Street outlet that we visited last year.

We are greeted by a traditionally dressed doorman when we entered the restaurant from the back entrance.

Their staff are quick in guiding us to our table. As soon as we are seated, a plate of mixed fruit cocktail is served. For drinks, we had the Mango Lassi, a creamy and smooth yogurt drink.

We ordered a basket of mixed naan as we wanted to try the different varieties. The basket consist of cheese, garlic, chives and plain naan. Prepared fresh, the basket of naan comes with a plate of mint and sweet sauce.

There are so many mouth watering dishes to choose from and after much deliberating among ourselves, we ended up having Chicken Hyberabad, Gobi Manchurian, Masala Chicken and a vegetable dish. The dishes are very flavorsome.

A basket full of papadam is served together with the meal.

After the meal, we treat ourselves to three different types of dessert. The Banaras Son Palpua has a crisp and flaky texture while the Palkoa is garnished with pistachios. And not forgetting the cup of ice cream. All of them are tantalizingly sweet.

There are more dishes that we love to try on our next visit, and the Tandoori is one of them.

The staffs are very attentive and helpful and the place is clean and well maintained. Definitely no hesitation in entertaining friends in this lovely place.

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***The restaurant has since closed down.

Nan Yang Chinese Cuisine Restaurant is located right at the centre of Georgetown. It is just opposite Yap Temple; sitting at the junction of Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling/Armenien Street.

This place has been around for quite a number of years but surprisingly not many bloggers have reviewed about it. The minute you step into this place, you will feel like you are back in the old Chinese houses where grandma used to stay in. The place is big and spacious with high ceilings and timber flooring for the upper floor. Chinese lanterns and kerosene lamps hang from the ceiling decorating its entrance.

There are many dishes offered in the menu with appetisers, noodles, seafood, meat and vegetables. A list of their signature dishes is posted up on the wall.

We were introduced to their poh piah which is done with a little twist. The difference lies in its ingredients and it is a dry version. It uses many colourful types of vegetables, meat and other ingredients. All these are wrapped up firmly with a piece of seaweed and the poh piah skin. The combination of its ingredients gives a very good flavour. Each roll is cut into two pieces which is quite a big portion. This dish makes a delightful light lunch even by itself.

Taukua fried with suan na (leeks) and prawns….they uses beancurd with five spice powder.

Mee suah cooked with chicken pieces in a rich soup with slices of salted vegetable (kiam chye)….. the taste is good but would be much better if they didn’t add in the sesame oil.

The unusual stir fried potato starch sheet. This is our first time having it and it turns out to be good. The noodles are fried in black sauce with generous amount of ingredients.

Ak Or – pieces of duck and yam simmered until soft and served in a claypot. The gravy has all the flavours of the yam.

Fried oh chien…. the oysters were big and fresh.

After the meal, we were given a complementary plate of dessert – tee nya kuih. This soft and smooth kuih is taken with palm sugar syrup. We frequently buy this from a roadside stall in Swatow Lane which sells the yellow and green version. I wonder if the stall is still around since most of them have shifted into the New World Park.

We were happy with the meal which cost a mere RM 62.00 and the clean environment of this old building. There are so many more dishes that we haven’t try out and we are sure of coming back again.

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Penangites Want The Trams Back!

   Posted by: CK Lam    in Penang

Trams used to be a common sight in Penang in the earlier years. However they were later dismantled as cars and buses took over as a faster mode of transport. I personally find trams very intriguing and unique, as they bring a new dimension to the transportation system.

Recently there was a campaign to bring back the trams. More write-ups of it can be view at :

While we were holidaying in Melbourne, the tram was our means of transport. We find it very convenient. There were less traffic congestion and air pollution. We took the photo of this beautiful maroon antique tram and the colourful modern ones in the town centre.

As a Penang based blogger, we should try informing everyone and pass the word around about this campaign. Hopefully we get to see the tram service running again, coupled with a well planned bus network system in the near future. Georgetown would definitely be livelier with the presence of the trams.
Do share your views on this matter with me.

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Home Style Restaurant which was opened about six months ago is located in a quiet residential district in Penang. It is tucked away from the main road of Vale of Tempe in a corner shoplot in Lembah Permai, Tanjung Bunga. Situated nearby Summer Garden Food Bistro, this place serve simple home cooked Chinese food.

We had the curry assam fish head which comes with lots of tomato, onions, lady fingers and mint leaves which whet everyone’s appetite.

French beans with minced meat.

Braised Tong Bor meat with mui-choy and nuts. The three-layer meat has little fats…very appetizing dish to go with rice.

Bitter gourd stir fried with salty meat (kiam bak). The saltiness of the meat goes well with the bitter gourd. An unusual combination!!

The restaurant faces a big garden/playground. The surrounding open space and the cool air makes dining very pleasant. Its open for business from 6pm daily.

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