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For some of the best of Penang’s hawker food and snacks, pay a visit to Cintra Street – a bustling street located in the heart of George Town, Penang. Entrance to this one way street is via Jalan Dr. Lim Chwee Leong. Its located in the same vicinity as KOMTAR and Prangin Mall. You will be able to find many varieties of foods and snacks, from dawn to dusk.


As you stroll along this narrow street, you will find the famed deep-fried Yau Char Kuai stall on your left. The stall was once located on the ground floor of the People’s Park flats. However, I reckon they moved out to the main road so that it is more accessible to the public. Business hours starts from late morning till night. They even supply the yau char kuai  to hawker stalls selling porridge, bak kut teh and tong-sui.

Amazingly, the Yau Char Kuai (sometimes known as You Tiu) maintains its crisp nature even after a few hours. Definitely the making of a good teatime, served with a cup of kopi-o kau.


The culinary journey continues! Wen Chang Hainan Chicken Rice shop (located just right opposite) sells traditional Hainanese chicken rice. roast chicken, white chicken and loh bak. Other than chili sauce, they do offer grinded ginger, a nice complement to go with the chicken.

This stall was previously located a stone’s throw away from the Dumpling shop (read below) has since expanded; relocating to a corner shop house of their own.





Right beside the chicken rice shop is Ng Kee Cake Shop. This bakery shop sells a wide selection of freshly baked Cantonese biscuits and snacks. They also accept orders for special occasion – birthdays and weddings. At times, I do treat myself to a box of pepper biscuit. The biscuit is crunchy with nuts, sesame seed and pepper powder.


A few doors down the bakery shop, you will come across the all time favourite Dim Sum shop, De Tai Tong Cafe. Dim Sum is served during breakfast and dinner, while there is an ala-carte menu for lunch. For noodle lovers, do try out their noodle – Yee Foo Meen, Char Hor Fan and Hong Toh Meen.


Opposite the dim sum cafe is a roadside stall selling deep-fried Ham Chim Pang (pancake) and steamed Pak Tong Goe (rice cake).  Among the varieties of Ham Chim Pang are the ones with five spice powder, glutinous rice and filling of tau sar.


Just look at the amount of five spice powder which gives the Ham Chim Pang its slightly salty taste. My family have been enjoying this snack for years. :D


If you happen to be in town earlier in the evening, you can buy the Ham Chim Pang (pancake) and Pak Tong Goe directly from their shop which is just located behind De Tai Tong Dim Sum cafe.

P1070710-1 P1070713-1

Across the junction of Cintra/Campbell, you will see the popular Dumpling shop – Cintra Food Corner on your left. This place is famous for its bak chang, tau chang, yam cake and red bean tong-sui boiled with dried Mandarin peel. Environment is much better now since it has shifted into a shop as compared to its earlier trading days by the roadside.

P1070986Cintra Street Ba Chang 9

Cintra Street Ba Chang 4


Two doors away from the ‘chang’ shop is the Curry Chee Cheong Fun stall. You get to savour this curry version with tender pieces of chicken (only drumstick) and soft potato for RM3.50. The spicy flavors of the curry chicken makes this a delicious meal. You are allowed to bring the CCF and consume it in the ‘chang’ shop :)



Spoilt for choices? Me too! Which food are you going to have, the next time you visit Cintra Street? No matter which,  Happy Eating!

Updated on  14/10/2010 : There are two more food outlets just opposite the CCF – the chu char at Sun Yoon Kee Restaurant and the neighbouring chicken and fish porridge.

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There are many varieties and flavours of porridge in town but lately we were recommended to try out the frog porridge at a shop located in Datuk Keramat Road, Penang which was set up three months ago. Their main menu is frog porridge with three different portions – small, medium or large all served in claypots. They also have other dishes besides porridge.



We had a medium pot of frog porridge (tin gai zuk) RM20. The porridge is very fine and smooth and comes with generous amount of frog pieces. It is topped with chopped spring onions, dash of sesame oil and strips of fresh ginger.


Apart from the porridge, they also serve eel and frog with kiong choong (spring onion and ginger) or spicy kung poh (dried chilies). These dishes makes a good complement with plain porridge or plain noodles, and similarly comes in three different portions too. We went for the medium pot of spicy kung poh eel (RM20).The eel which is stir fried with the ginger, onions and dried chilies really give a kick to the taste buds.


I ordered an extra bowl of plain noodle which cost RM1.20 to go with the eel. I find it a bit expensive for the plain noodle.


Another side dish of boiled lettuce with oyster sauce and bah hu (floss meat) RM4.


This meal is slightly expensive because frog and eel is considered exotic meat but we did enjoyed this tasty meal recommended to us by K.Leong.


This is their first outlet in Penang island with existing outlets in Kampung Baru, B.M. and Raja Uda in the mainland. You should hop over here for some steaming hot porridge which is specially fantastic taken on a rainy day.

Updates ! The addresses for their two other outlets…

3215, Jalan Kampung Baru
Taman Tampoi Indah
Bukit Mertajam
H/P 012-4786368

6172, Ground Floor
Jalan Ong Yi How
Raja Uda
H/P 012-4919099

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Flogger’s Makan-Makan Get-Together

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Hurray, I have just received news from Lingzie that she has managed to organized The Flogger’s Makan-Makan Get-Together outing. This is the details…

The Makan-makan get-together
Date: 2 August 2008 (Sat)
Time: 7.00pm onwards
Venue: Hai Nan Restaurant at Tanjung City Marina (next to the jetty)

All floggers near and far are most welcomed to take part in this event! If you’re interested, do send your confirmation to her at by 31st July.


What2see – One year in a nutshell

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It was just yesterday night, I was just blogging and surfing when I sat there pondering. I’ve been blogging for a year now, and just sitting here thinking of all that I have gone through.

Initially when I started this blog, it was actually meant for my two sons, who weren’t at home at that moment of time. Hubby and myself  just wanted to keep the boys up to date with happenings at home, and also show them  the nice Penang food that they were missing out.

So much have happened since I first visited Blogspot in June 2007. Looking back on the archives really put a wide smile on my face. When I first started, I was so new to this; pictures were too small, some images blurry, words were not justified, titles not named properly etc all silly mistakes that I have learned throughout the months.

Today, What2See is already one year old. A feeling just came over me to say thank you to so many people. Really appreciate all the support from everyone! Ultimately, my Hubby who is always there with his trusty DSLR!  Not forgetting my youngest son, ever ready with the  back-up camera and assist me in the blogging! (by the way he eats/drinks the most as well  :D)

5th July 2008 029

Big shoutout to my blogger friends as well! Firstly,  thanks Lingzie for your advice on watermarking. There was once when my blog posts were stolen, together with my images. Being a newbie, I sought for help and Lingzie was kind enough to teach me. Thank you my dear!


Also to CrizLai for creating the cute yellow blog  logo for me!  Really appreciate your sincerity, and will catch up with you real soon on our Genting trip!



I was excited to hear that there may be a blogger’s gathering as well, kudos to Lingzie and Penang Tua Pui for putting this in the works. Really can’t wait to see everyone in person too! Keep checking this blog for more updates, will put it up as soon as I get confirmed details. :D


Really proud about our Penang blogging community, who are really supportive of each other. All the rest of the Penang bloggers, whom I failed to mention in this post, you know who you are! Its only with your support that puts What2See where it is today.


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For lovers of  Nasi Kandar and Nasi Briyani, do drop by Restaurant Kapitan at Chulia Street, Penang. Among the many variety of  Nasi Briyani, we chose the Chicken Briyani (RM7.00) and the Beef Briyani (RM6.00). The rice flavored with many spices is serve in a claypot and comes with a light curry gravy.



The image above depicts the Claypot Chicken Briyani while the equally superb Beef Briyani is right below – both meat are tender and tastefully marinated while the portion is relatively satisfying.



There are plenty of ready cooked dishes. We chose a plate of pickles and mix vegetable to go with our meal.





Besides the hearty rice, we added a plate of Chicken Cheese Naan costing RM8.50 which comes with some onions, mint sauce, reddish sauce and coleslaw. I personally prefer the Naan that I had in Sri Ananda Bahwan in Tanjung Bunga.



We had a peek inside the kitchen where the naans and the tandoori chickens are prepared in clay oven. The kitchen is filled with the aroma of the grilled chicken.




For drinks, we tried something different. We had the hot Badam Milk (almond milk). The pure cow milk is boiled with grinded almond, cashew nuts and raisins in a big kuali. Sugar is added for sweetness.





Before serving,  the milk is “pulled” from one teacup to the other, just like the teh tarik.





The boiled raisins and cashew nuts added flavor to the soothing and wholesome drink. This is the first time we had this drink and it turns out to be very pleasant indeed.



Just like most Mamak shop, Restaurant Kapitan is open 24 hours. Located at 93, Chulia Street, the restaurant is a block away from the famed Bomba beef  koay teow stall. It has a separate dining area upstairs, which is fully air-conditioned.

If you can’t make it downtown, drop by their Gurney Tower branch (outside Gurney Hotel) and the Queensbay Mall branch.


Click here for the Map Location.

Other food outlets along Chulia Street :
Ecco Cafe
Sky Hotel Roast Meat
Rainforest Bakery

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I was surprised and very touched to received this beautiful friendship award from Sweet Jasmine. It was very thoughtful of her. I appreciate it very much.

Throughout my first year of blogging, I have made many friends along the way. With their support, I manage to get by and stay on . I would like to take this opportunity to share this award with my fellow bloggers…
Criz Lai…..New Kid On The Blog…..Durianberry…..Buzzingbee…..550ml Jar of Faith…..Little Inbox…..Gill Gill.

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The Lone Pine Hotel is located along Batu Ferringhi and is within walking distance to the many restaurants, shopping outlets and Penang’s famous ‘Ferringhi Night Bazaar’.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Soya Pudding @ Prangin Mall, Penang

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Chilled Tau Fu Fah with toppings? If you like this type of pudding, then make your way up to Number Two Refreshment Corner located on the 2nd floor, (Center Mall) of Prangin Mall, Penang. You will see a small refreshment outlet that sells this chilled soya pudding with a bar counter that sits about five people.

The chilled soya pudding comes in eight different flavours – original, almond, sweet corn, black sesame, coffee, carrot, cocoa and pandan. The texture is very smooth. There are a few choices of sugar syrup; brown, jasmine tea sugar and cane sugar syrup.

As for the toppings, there are multiple flavours of pearl balls, nata de coco and fruits. You can combine almost anything you want. Really need to spend some time choosing the flavours for the puddings and the toppings.

Finally we took two bowls of the original and one black sesame pudding. This is one original flavour soya pudding with toppings of jack fruit (nangka), nata de coco and pearl balls.

Another original flavour soya pudding with toppings of mix fruit, nata de coco and mix pearl balls. Very colourful and tasty.

Black sesame flavour soya pudding with toppings of rambutans and pearl balls.

It is very cooling, tasty and is one of the smoothest tau fu fah I have tasted so far. Overall an enjoyable dessert after a day of shopping. However for those who prefer the traditional hot tau fu fah, do drop by my earlier post which reviewed this dessert with ginger brown syrup.

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*** Update:  Tonki Bento has closed
Irasshaimase! greeted us when we stepped into Tonki Bento. In Penang particularly Pulau Tikus area, there is a higher number of Japanese restaurants mainly due to the presence of Japanese expatriates staying around this buzzing area. Tonki Bento is one of the many outlets tucked in the quiet Lintang Burma.

Entrance of the restaurant is lighted up with red lanterns which you can’t miss. The interior decoration is simple yet nice; with soothing Japanese music playing in the background. The place is patronized mainly by Japanese and some of them were chattering away, giving this place a very authentic Japanese feel. We took some photos and browse through some Manga while waiting for our food.

This is my hubby’s Unagi Kabayaki – grilled eel. Grilled lightly brown on the outside with a sweetish sauce and yet soft on the inside. He likes the unagi for its rich flavour.

My Saba Shioyaki – Grilled saba with salt. The fillet was grilled until slightly char but not burnt yet maintaining the nice fishy smell. The skin was crisp and not too salty.

For an additional add-on of RM2.50, we get a set which include a bowl of rice, salad, miso soup, fruits and ice cream. This was a simple and tasty meal. They are introducing a new menu from this month onwards with more choices of sushi, sahimi and bento sets. Patrons could opt for delivery services too!

Tonki Bento is located in No. 2, Lintang Burmah, Pulau Tikus and it closes on Tuesday.

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Fancy having a steaming hot bowl of chicken porridge or just plain white porridge together with two or three side dishes for dinner? We happen to stumble upon this stall located in a coffee shop at the junction of Kimberley Street/Jalan Kuala Kangsar (around Chowrasta Market) which sells this delicious food. It is open for dinner from 5.30pm onwards.

This bowl of chicken porridge/congee with chicken pieces and eu char koay cost RM3. It has the chicken sweetness in it and is served with some spring onions, dash of oil and thin strips of ginger. The porridge is very smooth and thick. I had one and a half bow!

This stall has a lot of other dishes to offer to its customers – specialties like pig trotter vinegar, curry wild boar meat, suen mui kai and blanch vegetables of choy sum. All these are great wonderful complement to the rice and plain porridge.
Hubby had his plate of rice with two dishes…. the ‘Mui Choy Chue Yoke’ which is actually pork cooked with preserved vegetable and BBQ chicken.

The BBQ chicken has an aromatic flavour. The meat is tender and tasty, infused with the soya sauce. This whole chicken drumstick cost RM6.

This place offers reasonable prices for their food…value for money.

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Lately we get to see a lot of bungalows in Penang being renovated into restaurants and cafes. A heritage bungalow opposite The Gurney Hotel in bustling Kelawai Road has since been renovated into a restaurant.

This new outlet, Perut Rumah serves Nyonya cuisine or better known as Peranakan Food. This type of cuisine is getting more and more popular in Penang.

A sense of nostalgia enveloped as soon as you drive into the drive way of the building.

The restaurant is very charming and tastefully decorated. The walls are adorned with black and white family photos, clock and framed mirror. In a corner stands a cupboard with collectibles.

Seating area is vast and comfy while cleanliness takes the top spot. All these gave the place an upmarket appeal.

The manager of the restaurant gave us a warm welcome and sat us down. There is so much to choose from the menu and we ended up ordering several dishes that most Nyonya food lovers are familiar with.

We started the meal with a spicy and sweet salad of Kerabu Bokyee (black fungus)….very appetizing dish.

Hong Bak …. pieces of lean pork and potatoes stewed until tender with spices in a flavorful gravy. Recommended !

Cincalok Pork – pork slices are stir fried with cincalok (a sour and salty shrimp based condiment), chillies and onions for that savory taste.

The main ingredients of Joo Hoo Char consist of cuttle fish (joo hoo), yam bean (sengkuang) and carrots. All these are cut into fine strips and stir-fried for a longer time, giving it a drier texture and flavour. Best eaten with some sambal belacan.

Nyonya Fish Curry….the curry gravy is less aromatic. I would have prefer it with more spices and laksa flower.

Packets of Hu Pau (otak-otak) …. pieces of fish marinated in spices wrapped in banana leaf and served steaming hot.

Speciality dish of Perut Ikan – hubby commended that there are only a few pieces of pickled fish stomach thus finding the taste a bit flat but nonetheless,  it is still worth giving this a try.

We rounded up our meal with the dessert. The sweetness of this bowl of coconut milk with orange/yellow colour sweet potatoes, yam, beans and jelly starch is just right. It would be perfect if the coconut milk is a little more richer and lemak (creamier).


The meal for five cost RM130 which is quite acceptable as this type of  cuisine requires a lot of preparation work. The food are fresh and not over spicy as they do cater to foreigners who were seen occupying two tables besides us.

The ambience and atmosphere of Perut Rumah makes it a suitable place for entertaining friends and visiting guests. The business hours are from 11am – 3pm & 6pm -10pm (daily).

Address :
No. 17 Jalan Kelawai
10250 Penang

Tel : 04-2279917
***Updated July 2015: Perut Rumah has since shifted to Jalan Bawasah (opposite Chime Heritage)

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