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If you are looking for freshly baked pizza and tasty pasta, head over to Ecco Cafe. This cafe located in an old shop house in Penang has very simple and basic furnishings. It is located in Chulia Street and hence it is no surprise to see many tourists patronizing this cafe.


We were told that most of the food is made from scratch including the pizza dough, noodles and the bread.  We opt for two thin crust pizzas to share among us … the Fungi Pizza with sliced tomatoes, mushroom and basil (RM16) and the Louisiana Pizza with salami, onion, tomato, olives, fresh chili and basil (RM17). We liked the thinness of the crust which is a bit crisp at the edges.

P1080922 P1080917


A plate of Salvatone Pasta comes with rings of salami, olives, mushrooms, onions and basil (RM15) and it is a good size portion for us to share.


My son is enjoying himself all right…


Calzone – turnover pizza dough stuffed with turkey ham, tomato, basil, capsicum, onion, tomato sauce and cheese (RM18). The calzone is baked till golden brown and served piping hot.

P1080955 P1080954


Chicken Pot Pie with fillings of chicken cubes, peas, carrots, potatoes in a creamy sauce and baked with a pie-crust. It comes with a side salad and two bread sticks (RM16). It is a delicious pie.




All of us had the freshly ground coffee which was served in a plunger (RM10), complementing the delightful dessert, Crème Burlee (RM10). This is an egg custard pudding topped with a layer of hard caramel. The waiter heated up the top layer of brown sugar until golden brown with a blowtorch, much to our amazement.

P1080958 P1080967

P1080984 P1080999

All of us enjoyed the food and were stuffed in the end. If you love pizza and pasta and don’t mind dining in a bit cramp place, do drop by 402, Chulia Street. It is just a couple of shops up from the junction of Cintra Street. It is open daily from 11.30am to 2.30pm and from 6pm to 10.30pm except Sunday. Tel. no. 04 -2623178

P1080978 P1080898

On the slightly downside, it could be a bit noisy due to the heavy traffic on this busy street. Click here for the Map Location.

Other food outlets along Chulia Street :
Rainforest Bakery
Restaurant Kapitan

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Starview Restaurant, Penang

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The months of August always calls for a special celebration among our friends and families. Our three families have been having dinner gatherings to catch up with each other and generally just having a really great time together.

Our dinner with both of the Chong and Ding families was held in Starview Restaurant in Burmah Road. You may find my previous lunch outing post about this place, while yesterday’s gathering is a whole new perspective. Before I go on any further about the food, I would really like to thank KS and her family for making this dinner happen and also happy to meet up with GT and her family.

Many Penangites would somehow or rather been to this restaurant, which has stood the test of time. Since its conception, it has seen many other restaurants rise and fall, but Starview remains Penang’s favorite after all these years.

We were given the privilege to dine in their VIP rooms, thanks to Lisa who organized everything to perfection for KS. After much catching up and interaction, the first delicacy of the night was served. It was the Four Season’s Dish and I have to admit that every quarter held its own pristine flavor.


The four quarters combining into a perfect dish.

The selection of red wine on that night was just too sweet for words and it compliments  the cuisine very well. Unfortunately, I would not call myself a wine drinker and hence I ended up having only a glass for the whole night.


That’s me hogging the wine glasses :D

Each of us was served with an individual bowl of shark fin soup.


A fantastic fish dish prepared in two ways -  fish cutlets are sauteed with a medley of carrots, scallops, celery, waterchestnut and snowpeas. The remainder of the fish is deep fried till crisp.



Next came the tofu pieces stuffed with fillings, which is fried till golden brown. This dish is garnished with chopped pieces of red and green chili peppers. Indeed a very appetizing dish with the finely chopped chili strongly enhancing the aroma of the tofu.


Lastly, the fried noodles (mee-tiau) with prawns, chicken and mushroom slices. This noodle is not as refined as the ordinary ones, however it was equally superb. The QQ-ness of the noodle was such a tickle to the taste buds!


For dessert we had soy bean milk with black sesame glutinous rice ball  (tang yuen). The accompanying tang yuen was smooth and goes pretty well with the milk. A perfect dessert to end this sumptuous meal!


This is a snap shot of the mums as the dads were busy chatting away with each other. We have been good friends for such a long time, and I sincerely hope our friendships will be everlasting.


Our dinner feast ends with this spectacular photo depicting our three kids…oops, it should be our three ‘young’ men!


It is definitely a beautiful evening when one is with the wonderful company of good friends and family.


This ever famous Starview Restaurant on Penang island will be shifting to the New World Park on 8th of October 2008. This came as a shock to me as Starview has grown to become one of Penang’s famous Landmarks & Restaurant.

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Yamaha Launch Nouvo LC at Kuala Lumpur

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A lotus flower. Mystical. Magic. An element stretching back to the many years culminating in China’s culture and history. This dessert dish ends a spectacular dinner. A banquet of such imperialism  goes hand in hand with a blockbuster event held at Putrajaya, Marriott Hotel.





Hubby and myself were invited to the event of the year in the Automobile Industry.  It was an honor, a privilege to be part of this life-changing innovation. To get a first hand of the event, do drop by my  picturesque site.


Zhonghua Restaurant, Penang

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Zhonghua Restaurant is located at One-Stop Midlands along Burma Road in Penang. It is on the first floor of the building, just right beside Berjaya Hotel. At the time of the dinner (last Saturday), the restaurant is offering a 50% promotion for its Peking Duck dish. This definitely is a bonus to those that loves this cuisine.


The dishes for the night were of course the Peking Duck, Black Pepper Duck, Mixed Vegetables and Spareribs.





The naked Peking duck with its crispy skin was sliced in front of us. It makes up a plate in which everyone of us gets a few pieces each.


The plate of crispy duck skin was served with a basket of pancakes, spring onions, cucumbers, carrot sticks and hoisin sauce. A bit oily but goes well with the pancake. This time around, we requested for the remaining duck to be fried with black pepper, a different way as compared to our previous Peking duck dish at Midland Court Restaurant.


This is the succulent Chinese Pork Spareribs, marinated tastefully with mouthwatering flavor.  We were given a set of fork and knife to cut up the meaty rib which is very tender (just like dining in a western restaurant). Every one of us loves it.



Zhonghua Restaurant is an excellent dinning place for delicious food especially the Peking duck and Spareribs. The dinner cost around RM140. As most of you would know, there is also a restaurant in Cititel Hotel that goes with the similar name. I am not sure about their ties however these two restaurants serve slightly different cuisines respectively as mentioned in my older post.

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Padang Brown, Penang

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Padang Brown hawker center in Penang is well known to tourists visiting the island as well as the Penangites themselves. It is usually packed with people during lunch and teatime, however many people overlook the many food choices it has to offer for dinner. In the night, the brightly lighted up stalls on the right-hand side of the place are predominantly Malay hawkers.

All the stalls faces an open space with a children playground and just walking distance away from the busy junction of Perak Road/Anson Road.

As always, the first thing that arrived at the table are the drinks -  hot cup of teh tarik (milk tea) and icy cold  air sirap (syrup drink).


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Ho Ping coffee shop located at Penang Road / Kampung Malabar junction is famous for its varieties of hawker food. I used to drop by this place for the Hakka Beefball Noodles and Bak Moi beehoon.  I was there lately and saw this signboard.

 Ho Ping Coffeeshop - Jalan Kampung Malabar

   m r t 143

In my opinion, this rule is slightly imposing especially with the hard times the nation is facing.

2nd August 2008 marked a very special day for all floggers in Penang! We collectively decided that this was the time to meet up and put a physical image on those virtual faces with a blogger gathering at Hai Nan Town Restaurant.

The dinner gathering was at Hai Nan Town Restaurant which offers “Nyonya and Hainanese” delicacies in town. Located by the jetty at Weld Quay with a stunning view of the marina, Church Street Pier and QEII, I reckon this beautiful seaside place needs not much introduction as many bloggers have reviewed about it. However, just briefly, this restaurant opened its doors in 2006 after their first outlet in Sungai Nibong . I arrived there earlier, taking some time snapping photos before makan time.

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