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This time around, my food blog is introducing a special prawn fritter (hae jie). If you are on the look out for big prawns hae jie, I would  highly recommend you this particular stall. You can find it at the road side hawker food stalls at Johor Road, just off the Datuk Kramat Road (Padang) junction. The stall sells varieties of deep fried lorbak, tau kua, pig ears, sausages like any other lorbak stall in Penang but it stands out in its hae jie with fresh big prawns.

There are two ways of enjoying the hae jie; one way is the prawn fritters. The shells of the prawn are removed and fry in a coat of batter till golden brown. Each piece of fritter has one big prawn. The other way is having the fried hae jie with the prawn shell still intact. Both of the version are equally good.




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Young Heart Restaurant is tucked in a strategic location near Pulau Tikus market in Penang island. Found nearby the junction of Cantonment Road and Market Street, this restaurant serves up some delicious food while keeping the prices reasonable. Remarkably, it has been around since 2005 and show no signs of slowing down.

The theme of the restaurant revolves around the Heart, as stated in its motto; The Fragrance of the Refreshment comes from the Heart. Most entries in the menu are kept plain and simple, with main usage of healthy ingredients and less reliant on extra artificial flavoring. Indeed a delightful change from all those other food we get these days.

Innovative and practical sauce plate

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***The restaurant has since closed down.

Neww BT Food Court was recently opened in Burma road, just next to the Wesley Methodist Church and stone’s throw away from Giant hypermarket. Inside the food court, there many stalls selling varieties of hawker food like hokkien mee, char koay teow, chicken rice, beef noodles, popiah, curry mee, dim sum, western food, economy rice, rojak and many more. Some of them operate in the day while others at night. Parking spaces are aplenty and it is free. Although being new, the ambience and the cleanliness is better compared to other outlets.

There are so many stalls for us to explore and we started off with the Western Cuisine which operates only in the night.


A plate of Grilled Black Pepper Chicken Chop – RM7 from the Western Cuisine stall. The chicken is perfectly grilled and laid on top of a bed of french fries. I am very impressed with the way they present the food even though it is in a food court.



I added in the sauce gradually as I do not fancy having the piece of chicken soaking in it. Observe the artistically decorated meal, really tastefully done. :D

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A few bloggers and myself  had a late breakfast of dim sum on a Sunday at the invitation of Criz Lai  at Fun Tea Garden. The group of us met up at the shop which is located opposite Pizza Hut, Prangin Mall. The huge varieties of dim sum and the presence of everyone makes this a joyful gathering. It was really nice meeting all of them. Many thanks to Criz for arranging it!

Since I had such a late breakfast, I skip lunch and ended having some hawker food with my hubby around teatime. We went to patronized the stalls opposite Traders Hotel (formerly Shangri-La Hotel) in Magazine Road, Penang which offers delicious and cheap Penang food. The stalls are neatly line up on this lane beside Kimnovak which specializes in school uniform and accessories! I use to patronized the shop for my son’s uniforms, but have missed out on the eateries then.

There was a Curry Mee stall and to my delight, they do serve Curry Chee Cheong Fun (CCF) as well!  From the mint leaves to the cubes of coagulated pig’s blood, cuttlefish, taufoo bok and cockles, it was goodness CCF all the way. This version is totally different from the Chicken CCF in Cintra Street.



Besides CCF, we had some fried beehoon. Every strand of beehoon is coated with black soy sauce and fried to taste. I like the beehoon which is quite spongy and QQ. Hubby had a second helping of this delicious noodle.

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*** The outlet has closed.

If you are in Pulau Tikus area, you are most likely to see this signboard by the road side of the bustling Burma Road. It is indicating the newly opened stall selling salted chicken (yim gouk kai). It is located just one shop away from the Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng.

This stall is the branch out from its outlet in Joo Leong Cafe in Bayan Lepas (famous for its toast bread and half boiled eggs). The chicken is wrapped in “tracing paper” and baked in two woks filled with heated coarse salt.

P1110005 P1110006


A bird cost RM22 whereas half of it goes for RM11. The chicken is quite small size, considering it as the ‘kampung breed’ and has less fats compare to the normal chicken. The flesh of the chicken is very tender and tasty. The combination of salt and Chinese herb of  Dong Guai gives the meat a unique flavourable aroma and it goes well with rice.

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If there was ever a time when you had Japanese food to the point you leave the shop beaming from ear to ear, tonight had to be it. The venue? Isaribi Tei Japanese Restaurant which serves authentic Japanese Cuisine of course! This Penang based Japanese Restaurant is located at Burmah Square on Jalan Chow Thye, on the row of shoplots nearby Him Heang.

The night was pouring heavily, and with our stomachs growling, this seems to be the perfect place. The garden which leads to the restaurant was beautifully decorated, and even though it was dark, it gave the place a very cozy feeling.



Upon entering the place, we were greeted by their friendly waiters and shown to our table. Looking around, we can see that the spacious restaurant is decorated with a tapestry of cultures. Wooden panels decorated the walls, while memorabilia of all sorts were donning the sides. We don’t feel that we are actually in an old pre-war shoplot.

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Went down to Ipoh last Sunday. This time around we had hawker food – the Ipoh famous curry mee at Xin Quan Fang coffee shop which is along Hugh Low Street, near to the central police station. This stall’s curry mee is totally different from those sold in Penang.

You have to wait for your turn to have your orders taken as they will come around to take it. After having our orders taken, we waited for half an hour before the food was serve.



We order three bowls of plain curry mee and a side dish consisting roast pork, stew meat, white chicken, prawns, pig skin( chu pei) and chicken innards. A bowl of curry mee cost RM3.50 and RM10 for the side dish. Each of us were given a bowl of their ‘special’ sambal sauce which is use to dip the meat with. My hubby found that the yellow mee itself is more springy and finer as those in Penang. Read the rest of this entry »

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Welcome all to

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7th of October is indeed a very beautiful day for me and my family, and ultimately my food blog! We decided to take a giant leap by forming our own domain instead of relying on Blogspot anymore. Its not that Blogspot is not any good, it has served me well over the months; however I find that What2See needs more room for expansion, thus getting the new domain.

It has been a very exciting 24 hours for me, from re-editing all the widgets to dealing with the new Hosting company. Very very fortunately, I have had help from the legendary Ken Chan! He has helped me in more ways than one; transferring all the old post, building up the template, walking me through every step of the way… Ken, you rock! To Huat Koay of PTP , who helps in the debugging and guiding me on the know how of WordPress. Thank you very much to both of you :D

Big shoutout too to my Hubby and Son for supporting me in this transition, couldn’t have done it without all you guys!


Do not be surprised when you are prompted with a Redirection question when trying to enter my old blog, . We are now being hosted on our own domain,

ps. I would really appreciate it if all other bloggers and readers could kindly change my URL to this new one. Thanks :D

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Our family had the experience of tasting Bulgarian food at the newly opened Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar located at Sungai Kelian in  Tanjung Bunga, Penang recently.  This is the first Bulgarian restaurant that made its debut in Penang. It is located right beside Ingolf’s Kneipe German Restaurant.



The big signboard of this restaurant first caught our attention when we were dining at Ingolf’s .

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