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Bayview Hotel offers full service hosting for weddings in its location in George Town. The planning team came up with several wedding packages, the Platinum and Diamond priced at RM588++ and RM688tt per table of 10 (for a minimum of 30 tables).

The perks of the wedding package are complimentary night stay for the wedding couple in the hotel’s bridal suite, invitation cards, guest registration book and VIP car park for the bridal car. The RM688++ package has additional perks of one night complimentary stay in the hotel’s superior room with breakfast for two, bottle of sparkling wine and pre-dinner cocktail. The RM588++ package comes with complimentary buffet dinner at the Revolving restaurant.

The wedding package includes an eight course Chinese dinner in the hotel ballroom. Senior sous chef Soon who specializes in Chinese cooking incorporate a mix of fusion in the design of the dishes while in the same time staying in line with the traditional classic style.

The eight dishes can be chosen from a list of menu. The Four Happiness Combinations platter was huge with combinations of stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts, golden crispy William potato, kerabu mango with wakame and mushroom dumpling with teriyaki sauce. According to chef Soon, couples have a choice of selecting the platter menu.

 Wedding at Bayview Hotel Georgetown by

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Established under the Texchem Group, Miraku in G Hotel is a great place for customers to enjoy Japanese food. The main cuisine at this fine dining restaurant is Japanese food, with ala carte dishes and course menus.

Executive Chef Masaki Kurihara came up with creative dishes using seasonal and premium ingredients flown in from Japan, for traditional Japanese menus ranging from RM100.

Traditional Japanese course menus  in Miraku by

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Goku Raku Ramen brings their specialty Horikiri style ramen to their new outlet in Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang. Located on the east wing of the building, Goku Raku Ramen is the latest branch opened by the Texchem group in Penang.

The ramen comes with three types of soups – Tonkotsu (pork-based), Shoyu Tonkotsu (Japanese soy sauce) and Miso Tonkotsu. The freshly made broths are simmered for 17 to 30 hours by Chef Kenji Nakagawa who leads the kitchen.

The signature dish  is  aptly named Goku Raku Ramen, and comes in a rich broth consisting of a complex blend of pork, chicken and fish which is simmered for 30 hours. Both the large (RM23.90) and small (RM18.90) servings are topped with char siew slices, flavoured egg, onions, Japanese leeks, bamboo shoots and seaweed. The texture of the fresh noodle is slightly springy. The ramen in Shoyu Tonkotsu broth is served with a swirl of fragrant garlic oil  giving it an appetising aroma.

Ultimate Ramen in Shoyu Tonkotsu broth_resize

Ramen in Shoyu Tonkotsu broth.

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Asian Food Channel’s (AFC) new cooking show, Chalk & Cheese, is presented by Penang’s very own Chef Tommes, owner of That Little Wine Bar and Irrawaddy Fine Foods, a New York- styled delicatessen.

In the show, Tommes and co-host JoJo Struys take us on a gastronomic tour of several locations in Malaysia. The focus is on fresh, natural ingredients that are used to make meat and seafood courses, pizzas, noodles and desserts. Some of these dishes are offered at That Little Wine Bar, and each week, the menu of the episode will also be available on the special’s board.

Chef Tommes with co-host JoJo Struys in Chalk & Cheese by

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By CK Lam

Ping Hooi coffee shop is the place where visitors get to enjoy a plethora of noodles and snacks for breakfast and lunch. This old-style coffee shop with several food stalls has its frontage facing the bustling Carnarvon Street and its side facing Malay Street.

Hawker stalls lined up the side of this corner coffee shop while the other side of the wall is lined with wooden cubicles. This coffee shop is one of the places to sample duck drumstick noodle, also known as Arp Tui Mee.

Hawker Food @Ping Hooi, Carnavon Street by

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