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There are several iconic banana leaf rice eateries in George Town and one of them is Traditional Indian Banana Leaf Rice. Most Penangites would not have realized this eatery although it is located in the UNESCO heritage zone.

This eatery also known to many as Muthu was once located in Lumut Lane (Lorong Lumut). It has since shifted to a shop house in the neighbouring Acheen Street (Lebuh Acheh). There are a few small tables leaning against the wall and another long communal table on the right side of the entrance. It caters mostly to the lunch time crowd who are mainly regular local Indians.

Traditional Indian Banana Leaf Rice (Muthu) at Acheen Street by

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*This article was published in the New Straits Times (Life & Times) on 15th September 2010.

I recently discovered the tempting taste of spices at Passions of Kerala. There are currently two outlets in Penang – one in Gelugor, and the other in New World Park.

The menu in the New World Park outlet consists of banana leaf rice served with an assortment of vegetable dishes as well as other popular curries and fried chicken, squid and fish.

Passions of Kerala - Banana Leaf Rice Cuisine in New World Park, Penang

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