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* This article was published in the New Straits Times (Northern Streets) on 19th November 2011

Sukhothai Beef Noodles House is located on the ever bustling Burmah Road, right in the heart of the Pulau Tikus neighborhood. The restaurant is situated along a row of shop houses between the Pulau Tikus police station and the popular Jones Road Loh Mee.

Since its opening last month, Sukhothai Beef Noodles House with a short menu has been attracting customers with its Thai beef noodles. The short menu includes three desserts and five other dishes, namely the Pad Thai, Fish Maw Soup, Thai Fried Rice, Tong Yam Fried Rice and also the Green Curry or Massaman Curry.

Sukhothai Beef Noodles House in Pulau Tikus by CK Lam at

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Kang Beef House is the place for all things beef, and it is the ideal place to explore if you are a beef lover. The beef is served in a variety of ways, be it soup noodles, stir-fried dishes or steamboat. We made several visits to Kang Beef House since its opening last year.

The most common dish here is the bowl of Beef Koay Teow, priced at RM6, RM8, RM10, RM12 and RM15.  It comes with a light broth, drawing flavor from an assortment of beef parts, including beef slices, meat balls, brisket and stomach. We enjoyed slurping the smooth koay teow along with the tasty soup.

Beef Noodle & Steamboat @ Kang Beef House, Penang by

Steaming bowl of Beef Koay Teow

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Like in all countries, Singapore also has many varieties of hawker food, adding to the comfortable hotel cuisines. You can find countless hawker food stalls located inside the shops, eating areas and food courts all over the city with reasonable prices and interesting food. The variety of food is actually amazing.

The gastronomic adventure had several of us visiting many parts of the city. We started with breakfast at Chin Mee Chin Coffee & Cake Shop, an old-school kopitiam located in an old shop house.


Chin Mee Chin
204 East Coast Road,
Singapore 428903

Business Hour: 8.30am to 4.00 pm
Closed on Monday

This traditional Chinese confectionery is charming with its defining floor tiles, ceiling fans, marble-top tables and wooden chairs of the earlier years. All these give the place a very ‘old school’ look.

A tempting tea time break in Chin Mee Chin by

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Yut Kee Restaurant, located in Jalan Dang Wangi Kuala Lumpur, is an old school Hainanese restaurant that has been operating since 1928. The place offering traditional kopitiam fare and variety of Hainanese food is a hit with locals and foreigners alike.

Hainanese Cuisine Kopitiam Style at Yut Kee Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur

Breakfast fare

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Growing up in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, one place that I have frequented over the years is the Lai Foong Beef Noodle stall, located nearby Petaling Street. Many years has since passed, however when I make the trip back I will indulge in a bowl of the beef noodle!

Filled with ingredients of lean beef, tripe and beef balls, beef tendon, and beef intestine; the taste and quality has remained the same as Thomas Tan strives to maintain the beef noodle legacy of his late grandfather based on an authentic 80-year-old Hainanese recipe.


The chef hard at work preparing the delicious beef noodles!


Beef noodles that lasted the test of time, simply scrumptious!

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Penang - Kham Kee Beef Steamboat - Sliced Beef

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Yong Tau Foo is a famous hawker food in Ipoh and is commonly found in food court and coffee shops around the town. I personally find the Yong Tau Foo in Ipoh tastier, and was delighted when my friend KS introduced me to Nam Fatt Fish Ball Noodle House.

My family visited this air conditioned noodle shop which was located along Jalan Kampar on our recent Ipoh trip. Our meal started off with a plate of Stew Beef Noodles @RM6.80. It was served with plenty of vegetables, indeed different from those serve in Penang.


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There are several variations of beef noodles in Penang with the all time favorite beef ball noodles and the Hakka beef ball noodles.

This time the focus is on the Ngau Larm Mee stall (Chinese style braised beef brisket noodle) at Sai Lam, an old coffee shop at the corner of Chulia Street and Carnarvon Street. This delicious braised beef can be served with variation of noodles: springy thin or the broad wanton noodles or better still with hor fun.  Whatever the choice is, it comes with generous portion of flavorful beef pieces.

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Dry Ngau Larm Mee with broad noodles

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One of my favorite places for Beef noodles has to be the shop at the intersection of Beach and Chulia Street. This place is also known as the BOMBA BEEF KOAY TEOW as the landmark that stands out would be the fire station, located right opposite it. The shop has been selling beef noodles for many years now, and is still a hit with the locals and foreigners alike.


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In Penang, beef noodles are very hard to come by. There are only a handful of stalls selling beef noodles compare to other hawker food. For us, our regular joint is the stall located at Beach/Chulia intersection.


Besides beef noodle, we also like  the Hakka style beef ball noodle. From what we gather, this is the only stall selling this delicious noodle in town. The bowl of dried noodle is topped up with stewed minced beef cooked in dark soya sauce. Additional items of spring roll and bean curd can be added too. We usually go for the dried koay teow and loh sui fan.

The dried noodle comes with a bowl of clear soup with ten springy beef balls and plenty of fresh parsley. The soup tasted superbly good with an added dash of pepper.


This delicious bowl of beef ball noodle cost RM4 and is only available for breakfast till lunch at Hoe Ping coffee shop located at Penang Road/Kampung Malabar. Try to be there early because the additional items are sold out pretty fast. This coffee shop offers two more yummy hawker food, lobak (available for the whole day) and bak moi (only at night). Click here for the Map Location.

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