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Piggy Bank Containers

   Posted by: CK Lam

Almost every child has a ‘piggy bank’ when they were young. Money were kept in these containers with a slot for dropping coins. These containers which were pre-dominantly used by children back then; comes in different figures, shapes, sizes and colours.Nowadays people find it a bit troublesome and wasteful using these type of ‘piggy bank’ because it needs to be broken up in order to retrieve the money. It starts to phase out slowly. User friendly containers made of plastic and tins have gradually replaced these breakable ones.

As a child, I used to have a ‘piggy bank’ in the shape of a chicken. I am pretty sure you have one too when you were young. It would be nice if you can share your nostalgic stories with me!

Pepsi has produced many types of variations over the years. Here are the pepsi design in my son’s mini collection. He was more hooked up with his favourite collection of Coca Cola – Bottles and Cans.

Aluminum twist top bottles of Diet Pepsi Twist of Star Wars featuring Yoda, Queen Amidala and C-3PO & R2D2. These 300 ml bottles are from Japan.

Pepsi Max Can featuring Aragorn and Diet Pepsi Can featuring Eowyn of Lord Of The Rings are from Australia – 375 ml.

Pepsi launches some limited edition products on football in Malaysia such as Pepsi Gold (the FIFA World Cup) and Pepsi (Gladiator style).

Pepsi put “a little twist on a great thing” when they introduce lemon-flavored Diet Pepsi Twist. This 500 ml aluminium twist cap bottle is from Japan.

The two glass bottles on the left is from Thailand and right is from Australia.

Pepsi bottle featuring 50th Malaysia National Day logo – 600 ml.

Pop superstar Britney Spears appears in the Pepsi Can too.

The blue coloured berry cola Pepsi Blue.

Pepsi Ice and Pepsi Fire comes in bottles and cans too. This awesome advertisement was air in Malaysia featuring Vanness Wu Jianhao and Tata Young (with some special effects) and can be view at

Pepsi Max, the drink with ‘maximum cola taste, no sugar’ – it comes in a small 150 ml size.

Pepsi Tarik – a coffee flavoured cola.

A gold colour Pepsi Can for the Chinese New Year – 2005 year of the rooster.







These are the rest of the collection.









Heard that Japan has recently launch the Pepsi Ice Cucumber. It is a mixture of cucumber and cola. Wonder how does it taste like??

These are some of my son’s Coca Cola collectible items besides his Coca Cola – Bottles and Canscollection. I would like to share these images with you.Coca Cola signs.

Coca Cola vending machine tin.

Coca Cola waxed paper cups. On the left is from GSC, Oliver Sandwich and TGV.

Coca Cola tins.

Coca Cola Santa 38 oz. popcorn tin featuring Santa Claus with 3 types of flavour popcorn in it – caramel, cheese and butter. The tin was designed and marketed by Houston Harvest Gift Products.

Coca Cola drinking glass bought from the flea market at Lorong Kulit, Penang.

Anyone seen a Coca Cola tyre tube cap????

A little coke bottle key chain.

Coca Cola battery operated train set.

Since my son started collecting the Coca Cola products, my hubby and myself also tend to be on the look out for other items to add to his collection.


Coca Cola – Bottles and Cans

   Posted by: CK Lam

Coca Cola is one of the famous and popular fizzy soft drink consumed by many people. Some even like to collect Coke products as a hobby. My second son happens to be one of them who started his collection since school days. Here are some of his collectible items of Coca Cola bottles and cans.

Coca Cola bottles collection.

Below are the aluminum twist top bottles and the 500ml cans from Japan which were made of very good quality..

Wrapped bottles from Australia.

This is a 4 part series cans collection from Australia – Limited Edition Music.

Collection from Australia – Australia Football League (only collected 4 cans)

Collection from Australia – 2003 Rugby World Cup.

Collection from Singapore – 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

Collection for football fans.

Coca-Cola Light/Diet twist top bottles and cans.

Diet Coke Collectibles from U.K. by designer Denise Van Outen, Sadie Frost and Alesha Dixon.

Coca Cola America Classic Design Cans – 1 to 8 part series made in Japan.

Coca Cola 250ml cans from Korea…..

Cool and stylish cans from New Zealand.

Cans for the Christmas season from Thailand, U.S. and Singapore.

Cherry Coke anyone???

Coca Cola Zero was bought from Australia on a holiday trip.

A gift from Dubai by a friend – 330ml bottle and 150ml small can.

This cute Disneyland Minnie Mouse can is from Hong Kong.

These are from China – who will be hosting the coming 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Coca Cola is one of the sponsorship of the games….

Calling all Trans fans. Transformers are BACK…

Many of us grow up with the Transformers cartoon show back in the 80’s. As in all shows, there are always the good guys (Autobots) and the bad (Decepticons)
The popularity of the cartoon show was followed up with the release of books and toys which were selling like hotcakes. The song was great, and will remain in my head for a long long time. The band that did the opening theme was Lion. – Catch the video on :

Having two boys, I also bought the toys and watched most of the cartoon shows with them. After a lapse of twenty years, my two boys have already grown up and there are some toys left behind that  are still in good condition. Ended up keeping these only lo..

The Whole Group (good & evil)

Optimus Prime


And also included in the collection is this REFERENCE BOOK….

I can’t wait to watch the movie in the cinema and who knows, I might end up buying the toys based on this new movie too … hahaha.
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