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Penang is testament to the country’s multicultural citizenry and this year’s Merdeka theme – Where Love Grows.

Over the past 56 years, Penang has become synonymous with great food, a melting pot of cultures and their culinary history.

Despite the increasing number of modern cafes and fast food chains popping up in the city, there are still restaurant owners in Penang who are sticking with the age-old recipes. For these people, the old ways will never wear thin and these methods keep their customers coming back for more.

One of the popular outlet in Penang is Restoran Minah. This is an old-time favourite for Malay cuisine. Third-generation owners are carrying on the 64-year tradition at this non-air conditioned restaurant in Gelugor.

Restoran Minah – A Place for Malay Cuisine in Penang by

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* Update – The place has closed down!

Recently, a few of the Penang Food Bloggers were invited to a food tasting & review of Miss Saigon, Penang. This trendy Vietnamese restaurant located at the prime area of E-Gate with bustling atmosphere faces the Jelutong Expressway with the view extending out to the Penang Bridge. It was an opportunity for us to discover some unique Vietnamese cuisine, and also having able to taste all the food in this restaurant’s recently revamped menu. The new menu, which is pork free has a total of thirty-one new items with varieties ranging from salad, rice noodles, sandwiches and summer rolls.

I would like to add in a word of compliments to the Management of Miss Saigon for their innovative and forward thinking. I have come to know that the restaurant previously did not receive a lot of positive comments. As a pro-active team management, they have constructively used the feedback from the  bloggers to improve their menu and the restaurant as a whole.


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