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I am in Kuala Lumpur again for a new experience, this time living an InterContinental life for a weekend at InterContinental Kuala Lumpur Hotel. The hotel which is within walking distance to Petronas Twin Tower, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and shopping places offers many conveniences to both business and leisure travellers.

Our first day started with checking in the hotel. We were greeted with warm attentiveness at the hotel lobby which was busy with the on-going 26th Asean Summit.

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Things will be spicing up at Starhill Gallery with the launch of its coming annual Midsummer Nights Feast on the 2nd July 2010. The eight day festival promises the presence of top celebrity chefs featuring special menus of fine food paired with great wine, accompanied by music and fashion shows.

The tagline for this year’s event is Experience the Fine Art of Flavours, and it will definitely live up to its name with vibrant delicious cuisines forming delightful artistry created by the celebrity chefs. I was invited to the press conference and food samplings. Well, there are plenty of tasty delights and I sampled plenty of fabulous cuisine that will be offered at this year’s culinary event.

Starhill Gallery presents Midsummer Nights Feast 2010, Kuala Lumpur

Experience the fine art of flavors at Starhill Gallery!

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Recently there have been a number of Korean Restaurants opening up in Penang with the latest, Sa Rang Chae (meaning guest house). A few of us food bloggers arrived on an evening at this restaurant at the invitation of the owner, Mr Kevin Kim. This Korean restaurant located in New Bob Center along Gottlieb Road is bright and accentuated by surrounding glass panels.

Opening its doors just a mere seven months ago, it boasts an ethnic ambiance with three private dining rooms.

Korean Restaurant - Sa Rang Chae by

Maewoon Kalbi… a sneak peek into the Korean feast …!


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Updated on October 2010 : The restaurant has stopped operation.

Bee Won Korean Traditional Restaurant is located in Royal Hotel (formerly Sheraton Hotel) and they offer authentic and healthy Korean food with varieties of tasty mild foods and spicy dishes. It is a favorite place for many locals and also the Korean residents in Penang who keeps coming back for the excellent quality food.


Korean Sashimi

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Penang has a number of Korean BBQ restaurants and lately we saw the arrival of Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant in our shores. The outlet opened in the middle of May, less than a month ago occupies two shoplots in Penang Bayan Point. Daorae operates by the motto ‘the customers is always right’, thus their main objective is to provide good services to their customers. We had a hearty meal there recently.


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Our family has always been a fan of Korean Food, especially the barbeque cuisines. Complemented with the kimchi, the dishes is definitely a nice change from the Chinese dishes we are accustomed to on the normal days.

Since it was a public holiday on the Merdeka Day, we decided to cross over to the mainland to visit the newly opened Jusco Bandar Perda in Bukit Mertajam, Penang on our food hunt. This time around, we decided to visit Che Go Korean BBQ Restaurant.  Getting there was the easy part but the jam upon entering the complex was deafening. After finding a car park and with growling tummies, we quickly find our way to the restaurant.


Most of the eateries were packed, and a line of customers were waiting for tables. We finally got ours at a nice little corner after waiting for twenty minutes. The staffs were way too busy to recommend their specialities, so we just flicked upon the rather large-size menu and took our pick ourselves.


There are a few sets of bbq  that customers can take advantage of ranging from RM78 to RM168.  A set is inclusive of a few dishes and is much cheaper compare to ordering the dishes individually.  We had the spare ribs bbq set which are provided with six plates of appetizers which is refillable – kimchi, cucumber, long beans, kacang botol, brinjal and bayam leaves plus the rest of the dishes.


The dishes that this spare rib bbq set comprises looked simply delicious and the real deal didn’t disappoint.


Over at this restaurant and similarly in many Korean joints, the food is cook on a metal plate over a gas cooker located at the center of the table by the waiter. We had the pleasure to sit back and watch the food being cooked and at the same time enjoying ourselves eating the tastefully cooked marinated beef.

P1090296P1090252P1090289 P1090301P1090312

The is the fried Korean Seafood Pancake. A really simple dish of egg with vegetables and seafood but the combination turns out to be delicious.


Another dish was the Hot Pot Chicken with Bipim Bab (a version of claypot rice). Our family found the taste of this dish rather bland. Then came the Korean Chicken Ginseng Soup. The chicken was stuffed with glutinous rice, Chinese chestnut and boiled with ginseng strands and red dates. The taste was very herbalist and some might not be accustomed to these strong ginseng smell.


Special Korean Rice Cake. The rice cake which is a bit chewy is stir fried in a slightly spicy and sweet chili sauce with large prawns together with  pieces of squid and fish cake. This dish is unusual and it was our favourite.


Finally, the Seaweed Soup with Dumpling. Nothing much to shout about for this dish, just a few dumplings in a simple Miso Soup (do Koreans have Miso Soup anyway?). The dumplings were quite thick-skinned, literally. Just a nice compliment for the meal as we already had the Ginseng Chicken soup.


This bbq set does not include complimentary fruits and desserts as compare to other outlets that we had patronized previously.

On the bright side, the cold green tea that we had with this delicious and fuss-free dinner is refillable at RM2 per glass. We found most of the dishes sufficient in taste and hence not too much additional sauces is required.


A very satisfied mom with an even satisfied son. :D


My hubby still prefer the Korea Palace BBQ Restaurant in Tanjong Tokong because the appetizers are marinated much tastier and they uses charcoal instead of gas. He favour charcoal as it really enhances the taste of the meat as compared to gas which is more likened to pan-fry style.

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Korea Palace BBQ Restaurant
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Last night dinner was at the new and spacious Korean Palace BBQ Restaurant in Jalan Tanjung Tokong. Located on the 1st floor of Wisma Bayu, it was opened in late April 2008. This was the first time we step into this restaurant. At the entrance of the lift, was a poster featuring some of their dishes. The lift leads directly to the entrance of this brightly lighted restaurant. Browsing through the menu, we found many choices of soups, noodles, rice, stews and the popular barbeque meat charcoal grilled at the table. One part of the menu is only available for lunch. We started the BBQ meal with an assortment of “banchan”, small cold side dishes (total of 10) and a plate of salad. The salad is a combination of lettuce, perilla leaves, slices of pumpkin and corn. We love the perilla leaves which is very aromatic.
Just see how much trouble they take to cut this piece of paper thin pickled white radish.On top of our food list was Chadolbaegi – beef brisket (RM 45), followed by Osam Bulgogi – pork belly with squid (RM35). The thinly beef slices comes with quite a bit of fats which makes it more tender. The pork and squid were marinated in red pepper paste.The meat is charcoal grilled by the staff unlike when we did it ourselves in Kim Chi Restaurant. The grilled tender and juicy pieces of meat is absolutely delicious eaten with a dip in their special sauce. It enhances the flavor of the meat wonderfully !!The slightly spicy red pepper paste used for marinating the pork and squid is very tasty and it further raises our appetite. The meat is best eaten wrapped up in lettuce or the perilla leaves.Yukgaejang is another dish that we had. This hot and spicy beef soup has a combination of beef slices, lots of fresh vegetables and egg. It is accompanied with a bowl of rice.
Dining is very pleasant in this very well ventilated restaurant. Exhaust funnels fixed under the table helps to suck up the smoke from the griller. So no worries of smelly clothings after the meal :)
At the end of our meal, we were served with watermelon and refreshing chilled dessert drink. My son loves the drink……who would have thought that a simple rice drink tasted so good.
We fully enjoyed the dinner. The staff were friendly and service was quick….with a press on the bell at the table.There will definitely be many more visits for us to this restaurant to savour their other dishes especially their Beef Bulgogi. The last time we had this dish was at Sam Oh Jeong Korean Restaurant. I highly recommend this Korea Palace BBQ Restaurant to anyone looking for good Korean food in Penang. This place is run by a friendly Korean lady who is always on hand to assist newbies to Korean cuisine.
Here is the location.
Korea Palace BBQ Restaurant
28-1-2 Jalan Tanjung Tokong
Tel : 04 8997900  (Updated)
Bussiness Hours : 12pm – 3pm & 6pm – 10pm

We dropped by for a Korean barbecue dinner at Kim Chi Restaurant, located opposite The Copthrone Hotel in Tanjung Bungah, Penang. This restaurant is converted from a double storey semi-d house.
We had the barbeque pork and a steaming hot pot of Ginseng Chicken Soup. The former comes with an assortment of “banchan”, small side dishes of kimchi, pickled vegetables, tofu, bean sprout, brinjal, egg and bean paste.

There is also a plate of lettuce leaves and perilla leaves to wrap the barbeque meat. The  perilla leaf which belongs to the mint family has a fresh aroma and is not easily found in Malaysia.  The owner planted many of this herb in her garden.

The plate of marinated meat is a big serving. The waiter offers to grill the meat for us but we rather to do it ourselves. It is kind of hands-on fun  grilling the meat and wrapping them with the leaves spread with bean paste. Tong and scissor is provided for flipping and cutting the meat. Sightly spicy, the meat goes wonderfully well with the leaves.

We also had the Ginseng Chicken Soup served in an earthen pot with a whole chicken. Glutinous rice, dates, and ginseng  are stuffed inside the chicken and boiled until  just tender and not overcooked. We had a serving of the soup with some sticky glutinous rice and chicken.

No Korean meal is complete without the dessert of watermelon. Each of us is served with a slice of this fruit besides a cold sweet rice drink (its free).
The decoration of the restaurant is simple but the food and service made up for it. The barbeque meat and the soup are both good. At the moment, they are having the set lunch promotion too…. maybe we will drop by for lunch.

For dinner, Hubby and myself decided to have something different. We went for a Korean dinner at Sam Oh Jeong Restaurant at Cantonment Road. This cosy place is located on the right side if you are travelling on Cantonment Road heading towards Gurney Drive. Beside it, is Matsuki Japanese Restaurant.

Like most menu in a Korean restaurant, one cannot figure out what is written in there. So we decided to ask the manager to recommend some dishes to us.

We have the Beef Bulgogi ……….

The side dishes of pickles, fermented vegetables and fresh salad comes along with the Beef Bulgogi. We had a total of ten side dishes.

We laid the beef slices together with the pickles on the salad leaves and roll it up (just like the poh-piah). Very tasty indeed.

The next dish was the claypot rice. The rice has lots of ingredients, a bit sticky and very tasty. This is what is left of the dish when hubby snap this photo. As for the dessert, there were two slices of watermelon – complementary of the house.

This dinner was definitely something different… not only the food but we also had the whole restaurant to ourselves (a family left while we were ordering our food) …. just imagine the quietness with the flow of korean music at the background (scene from a korean drama????).

I recommed you drop by this restaurant if you are looking for Korean cuisine.

TEL : 2294461

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