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Queen Street in Penang is a heaven for foodies with its offerings of chapati and nasi (rice) with mouthwatering curry dishes. Among the many street stalls, Nasi Dalca Rahim stall has made its name on this street.

Nasi Dalca Rahim was established way back in 1948. Located opposite the beautiful Sri Mahamariamman Temple, the stall is known for selling  nasi dalca (rice cooked with dal).

Grab a seat right and have your nasi dalca with the locals amidst the bustling of the passing by traffic.

Nasi Dalca Rahim, George Town, Penang

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In Penang there are many alleys and walking down a right one gives the opportunity of finding delicious street food. Located in a short alley on Hutton Lane, Penang is a cosy stall that wowed customers with its simple breakfast menu and nasi dalca.

We popped into the stall owned by M.M. Abdul Jaafar which has been operating before 1957.

Nasi dalca & charcoal toasted Bengali bread in Hutton Lane Penang by

Abdul Jaafar serving the breakfast crowd

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