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Although Penang boasts quite a large number of hotels, surprisingly only a few have their own Chinese restaurant outlet. One of the few remaining hotels with existing Chinese restaurant is Evergreen Laurel Hotel Penang. Located along the popular tourist belt of Gurney Drive, the five-star hotel under the Taiwan-based Evergreen Group is home to the Evergarden Chinese Restaurant.

Spacious with a large dining area and many private rooms, the renowned Chinese restaurant on the first floor of the hotel pride itself with the HALAL certification.

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Mimi Nyonya Laksa is a popular little eatery in Penang for many office workers lunching around the area. The eatery, located on the ground floor of Wisma Central, was named after the owner.

Many are obviously drawn to their Nyonya delights. The daily specials are available on a rotating basis. The nasi ulam cooked with generous sprinkling of fresh herbs, garnished with daun pudina (mint leaves) and red chillies, is a firm favourite among the customers. The combination of carrots, onions, daun limau purut (chopped lime leaves), serai (lemon grass), daun kaduk (wild pepper leaves), daun kesum (laksa leaves), daun cekur (sand ginger leaves) and grated coconut layers the complex flavours of this rice dish.

Nyonya Delights at Mimi Nyonya Laksa by

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Happy Chinese New Year 2013, Year of the Water Snake!!!

There are so many life’s great things and one of them is having reunion meal with your loved ones. And this year I could not have asked for better with the flying in of my sons, daughter in-law and my granddaughter.

The home cooked meal of Nyonya and Cantonese food prepared by mother-in-law has many ingredients and delicacies which are important signs for the Chinese festival. Here are some of the dishes that we had been enjoying over the years.

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2013, Year of the Water Snake with home cooked dishes by

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The newly opened Seven Terraces in the heart of World Heritage Site is Penang’s newest boutique hotel. Sitting on Stewart Lane, this hotel by hoteliers Christopher Ong and Karl Steinberg is converted from a row of seven C19th Anglo Chinese terraces houses.

Seven Terraces offers guests a boutique hotel experience with its Peranakan and contemporary design and its many Baba Nonya and Chinese antique furniture and collectibles. The hotel comprises a restaurant, bar and 18 air-conditioned suites with modern amenities.

Seven Terraces & The Kebaya at Stewart Lane, Penang by

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Tucked in the heart of George Town’s Noordin Street is Little Kitchen @ Nyonya. The charming restaurant housed in an old two storey shophouse with a distinctive heritage façade, serves home-cooked Nyonya dishes.

Little Kitchen @Nyonya serves Nyonya Peranakan dishes by


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BY C K Lam

Tropical Spice Garden recently sees the book launching and cooking demo by Dr Ong Jin Teong at the al-fresco style Pavilion next to the cooking school. The event highlighted Dr Ong’s culinary biography Penang Heritage Food, a collection of recipes for the classic and forgotten dishes of Penang.

Penang Heritage Food also sheds light on the different cultural influences that has made Penang’s fusion cuisine a unique national heritage. Dishes with Malay, Hokkien, Indian, Thai and Hainanese influences are included.

Penang Heritage Food Book Launch by

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By CK Lam

Let’s go enjoy Penang and Thai-style tapas, also known as Pinang Thaipas, at the alfresco poolside Pinang Restaurant and Bar in Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa. With a spectacular view of the sea, this place is the perfect spot to indulge in appetisers and finger food coupled with a glass of wine, cold beer or fresh juices.

Executive chef Kam Kok Wai offers customers authentic tapas with wonderful flavours and impressive presentations. The menu boasts a mix of nine local and Thai favourites.

Let’s go eat Pinang Thaipas at Rasa Sayang Resort & SpaLet’s go eat Pinang Thaipas at Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa

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It’s about Nyonya food in a casual environment for Chinese New Year!

Ivy’s Kitchen is offering two Happy Chinese New Year menus to usher in the Chinese New Year festive season. Priced at either RM488++ and RM688++, the menus come with a wide range of comfort Nyonya dishes, free flow of rice and ‘Tee Kun Yeam’ Chinese tea.

We had the pleasure of enjoying the RM488 menu consisting of nine dishes – kerabu pomelo, fish assam pedas, kari kapitan chicken, prosperity salty duck soup, chicken roll, assam prawns, assorted mushroom in mix vegetable, joo hoo char and soya bean jelly with longan. The kerabu pomelo has pomelo, chili padi, coriander, Chinese chives and plenty of ginger flower. The taste was appetizing with offerings of sour and sweet notes and heat from the cut chilies.

Nyonya Food at Ivy’s Kitchen for Chinese New Year by

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Recently, I was invited to a cooking session at Tropical Spice Garden Cooking School in Teluk Bahang, Penang. The school offers cooking classes for Nyonya, Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisine and is set in a building surrounded by the lush Tropical Spice Garden.

Under the guidance of Pearly Kee, who is well-versed in Nyonya cooking, the participants and I gained some insight into Nyonya cuisine. We were handed recipe sheets for otak-otak and jiu hu char and Kee guided us through the two dishes.

Both recipes were simple. The jiu hu char had several ingredients put together, each with its unique flavour and texture. This stir-fried dish was so fresh and light and paired nicely with lettuce and sambal belacan.

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* This article was published in the New Straits Times (Life & Times) on 12th July 2011.

The recently opened Nyonya Breeze Desire restaurant in Straits Quay carries on the tradition of Peranakan cuisine associated with Penang. The food are similar to that at its outlet in Abu Siti Lane.

Cooking Nyonya food has always been a meticulous affair and Nyonya Breeze Desire had the cuisine prepared with great attention to detail, balancing flavours and taste. The impressive range of dishes include nasi ulam, inche kabin, sambal goreng, asam pedas and braised meat.

The dishes came in large and small portions. I chose the latter. The starter was a plateful of jiu hu char or stir-fried sengkuang (RM13.90) served with fresh lettuce and sambal belacan. The gravy had hints of mushroom, carrot and dried squid. All in all, a perfect dish.

Plate of stir fried sengkuang, served with  lettuce and spicy sambal belacan_resize

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* This article was published in the New Straits Times (Life & Times) on 19th January 2011.

Ivy’s Kitchen is offering an alternative from the common Chinese meal for this coming Chinese New Year festive season with a menu sprinkled with several tantalizing Nyonya dishes. This restaurant is offering two different menus, priced at RM388++ and this special menu at RM688++. Both the food menus boast a wide range of dishes filled with auspicious meanings for this special day.

Traditionally the Chinese New Year banquet is kicked off with the Yee Sang. This dish of raw fish, crispy cracker and colorful ingredients which are symbolic is eaten with a coarsely ground peanut, plum sauce and lime juice dressing.

Nyonya Touch to Chinese New Year Menu at Ivy’s Kitchen by

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***This place has since closed down

* This article was published in the New Straits Times (Life & Times) on 5th January 2011.

Penang is blessed with a plethora of cuisines, and lately we discovered a new outlet that really stands out among the masses. Figo’s Restaurant recently opened its doors in Jalan Sungai Kelian housing area in Tanjong Bunga. The restaurant is a short distance away from Ingolf’s Kneipe German Restaurant, Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant and the Medan Selera Mutiara.

Listed on their menu is an assortment of sandwiches and heavier entrees with flavors of New Orleans, Texas, Mexico and signature dishes of Nyonya and Malacca-Portuguese.

New Orleans, Texas, Mexican, Malacca Portugese & Nyonya Cuisines at Figo’s, Penang by

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