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Penang is a hawker paradise with a huge variety of interesting street food stalls offering plenty of good and reasonably priced Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisine. I revel in the delights of hawker food, sold throughout the market area, neighbourhood stalls and the narrow back alleys of Penang.

Some of the stalls offer sitting areas while others have none, so you may have to eat while standing up – a bit of a challenge. However, it’s an even bigger challenge to decipher what goes into each dish and just where those flavours dancing on your palate stem from. This is where I can help.

 Pan Mee

What it is: Pan Mee is also known as mee hoon kueh in Hokkien. You can have either the dry version or with soup. Pan mee is a type of noodle made of rice flour that is handmade manually on the spot. The prepared small lumps of dough are kept fresh in a tight container, and when the time comes, they’re flattened and cut into strips using a noodle-making machine.

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There are only a couple of places in Penang where you can find tasty handmade Pan Mee (mee hoon kuih). I managed to scour affordable and tasty pan mee at I Mum Mum Restaurant which is located in the midst of the PDC flats in Pengkalan Weld, near the starting point of the Jelutong Expressway.

Penang Food - Pan Mee @ I Mum Mum Restaurant by

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Pan mee is a delicious noodle that is handmade manually on the spot. I found a stall located in Yi Garden coffee shop along Macalister Road / Lorong Selamat selling this delicious pan mee. Also known as mee hoon kuih in Hokkien, you can have it with soup or the dry version; with many different sizes.


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