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Besides dubbed as the top state for hawker food, Penang also offers places to indulge for high-end flavors. Follow me as I uncover the luxurious flavors in the island.

Chin’s Stylish Chinese Restaurant

A flamboyant restaurant at the end of Church Street Pier, Chin’s Stylish Chinese Cuisine serves cuisine leaning towards the Hunan and Szechuan style. The restaurant is run by Dave Chin, a long time entrepreneur in restaurant business and has earned several prestigious awards in his London restaurant during the 8o’s and 90’s.

High-End Flavours of Penang at Chin's Stylish Chinese Cuisine, Penang by

Four Happiness

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Mimi Nyonya Laksa is a popular little eatery in Penang for many office workers lunching around the area. The eatery, located on the ground floor of Wisma Central, was named after the owner.

Many are obviously drawn to their Nyonya delights. The daily specials are available on a rotating basis. The nasi ulam cooked with generous sprinkling of fresh herbs, garnished with daun pudina (mint leaves) and red chillies, is a firm favourite among the customers. The combination of carrots, onions, daun limau purut (chopped lime leaves), serai (lemon grass), daun kaduk (wild pepper leaves), daun kesum (laksa leaves), daun cekur (sand ginger leaves) and grated coconut layers the complex flavours of this rice dish.

Nyonya Delights at Mimi Nyonya Laksa by

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The newly opened Seven Terraces in the heart of World Heritage Site is Penang’s newest boutique hotel. Sitting on Stewart Lane, this hotel by hoteliers Christopher Ong and Karl Steinberg is converted from a row of seven C19th Anglo Chinese terraces houses.

Seven Terraces offers guests a boutique hotel experience with its Peranakan and contemporary design and its many Baba Nonya and Chinese antique furniture and collectibles. The hotel comprises a restaurant, bar and 18 air-conditioned suites with modern amenities.

Seven Terraces & The Kebaya at Stewart Lane, Penang by

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Tucked in the heart of George Town’s Noordin Street is Little Kitchen @ Nyonya. The charming restaurant housed in an old two storey shophouse with a distinctive heritage façade, serves home-cooked Nyonya dishes.

Little Kitchen @Nyonya serves Nyonya Peranakan dishes by


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* This article was published in the New Straits Times (Life & Times) on 12th July 2011.

The recently opened Nyonya Breeze Desire restaurant in Straits Quay carries on the tradition of Peranakan cuisine associated with Penang. The food are similar to that at its outlet in Abu Siti Lane.

Cooking Nyonya food has always been a meticulous affair and Nyonya Breeze Desire had the cuisine prepared with great attention to detail, balancing flavours and taste. The impressive range of dishes include nasi ulam, inche kabin, sambal goreng, asam pedas and braised meat.

The dishes came in large and small portions. I chose the latter. The starter was a plateful of jiu hu char or stir-fried sengkuang (RM13.90) served with fresh lettuce and sambal belacan. The gravy had hints of mushroom, carrot and dried squid. All in all, a perfect dish.

Plate of stir fried sengkuang, served with  lettuce and spicy sambal belacan_resize

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A rich and colorful Peranakan wedding!

Baba-Nyonya wedding ceremony is fast disappearing and forgotten by many except for a handful of the older generation. In the heritage town of Penang, there has been a strong call for couples to revive this heritage by taking their vows in this traditional style. Won’t it be a lovely change for couples to wed in a truly unique traditional showcase of rich and colourful Baba-Nyonya culture?

Baba-Nyonya Wedding with a Peranakan Dining Experience by

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The Wok Cafe may sound familiar to many Penangites as this restaurant is the outlet to the Hot Wok Restaurant along Burma Road in Penang. It is housed in a corner shoplot situated in the bustling Kota Damansara township, a new residential and commercial address. Together with a few friends, we went there to savor their Penang Hawker Food and Nyonya cuisine, courtesy of Uncle Robert Yeoh and his son Mervyn (the chef).


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***The restaurant has since closed down.

Many of you would definitely be familiar with Hot Wok! The name is associated with the abundant of Nyonya food coupled with beautiful decorations and authentic Peranakan ambiance.

Customers who have frequented the restaurant in Penang knows that Hot Wok Nyonya & Local Cuisine has established itself as the premier restaurant in serving authentic Peranakan or commonly known as Nyonya food from its earlier years in Gurney Plaza and later shifted to Tanjung Tokong. Now they still continue serving their customers in a double storey pre-war house along Jalan Burma, near to the many food eateries of Nagore Road and New World Park.


Welcome to a gastronomic food journey at Hot Wok

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New World Park located in the heart of Georgetown has been billed as a everything-under-one-roof project. It currently houses a number of restaurants, a couple of franchise eateries, a performance pavilion, boutiques and last but not least, the Hawker Center! Food crawling is a good idea as there are plenty of dining options and you can move from one outlet to the other sampling the food Penang has to offer. With the Chinese New Year around the corner, this entertainment outlet, decorated in red has a number of exciting events all lined-up.

The events to usher in the Year of the Ox :

1) Lion Dance – 17th, 31st January & 3rd February (2pm, 8.30pm & 2pm)
2) China Acrobatic Troupe Show – 23rd, 24th, 29th January & 6th February (9pm)
3) Traditional Chinese Orchestra Performances – 21st & 23rd January (8.30pm)



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2nd August 2008 marked a very special day for all floggers in Penang! We collectively decided that this was the time to meet up and put a physical image on those virtual faces with a blogger gathering at Hai Nan Town Restaurant.

The dinner gathering was at Hai Nan Town Restaurant which offers “Nyonya and Hainanese” delicacies in town. Located by the jetty at Weld Quay with a stunning view of the marina, Church Street Pier and QEII, I reckon this beautiful seaside place needs not much introduction as many bloggers have reviewed about it. However, just briefly, this restaurant opened its doors in 2006 after their first outlet in Sungai Nibong . I arrived there earlier, taking some time snapping photos before makan time.

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The Lone Pine Hotel is located along Batu Ferringhi and is within walking distance to the many restaurants, shopping outlets and Penang’s famous ‘Ferringhi Night Bazaar’.

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Lately we get to see a lot of bungalows in Penang being renovated into restaurants and cafes. A heritage bungalow opposite The Gurney Hotel in bustling Kelawai Road has since been renovated into a restaurant.

This new outlet, Perut Rumah serves Nyonya cuisine or better known as Peranakan Food. This type of cuisine is getting more and more popular in Penang.

A sense of nostalgia enveloped as soon as you drive into the drive way of the building.

The restaurant is very charming and tastefully decorated. The walls are adorned with black and white family photos, clock and framed mirror. In a corner stands a cupboard with collectibles.

Seating area is vast and comfy while cleanliness takes the top spot. All these gave the place an upmarket appeal.

The manager of the restaurant gave us a warm welcome and sat us down. There is so much to choose from the menu and we ended up ordering several dishes that most Nyonya food lovers are familiar with.

We started the meal with a spicy and sweet salad of Kerabu Bokyee (black fungus)….very appetizing dish.

Hong Bak …. pieces of lean pork and potatoes stewed until tender with spices in a flavorful gravy. Recommended !

Cincalok Pork – pork slices are stir fried with cincalok (a sour and salty shrimp based condiment), chillies and onions for that savory taste.

The main ingredients of Joo Hoo Char consist of cuttle fish (joo hoo), yam bean (sengkuang) and carrots. All these are cut into fine strips and stir-fried for a longer time, giving it a drier texture and flavour. Best eaten with some sambal belacan.

Nyonya Fish Curry….the curry gravy is less aromatic. I would have prefer it with more spices and laksa flower.

Packets of Hu Pau (otak-otak) …. pieces of fish marinated in spices wrapped in banana leaf and served steaming hot.

Speciality dish of Perut Ikan – hubby commended that there are only a few pieces of pickled fish stomach thus finding the taste a bit flat but nonetheless,  it is still worth giving this a try.

We rounded up our meal with the dessert. The sweetness of this bowl of coconut milk with orange/yellow colour sweet potatoes, yam, beans and jelly starch is just right. It would be perfect if the coconut milk is a little more richer and lemak (creamier).


The meal for five cost RM130 which is quite acceptable as this type of  cuisine requires a lot of preparation work. The food are fresh and not over spicy as they do cater to foreigners who were seen occupying two tables besides us.

The ambience and atmosphere of Perut Rumah makes it a suitable place for entertaining friends and visiting guests. The business hours are from 11am – 3pm & 6pm -10pm (daily).

Address :
No. 17 Jalan Kelawai
10250 Penang

Tel : 04-2279917
***Updated July 2015: Perut Rumah has since shifted to Jalan Bawasah (opposite Chime Heritage)
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