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Sole Pomodoro Trattoria Pizzeria in Singapore has done a great job on its new outlet. Set on Quayside Isle in Sentosa Cove, the outlet has spectacular view of the yachting marina.

My visit to Sole Pomodoro (at the invitation by Leslie Tay) allowed me to meet up with founders Mauro and Gerri whom I last met at their other Cugini outlet on Club Street in 2012.

Sole Pomodoro Trattoria Pizzeria in Sentosa Cove, Singapore

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Located adjacent to Gurney Plaza and G-Hotel, Gurney Paragon Mall houses several restaurants and cafes. One Italian chain restaurant that is making its debut in this mall is Italiannies. The restaurant provides diners with the option of dining in the large air-conditioned dining room, or in the alfresco area where they can enjoy the sea breeze.

All its outlets nationwide offer the same menu. Our dinner consisted of appetisers, pasta and pizza, and complimentary bread with vinegar and olive oil. As usual, the food is served in large portions.

Complimentary bread with vinegar and olive oil _resize

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Chocolate Passion is one of the newest chocolate cafes in Penang. Established by Callin Tan, the cafe located in the left side of the main entrance of Straits Quay specialises in handmade chocolates. I found this hidden gem with tiny bites of deliciousness during a shopping trip.

Chocolate Passion offers tiny bites of deliciousness by

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Italian restaurants have not been too popular in Penang in the past. But all that may be changing, with Via Pre, the newest purveyor of Italian food, which is set to satisfy even the most discerning of palates.

Located along the busy Weld Quay, the thinking behind this non-halal Italian restaurant was very simple: to pamper diners’ taste buds with authentic Italian food prepared with ingredients brought in from Italy. And the menu of course includes an extensive range of native Italian wines.

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By CK Lam

Ristorante Bella Italia is  the place to go when it comes to Italian food in Penang. It has two outlets, with the first one at Bellisa Row in Pulau Tikus, and  the other in Batu Ferringhi, which has a casual and friendly atmosphere. Both the outlets serve a slightly different menu.

The Batu Ferringhi outlet welcomes visitors with its delightful selection of food and its relaxing dining hall looking out into a small garden.

Ristorante Bella Italia Batu Feringghi by

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* This article was published in the New Straits Times (Life & Times) on 6th September 2011.

The recently launched Campbell House in George Town is home to Il Bacaro Venetian Restaurant. This slice of classic Italian dining is within walking distance of Tho Yuen and Tai Tong Dim Sum House.

The restaurant serves its cuisine the Il Bacaro way, which is based on a traditional Venetian backstreet tavern. It’s where one can enjoy authentic Italian dishes served in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Il Bacaro Venetian Restaurant at Campbell House, Penang by ck lam of

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* This article was published in the New Straits Times (Life & Times) on 8th December 2010.

On my hotel dining reviews in Kuala Lumpur, I have checked out several dining outlets in Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur, and one of them was Med.@Marche-Live. The open concept restaurant offers a relaxed and casual dining atmosphere, with air-conditioned dining room and great terrace sitting.

These days, the restaurant brings a new dining experience to diners with the presence of Australian Paul Lewis as the Executive Sous Chef.  He took over the kitchen this year and has since made his debut in the MIGF 2010. We were privileged to meet up with the chef and at the same time sample some of his dishes from the menu, which focuses on unique Italian specialties and ‘comfort’ food!

Italian Fare at Med.@Marche-Live in Renaissance Hotel by

Executive Sous Chef Paul Lewis

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*This article was published in the New Straits Times (Life & Times) on 9th October 2010.

A trip to Perth will never be quite complete without a visit to the legendary Italian restaurant located in a quiet neighborhood of South Perth  in Western Australia. The locals are very proud to recommend Ciao Italia, a quaint little place which serves up typical and authentic home style Italian cuisine!

This restaurant owned by an Italian started off as a takeaway diner, however its popularity grew over the years and it slowly expanded from five to fifteen tables, all holed within the small shop!

Italian Indulgence at Ciao Italia in Mill Point Road, Perth by

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*** October 2013 – This outlet has since closed down and reopened at 17 Jalan Phuah Hin Leong, 10050 George Town, Penang


A lot of soul put in the cooking and hopefully lots of soul music to refresh your little soul on sunny Penang Island.

Soul Kitchen Trattoria tucked away on Muntri Street in a pre-war house is the place to visit if you are looking for great eats in a laid back ambiance. This restaurant, barely a few months old is run by a young creative Malaysian-German couple, Michele Yim and Tonio Neuhaus.

Soul Kitchen Trattoria with lots of soul music and food by

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*This article was published in the New Straits Times (Life & Times) on 10th April 2010.

Recently I and hubby took a trip Down Under to visit my eldest son! It was a really exciting journey as it has been a while since we went there. We visited and dined in many places in Perth which I will be sharing with everyone in time to come.

On this particular day, we started out early in the morning, heading to the countryside of Swan Valley to experience the nature and surroundings. We took a stopover at The Margaret River Chocolate Company, Sandalford Wines, Caversham Wildlife Park and the AQWA.

CK Lam in an eventful day exploring the suburbs of Perth
My eventful day in Perth was documented in the New Straits Times on Saturday, 10th of April!

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