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If you are looking for a place to buka puasa during the upcoming holy month of Ramadan, an evening at Vistana Penang Bukit Jambul is well worth it.

The hotel will be presenting the Ramadhan feast with 101 delightful recipes inspired by Tok Wan – Tok Wan being a colloquial Pahang state term for grandmother.

Buka Puasa Ramadhan with Tok Wan 101 Recipes at Vistana Hotel Penang by

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Diners will be pleased with the opening of Nona Bali Restaurant at Promenade 28, in Sungai Pinang, Penang. Owned by partners Peter Tait and I Made Sudiarta, Nona Bali is the place for Balinese food cravings in Penang.

The restaurant thrives on set meals throughout lunch and a la carte menu for dinner. While there is no pork on the menu, the restaurant in a casual and comfortable environment offers a variety of seafood, poultry and vegetables. The dishes are prepared combining Balinese culinary traditions. “I source the ingredients locally and from neighbouring Indonesia and Thailand. No MSG and food enhancer is used,”said Sudiarta who heads the kitchen.

Nona Bali Restaurant – Balinese Dining Experience in Penang by

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43 Cafe under the hands of proprietor cum cook Jacgy Chan and his family has a following of customers with a simple menu of homemade oven-grilled pork burgers. He has built the cafe with outdoor seating in a relaxing atmosphere at his homely hideaway at Jalan Sungai Dua, Penang.

The owner pride himself on making his pork patty with love as revealed in their tagline,  ‘cook wat we love and love wat we cook’.  The quality and freshness of the food is a priority, with only a certain amount of patties made daily. The pork patty is approximately 90gms and made without the usage of MSG.

43 Cafe – Oven-grilled homemade pork burger by

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* This article was published in the New Straits Times (Life & Times) on 21st July 2012


For Ramadhan, Vistana Hotel in Penang is offering a full Ramadhan buffet with a traditional Kampung Nelayan theme from July 21 till August 17. The buka puasa spread has over 120 hearty as well as light traditional kampung dishes. There are western salads and plenty of appetisers. Ulam comes with plenty of choices — daun selon, timun, kacang panjang, petai, ulam pegaga and ulam raja — with a variety of condiments, notable ones being  sambal cincaluk and sambal belacan. Other appetisers include kerabu ulam and acar rampai.

 Value for money buka puasa Ramadhan buffet at Vistana Hotel, Penang by

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By CK Lam

Spending your weekend in Penang? Do check out this 24-hour guide to eating on the island non-stop, written by me for TimeOut Penang 2012. Hope everyone have a great time indulging  in all the flavourful food, rich in spices and herbs from the many restaurants and hawker stalls in Penang.

6am – 7am: Special Famous Roti Canai
56 Jalan Transfer
Open daily, 6.30am-1pm, 3.30pm-7pm

Soak in the slow pace of life in Penang with breakfast at this road side stall, which is famous for its crispy roti canai. There are several varieties of curries to complement the roti canai – mutton, beef, chicken, fish and dhall. The place is usually packed with customers waiting for a table.

Roti Canai by CK Lam for TimeOut Penang 2012

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By CK Lam

The following day, we make our way to Bako National Park. Located at the tip of the Muara Sungai Tebas Peninsula, Bako is Sarawak’s oldest national park. We are ferried from the hotel to the Kampung Bako jetty where the National Park Office is located. After filling up some documents, we hop on a boat from the jetty to Bako National Park, with the Gunung Santubong in view.

Media FAM Trip to Kuching by Sarawak Tourism & AirAsia – Day 3 at Bako National Park


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* This article was published in the New Straits Times (Life & Times) on 15th June 2011.

Chulia Street in Penang is not only known for its many budget hotels but also for inexpensive meals. It’s a popular dining destination with locals and tourists alike. At night, a section of the road is lined with stalls selling a good mix of street food. Do not make your choice immediately. Take your time and have a closer look at what’s on offer.

Worthy of mention are curry mee and wantan noodles. Springy wantan noodles are served with slices of char xiu (barbecued pork) and wantan (dumplings). For the curry mee, medium-sized fish ball is added to the standard ingredients of coconut milk, cockles, blood jelly, cuttlefish and tau pok (fried tofu). The slightly sweet coconut milk is flavoured with a blend of aromatic spices. Expect a queue as the curry mee is popular.

Chulia Street Hawker Food by CK Lam  of

Chulia Street curry mee

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* This article was published in the New Straits Times (Life & Times) on 24th May 2011.

If you’re at Chowrasta Market in George Town, Penang, stop by Tamil Street, located on one side of the market building. This street is worth exploring for its variety of street food. Look out for a stall selling Ais Tingkap (translated as window sherbet). This classic chilled drink is named such because it used to be sold through an open window.

Ais Tingkap is a transparent sweet rose flavored thirst quencher _resize

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The Ocean Green Seafood Restaurant is a popular dining place located off Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah in the city center. My family enjoyed dining at this restaurant which offers an open view of the beach and the sea. This surrounding beach area is a popular place for couples to have their wedding photos taken.

We had a good start with the popular dish of steamed tiger prawns. The prawns are very juicy and delicious, you could even savor it on its own! It is best dipped into their freshly homemade chili sauce which is a must-have for me!

Ocean Green Seafood Restaurant in Penang

A great starter to a wonderful seafood meal!

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New Lane is truly a street food center in Penang and the place is jam packed with many hawker food stalls and food hunters. Tables are set up in the open, even occupying part of a parking lot of an office complex. The lane is accessible from Macalister Road and Dato Kramat Road. You have to bring a big appetite as there are many delicious goodies at this place.

There are a few stalls that I usually patronized. I love the Grill Chicken located in the Sin Yin Nam coffee shop. The chicken wings and drumsticks are simply delicious. The aroma is so seductive that could drive you insane.

New Lane Hawker Food by

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The slogan above was printed on the menu when we visited Ah’ Basri Satay outlet last night. That slogan had all of us ranting…what a way to attract customers. This outlet is located on Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim in Sungai Ara. It is diagonally opposite the Fisherman’s Grill.

This place has its own unique variations of satay. We had some time selecting the type of meat to have as there were many varieties to choose from. They have even horse and ostrich meat for the more adventurous to try out.

Ah’ Basri Satay

Plate of charcoal-grilled satay

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There are several variations of beef noodles in Penang with the all time favorite beef ball noodles and the Hakka beef ball noodles.

This time the focus is on the Ngau Larm Mee stall (Chinese style braised beef brisket noodle) at Sai Lam, an old coffee shop at the corner of Chulia Street and Carnarvon Street. This delicious braised beef can be served with variation of noodles: springy thin or the broad wanton noodles or better still with hor fun.  Whatever the choice is, it comes with generous portion of flavorful beef pieces.

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Dry Ngau Larm Mee with broad noodles

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