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Nagore Square, a buzzy food scene in Penang is home to many food outlets. Conveniently sitting on the corner of the refurbished Chime Heritage building on nearby Jalan Bawasah is The Haven Harbour (HH). This double storey corner unit cafe with its white washed walls and spacious upstairs dining area is welcoming with modern day design and relaxing environment.

Andus Yeap takes care of the kitchen while Carine Lim is the lady behind the wide range of creative pastries and cakes. For freshness, only small patches of desserts are baked daily while the made to order signature desserts take 15 minutes of preparation.

Take your pick from the different types of chocolate desserts made with superior quality Callebaut chocolate products. Would it be the Poke Boule or the Chocolate Assiette? We had both choices.

The ball of Poke Boule with Frangelico infused lady finger coated with Belgian chocolate was served cold in a ramekin. Carine took it up a notch by adding nice sense of texture – fine lines of white chocolate and crisp peanuts. Recommended to go with a cup of Americano, the Poke Boule practically melts in the mouth. It brings back something memorable – roughly like eating rum ball.

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DCOVA Cafe on Bishop Street in George Town Penang caters to a diverse downtown clientele of corporate types and town visitors. The cafe housed in the Logan Heritage Building takes over the space that was once Lighthouse Cafe. The all day dining cafe welcomes visitors with its food, cakes, tea and a vast selection of coffee.

We started exploring the several varieties of hot coffee drinks made using throwback coffee beans from Papa Pahleta. The throwback is a composition of Brazil Cerrado, Sumatra Ratawali Valley and Tobing Estate. I enjoyed the espresso solo, which gave satisfying flavors of dark chocolate.

Dcova Cafe at Logan Heritage Building Penang by

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It was a great day chilling out at Jamie’s Italian during my Perth holiday trip.

The William Street eatery is welcoming with its wide selection of wines, and a menu with balance between pasta, cold meals, antipasto dishes and desserts. I pretty much love its casual and lively ambiance.

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Opened in January last year, The Leaf Healthy House on Penang Street serves vegetarian dishes that have been prepared using organic seasonings and natural ingredients. It has a short menu that includes a la carte dishes and rice sets.

A rice set comes with three main dishes, a soup and rice. The dishes are changed daily. Patrons can choose from a variety of rice, including brown rice, butterfly pea flower rice and mustard seed rice.

The Leaf Healthy House – Healthy Vegetarian Dishes and Bike Rentals by

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Italian restaurants have not been too popular in Penang in the past. But all that may be changing, with Via Pre, the newest purveyor of Italian food, which is set to satisfy even the most discerning of palates.

Located along the busy Weld Quay, the thinking behind this non-halal Italian restaurant was very simple: to pamper diners’ taste buds with authentic Italian food prepared with ingredients brought in from Italy. And the menu of course includes an extensive range of native Italian wines.

Via Pre @Weld Quay - Tavern On The Harbour by

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By CK Lam

Ristorante Bella Italia is  the place to go when it comes to Italian food in Penang. It has two outlets, with the first one at Bellisa Row in Pulau Tikus, and  the other in Batu Ferringhi, which has a casual and friendly atmosphere. Both the outlets serve a slightly different menu.

The Batu Ferringhi outlet welcomes visitors with its delightful selection of food and its relaxing dining hall looking out into a small garden.

Ristorante Bella Italia Batu Feringghi by

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* This article was published in the New Straits Times (Northern Streets) on 2nd July 2011.

Simply Nutritious is an excellent place for a simple wholesome spaghetti meal! Since starting this business one half years ago, Chef Foo Jan has been serving unique pasta dishes to Penangites. Initially a stall in Burmah Road/Jones Road junction, Simply Nutritious has since become a café in Lebuh Melaka!

Customers now dine in a more conducive environment with comfortable seats and air-conditioning. This is probably the only place in Penang that concentrates on the pasta and serves the accompanying meat as a complement.

Simply Nutritious Spaghetti Meal by

Spaghetti cooked with spinach, mushroom and wolfberries sauce

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