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The Cecil Street Market Food Court in Penang has wafting aromas of food emanating from its rows of hawker stalls. You can find just about any hawker food in the large food court, commonly known as “chit teow lor ban san” (7th road market), named after the well-known market located right beside it. The last few years saw the upgrading of this food court that gave it its more polished eating environment, but the price and serving portion remain reasonable.

A firm favourite is the koay teow thng from Lum Lai, flat rice noodle served in a bowl of clear and flavourful soup. Toppings include pieces of fish cakes, springy fish balls, blood jelly and shredded duck meat. Add-ons, such as a whole duck drumstick, its liver or gizzard, are also available.

Penang Hawker Food at Cecil Street Market Food Court, Penang by

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Street food in Penang is simply irresistible with multitude delightful culinary choices. Food stalls are set up by the road side while others are located in food courts.

But food courts are gaining popularity in recent years, unlike in Singapore, where fancy food courts dot the island. Locals find them convenient, with all their favourite hawker food under one roof and its cleaner environment.

By far the largest food court for Penang is the New World Park Food Court. In total, there are twenty over stalls serving a good mix of Penang’s street food.

Unlike any food court or hawker centre, this food court is design with exceptionally high roof for ventilation. The sitting area is brightly lit both from the natural light and the overhead spot lights. The stalls are well ventilated so much so that the smoke from the cooking does not travel into the dining area. The washing of plates and cutlery is carried out in a centralised wash area to ensure cleanness.

Like any food court, there are some stalls that are particularly popular as compared to others. One such stall is curry noodle. The lady owner is generous with the topping of mint leaves which gives the stock and noodle a green and fresh taste. The stock is not overwhelmed with thick coconut milk but rather on the lighter side. The appealing homemade curry paste has a strong spice aroma.

Penang Hawker Food at New World Park Food Court by

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There is a rare place serving piping hot bowls of Cantonese style dessert or tong-sui in Penang. The desserts not only satisfy your sweet cravings, its charming surroundings will also amaze you.

This nameless stall is located right in the heart of George Town. The business which started many years ago is now run by the second generation owner from the yard of his house on Victoria Street.

Slurping Sweet Tong Sui at Victoria Street, Penang by

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Tucked in the heart of George Town’s Noordin Street is Little Kitchen @ Nyonya. The charming restaurant housed in an old two storey shophouse with a distinctive heritage façade, serves home-cooked Nyonya dishes.

Little Kitchen @Nyonya serves Nyonya Peranakan dishes by


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Opened in January last year, The Leaf Healthy House on Penang Street serves vegetarian dishes that have been prepared using organic seasonings and natural ingredients. It has a short menu that includes a la carte dishes and rice sets.

A rice set comes with three main dishes, a soup and rice. The dishes are changed daily. Patrons can choose from a variety of rice, including brown rice, butterfly pea flower rice and mustard seed rice.

The Leaf Healthy House – Healthy Vegetarian Dishes and Bike Rentals by

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Many dessert outlets are sprouting across Penang Island and one popular one is Hui Lau Shan. This Hong Kong’s dessert chain journeyed to Penang with its first location in Gurney Plaza. The healthy dessert outlet has since been attracting stream of customers.

The attraction at Hui Lau Shan (HLS) is mango and its menu offers a whole wide range of selections of this tropical fruit. According to senior manager Yvonne Tan, the outlet is using two varieties of quality mango. One is the golden water lily mango from Thailand and the other from Philippines. Each variety is slightly different in flavor, with the sweetness of Thai mangoes for the ice blended and aromatic Philippines mango for topping.

At the food review, we are offered many tempting sweet desserts and not to mention some savory ones.

Fruitties Combo Series
The Fresh Fruitties Sweetie Ball with Double Juices (RM14.90) is an eye-appealing colourful dish. One can choose from a selection of juices which include watermelon, coconut, honeydew melon, mango, papaya and cantaloupe with a fragrant smell.

This dessert is presented with watermelon and mango juice together with glutinous rice balls. The natural sweetness of both the juices was delicious eaten with the chewy glutinous rice balls and the fruit balls.

Hui Lau Shan @Gurney Plaza, Penang offers mangolicious fun by

Juicy fruits – strawberry, kiwi, mango, honey dew, cantaloupe and watermelon

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Happy Duan Wu Festival to everyone!

The Duan Wu festival is celebrated on every 5th day of the 5th month, and for this year, it  falls on June 23. During this festival, many will be busy preparing the chang themselves (glutinous rice dumpling), and also many will be buying them from the shops.

In Penang, the chang is sold commercially all year round in a number of places, and one such place is Cintra Food Corner. For generations, the Lor’s family has been dishing out the chang for customers to dine-in and take-away. Once located at the road side of the bustling Cintra Street, owner Lor Onn Kee has since shifted the business to a nearby shop house in 2006.

Dumpling Festival with Glutinous Rice Dumpling (Bak Chang) from Cintra Food Corner by

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By CK Lam

Opened since last September, the self-service Quay Cafe along Church Street Ghaut in Penang serves vegetarian dishes with a twist. The menu includes a variety of rice dishes, noodles and local favourites.

The brightly lit restaurant has glass windows and exposed walls. The ground floor dining area has rows of tables stretching all the way to the back of the restaurant while another dining section is furnished with high tables and chairs. There are also a few tables laid out on the mezzanine floor.

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* This article was published in the New Straits Times (Life & Times) on 7th November 2010.

I have been devouring tong-sui (Chinese dessert) stalls for years, so it was a great discovery when I finally found Sweet-i. The tong-sui stall operated by Soon and his wife for the last few years in Sungai Dua, has a wonderful sweet range of Chinese style desserts.

Previously located on the roadside at Jalan Helang, the tong-sui stall has since shifted into a nearby house. Customers can enjoy the desserts with sit-down service in the comfort setting of the house.

Tong-Sui – Chinese Sweet Concoctions at Sweet-i, Sungai Dua Penang

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My latest food outing had me patronizing the Char Koay Kak stall which is located along the bustling Air Itam main road, in front of Suiwah Supermarket. There is an upbeat vibe to this road with so many hawker food stalls around – the tasty fried buns and tantalizing Assam Laksa.

Thanks to my readers for recommending this Char Koay Kak to me at my Kedai Kopi Wah Meng post :)

Char Koay Kak & Tong-sui in Air Itam, Penang by

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All About Sugar & Gift located in Lorong Susu, Penang is a newly opened outlet serving Chinese desserts. This outlet with a simple and homely ambiance has different sweetened fillings of freshly prepared tang yuen made from glutinous rice in a variety of tong-sui.


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Many hawker stalls do sell the Chinese sweet dessert of Peanut Tong Sui. This particular stall that we visited is located at the corner of Perak Lane and Jalan Jelutong, right beside the famous Perak Lane Fish Beehoon. This stall sells peanut tong sui which is commonly known as thor tau jin th’ng or fah sang tong sui with choices of add-on goodies.


This hot dessert comes with three different types of add ons. You can opt for the Chinese crullers (yu jar kuai) and the steamed roots of sweet potato (yellow flesh) or the yam.


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