Transformers The Movie – My Collectibles Robot

Calling all Trans fans. Transformers are BACK…

Many of us grow up with the Transformers cartoon show back in the 80’s. As in all shows, there are always the good guys (Autobots) and the bad (Decepticons)
The popularity of the cartoon show was followed up with the release of books and toys which were selling like hotcakes. The song was great, and will remain in my head for a long long time. The band that did the opening theme was Lion. – Catch the video on :

Having two boys, I also bought the toys and watched most of the cartoon shows with them. After a lapse of twenty years, my two boys have already grown up and there are some toys left behind that  are still in good condition. Ended up keeping these only lo..

The Whole Group (good & evil)

Optimus Prime


And also included in the collection is this REFERENCE BOOK….

I can’t wait to watch the movie in the cinema and who knows, I might end up buying the toys based on this new movie too … hahaha.

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