Bali Hai Seafood Market at Gurney Drive

We drove over to Gurney Drive to have our seafood dinner with our parents in Bali Hai Seafood Market. This restaurant is on your right if you are travelling down from Gurney Plaza. The bright and colourful sign board can be seen from afar. There is a car park behind the restaurant.

The place is usually crowded during both weekdays and weekends with locals and foreigners. Customers have a choice to pick and choose their seafood from the rows of aquarium.

We ordered the fried fish (cui jiam), flower crabs, claypot fish with preserved vegetable and yam, fried vegetable with sambal and noodles. The steamed flower crabs came with pounded ginger and stripes of black fungus. Chinese wine was added to enhance the flavour. The crab meat was so firm and fresh. We ended up using our hands to eat this seafood.

We then had the claypot with pieces of fish head cooked with preserved salted vegetable,  slices of yam, dried chili and plenty of leeks. We enjoyed the unique and appetizing taste …

After that we were served another two dishes. The vegetable dish was a combination of long beans, star beans and lotus root stir-fried with sambal. The lotus root was thinly sliced and tasted good. The fish (cui jiam) was  fried until crispy.

We rounded up the dinner with fried seafood mee-tiau. Fried dried and not oily, the noodle went well with the accompanying spicy sambal.

The restaurant is suitable for entertaining friends and family. You get to savour delicious and FRESH seafood and at the same time enjoy the beautiful seaview. Price is a bit expensive but that depends on the type of seafood that you order.