Banana Leaf Curry Rice – Sri Ananda Bahwan Restaurant

This is the first time we step into Sri Ananda Bahwan Restaurant located at Penang Street. We found that their cooking uses a lot of spices and chilies to bring out the flavour of their dishes. Their curries are not as spicy and hot as those of the Mamak and the Malays.

I had the banana leaf rice which was served on a banana leaf. I chose the mutton curry to go with the rice. The waiter laid the rice and 3 side servings of vegetable, beans and chutney (pickles) on the leaf. He top it up with two pieces of pampadum (crackers). Most of the customers ate the rice with their hands.

My hubby had the onion thosai, made of rice and lentil that comes with a bowl of white creamy sauce. It was tasty but we can’t figure out what ingredients was used to make it.


These pieces of idly (steamed rice patties) caught my hubby attention and he ate one of them which can be dip into any gravy of your choice. Tasted a bit sourish.

This restaurant have a wide varieties of desserts – sweet and savoury.

The tiny “apple” cookies was so cute and looks so real that I could not resist buying some and on top of that, some chocolate almond cakes too.