Ajisen Ramen – Gurney Plaza Penang

***The restaurant has since closed down.

This is a new food outlet that our parents and us happen to stumble upon in Gurney Plaza. It serves noodles and snacks.
The menu has a wide range of noodles and side dishes. We had a few side dishes together with our noodles. – The Salmon Sashimi, Fried Tofu and Pan Fried Gyoza (with soy-vinegar dipping sauce).

There are many variations of noodles to choose from. We tried out three different types. This is the Volcano Ramen – noodles served in a bowl of soup with big slices of meat, half an egg, seaweed and spicy mince meat.

Seafood Ramen consists of four big prawns, half an egg, crab stick, cuttle fish and seaweed.

Stewed tender pork ribs, half an egg and cabbage makes up this bowl of Nan-Kotsu Ramen. The soup is cloudly white.

This is our only rice item – Una Ju rice set. The unagi is nicely done.

Hubby looking happy and pleased. The prices were reasonable and most important of all, the food were fresh and the noodles were of the right texture. We even received a free gift from them too. Definitely a place to visit for a quick lunch or dinner.

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