Hai Boey Seafood Restaurant – Penang

Had dinner with Dr and Mrs Alex Lim at Hai Boey Seafood Restaurant which is located in Teluk Kumbar. Our good friend who have patronised this place a few times (and found the food tasty) was kind to offer to drive us there. We reached there after sunset.

We ordered their signature dishes – deep fried balls made up of brinjals and minced meat. Then came the stir-fried Kapar clams (also known as Lala) with tom yam sauce. The clams were big and very fresh.

The spare ribs were marinated with their special sauce – the meat were very tender and juicy. For vegetable, we had the fresh “nai pak” stir fried with garlic.

Steamed fish with soya sauce. The taste of the sauce is just right and goes well with white rice.

The last dish is the fried mantis prawns (lye lui har) with salted egg yolk, chili padi and curry leaves. The prawns were fresh and very meaty. This dish gets the thumbs up from all of us – just delicious.

A drive from the city to this restaurant takes around 45 minutes but it is worth the distance because the food served here is simply awesome. By the way, remember to bring your cash along cos this restaurant do not accept credit card payment….