San Francisco Steak House, Mid Valley

On our last night stay in Kuala Lumpur, my brother and sister took us makan-makan at San Francisco Steak House (which is not available in Penang) at Mid Valley . Unlike TGIF and Chillies, this outlet is more of a fine dining restaurant.

We had a hard time choosing our food as there was a wide range of choices of food on the menu. Finally, all of us opt for the oxtail soup and garlic bread for starters.

The garlic bread was one of the tastier ones that we had so far… with generous amount of garlic and butter.

Finally our food came, and this was my plate…. baked lobster with a piece of steak.

On that night, the happiest person would be my hubby. He received a special present from our eldest son… a T H watch. He was so moved by our son’s gesture that he was in tears. Thank you so much  MYen…

and also thanks to my brother and sister for the lovely dinner.

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