Penang Hawker Food – Fried Tai Loke Mee @ Tong Hooi


Fried Tai Loke Mee with pieces of meat, prawns, vegetables and pork lard (chu yau cha) can be eaten almost everywhere in K.L. but finding one in Penang can be quite difficult.


Recently we managed to find a stall in Tong Hooi Coffeeshop. Located along Datuk Keramat Road, the stall runs by a couple specializes in preparing this stir-fried noodle.


The ‘thick’ noodle is fried with black soy sauce under a fiery stove. It comes steaming hot. The taste of this noodle is enhanced with the accompanying spicy sambal belacan.

We had another bowl of Tai Loke Mee cooked in a thick soup …. tasted good especially eaten with a dash of black vinegar. Both of these noodles are comparable as good as those I used to enjoyed during my earlier years in Kuala Lumpur

We also had the Mee Suah Kor which is cooked the same way as the above Tai Loke Mee.

This coffee shop is right beside The Clark Hatch Fitness Center. In the morning, you get to savour the Stadium Curry Mee from the stall located in front of the shop. Directly opposite is Kafe Khoon Hiang, whereby the famous Ah Leng Char Koay Teow stall is located.

*** (Updated May 2015) The stall has since shifted to Kedai Kopi Lok Yen on Kuantan Road.