All Day Breakfast at Coffee Bean, Gurney Plaza

We had an early breakfast at The Coffee Bean in their Gurney Plaza outlet on this lazy Sunday morning. We were surprised to find the place fully occupied. They offer four scrumptious breakfast sets. Every set meal is well balance with an egg, a meat/fish and salad. This comes with a choice of coffee or tea which is refillable until 11am. We had our meal with freshly brewed coffee.


My choice of sandwich – bread with fillings of cheese, ham and egg together with a salad.


Twin sausages with all time favourite scrambled egg and salad accompanied by two slices of toast bread for my son.


Hubby love the foccacia bread layered with slices of smoked salmon and egg together with a salad.


After the light breakfast, we stayed on for a while to ponder over the newspaper with another cup of refillable hot coffee. Somehow the simple sandwiches tasted so much nicer that those that I make for the family in the morning. Just wondering why? 😛

How nice if I could wake up to this type of breakfast everyday…