Vietnamese Cuisine @ Com Viet, Penang

***The restaurant has since closed down.

Com Viet which serves Vietnamese delicacies and cuisine is located in a quiet lane right in the buzzing suburb of Pulau Tikus. It is in the middle of the row of shoplots just behind Kassim Mustapha. I found out about this place from Pixen and decided to try out some of their cuisine.

The restaurant radiates a very pleasant feeling, coupled with strokes of Vietnamese culture.

By playing it safe, the first dish we ordered was the Fresh Spring Roll. We have eaten this appetizer at Mekong on our Melbourne trip. Chicken meat, prawns and vegetables are wrapped in transparent rice paper and eaten by dipping into the sauce. A plate of six rolls cost RM12.

We had the Bun Bo Nam Bo which comes with lots of fresh vegetables and herbs …. beef with laksa noodles, mint, coriander, bean sprout and garnished with crushed peanuts. This huge bowl of noodle (RM12) is very tasty with the special sauce which gives the dish an extra kick.

A fabulous dish of sliced stuffed pork leg (Chan Gio Nhoi) served with fish sauce and lime juice cost RM15. The meat is very well flavoured and delicious.

After the meal, we had a cup of Vietnamese Coffee. It is interesting to watch and wait as the coffee goes through the dripping process in the charming peculator. The hot water in the little teapot is poured into the coffee powder in the metal container. The coffee will then drip into the cup below it. It has a unique flavour and tasted good with added condensed milk. It cost RM6.

The accompanying signature baked apple pie – the crispy texture of the freshly baked pie and the apple slices topped with cinnamon powder complemented each other very well.

Vietnamese food is healthy as it requires very little oil in its cooking. Just head over to this place for excellent Vietnamese food. Its location : 19, Lintang Burma, Pulau Tikus.

*** Updates (January 2009) : This restaurant which was closed for a short period of time is now reopen under the name, Saigon Kitchen Vietnamese Cuisine***

Saigon Kitchen Vietnamese Cuisine
19 Lintang Burma
Pulau Tikus

Tel : 04 2267285