Padang Brown, Penang

Padang Brown hawker center in Penang is well known to tourists visiting the island as well as the Penangites themselves. It is usually packed with people during lunch and teatime, however many people overlook the many food choices it has to offer for dinner. In the night, the brightly lighted up stalls on the right-hand side of the place are predominantly Malay hawkers.

All the stalls faces an open space with a children playground and just walking distance away from the busy junction of Perak Road/Anson Road.

As always, the first thing that arrived at the table are the drinks –  hot cup of teh tarik (milk tea) and icy cold  air sirap (syrup drink).






We had the soup kambing (mutton soup) and the soup lembu (beef soup). The soup is very aromatic and rich in herbs and spices. It  goes hand in hand with the meat which gives this soup the ultimate taste buds sensation. The lean meat is very tender as it is boiled in the soup for several hours. Hubby gave his two thumbs-up for the soup lembu (RM3.00) whereas my son loves the soup kambing (RM3.50).




Besides the regular cut of meat, those who are more adventurous could opt for some extra ingredients such as the perut (stomach) and urat (veins). Most customers have the bowl of soup together with Bengali roti (bread). The bread compliments the soup very well.



This is the stall which serve many varieties of noodles and rice. This plate of nasi goreng (fried rice) with egg comes with pieces of separately cooked beef (RM4).



A plate of  pasembor was reasonably priced at RM3 with mostly the basic ingredients of beancurd, egg, cucumber, keropok (fried fritters) and the rest of the condiments. All the ingredients are topped with spoonfuls of sauce…very tasty indeed.



The hawker stalls directly opposite that operate in the daytime are famous for the Lok Lok, Pohpiah and the Chinese pasembor.

rrPadang Brown Pio Pia

Entrance to the food court and the parking lot is directly behind the Dato Kramat police station.