Coffee Island @ Gurney Drive, Penang

There are numerous restaurants and pubs in Gurney Drive, Penang and recently a new cafe has opened its door. The Coffee Island cafe which is lighted up with colourful bulbs does bring colours to the popular seaside promenade in Penang. It has a large open air sitting area and also an air condition room.


Hubby and myself settled in the sitting area under the stars as the night was cooling.  On the table was the food menu which is printed on a piece of paper and a pencil. It featured lots of beverages, street food and variety of oriental and western dishes, just like another modern kopitiam.

The beverages we had were the Ice Vietnam Coffee RM6.90 (can be serve either hot or cold) and the Hazelnut Mocha Ice Blended RM7.50. The Coffee came out rather fast but my Mocha came twenty minutes later. Both drinks are recommended.



Not being too hungry after a late teatime, we chose the Crispy Jade Roll RM5 and the Grill Fish Honey Mustard RM10.50.  The rolls are  deliciously done. The fish is a bit sweet due to the honey and the texture of the mashed potato reminds me of those smooth and creamy ones served in Kentucky.




I am likely to come back again to try out the other dishes plus the many  types of toast. Overall, this cafe is a nice place to hang out and chill with friends, whether it’s for a meal or just a drink. It has Wi-Fi and and you can even do live blogging here too.




A drive along Gurney Drive will lead you to this cafe which is just beside Crepe Cottage. There is a big parking space just beside this cafe but I do not recommend parking your vehicle there as it can be obstructed by other late comers. Even the parking attendant was having difficulty shouting for the owners to remove their cars. It is advisable to park along Persiaran Gurney.

Business hours are from from 11am right till the next day 3am.  The kitchen is open till 12 midnight but box snack is available until 2.30am before closing. Click here for the Map Location.

Coffee Island
77 Persiaran Gurney
10250 Penang

Tel : 04 2272377 (Updated  on 9/1/09)