GPS Navigator for my Food Hunt


This Christmas, I am thankful to received many presents from friends and loved ones. One of them which I find very practical and useful is this GPS Navigator (Garmin). This personal travel assistant was a gift from my hubby. He says it will be very helpful for my food outing trip as it can sometimes be very tedious in finding the location.


Hubby got this navigator from ICS Computer that has a wide 4.3″ LCD screen, which I find it easy to read. This personal travel assistant is very useful in locating a place while driving and even by foot. With its slim design, it can fit into a small handbag easily.


With this new gadget, it won’t be a problem as I could easily get to my destination with ease by just clicking on a few buttons. For your convenience, I will include the GPS coordinates of the food outlets in my future post. If you do own one, just key in the coordinates and TA DA! You will get there in no time. Anybody wanna join me in a makan-makan trip with my baby GPS?

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