Hokkien Mee with Pork Knuckle @Presgrave Street

I am sure many of you have eaten Penang Hokkien Mee as it is one of the favourite hawker food in Penang. However have you ever had pork knuckle (tu kar bak) with your steaming bowl of Hokkien Mee?  If not, then hop over to the stall located in Presgrave Street (Sah Tiau Lor – 3rd Street) which serves this tender pork knuckle meat. The tender meat is only sliced out from the drum when required to maintain its moist meaty texture.

This stall does have a varieties of other add-on (kae liau) ingredients such as intestines (hoon chiang), spare ribs, boiled pig skin, roast pork and fishball. Among my must-haves every time I pay a visit are the pork knuckle, intestines and pig skin!


The almighty pork knuckle…


Just some variation of ingredients I had on my last visit…


Yummy pig skin, ready to be added to your Hokkien Mee!


Look at the size of the siew bak!

The standard bowl of Hokkien Mee here is garnished with slices of prawns, meat and egg. It is topped up with deep-fried shallots but I opted not to have it as I personally do not like it in the soup. I find that the soup has a strong meaty taste as well as scents of the prawn. Furthermore, it is not that spicy as compared to others stalls and for those who like it spicy, just feel free to add in the chili paste for the extra ‘kick’.


The soup being prepared to be added to the Hokkien mee…



Got your appetite going yet?

Besides that, this stall also serves Lor Mee. Location-wise, it can be located at the intersection of Presgrave and McNair Street (on the same row and a few shops away from the Kwong Wah Yit Poh Press). Click here for the Map Location.


Go ahead and satisfy your late-night Hokkien Mee cravings!


To top up our dinner, all of us had a bowl of Ice Kacang with a topping of ice-cream from the stall right infront of the shop. I find that the dessert is very refreshing, and its very reasonably priced as well.


67A Lebuh Presgrave
10300 Penang

Business Hour : 5pm onwards till late in the night.
GPS Coordinates : N05° 24.665′   E100° 19.835′

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