Penang Hawker Food – Snacks @Chulia Street

Penang holds the treasure of wonderful hawker food, and this post is no exception. Hidden in the folds on Georgetown is a stall in Chulia Street selling the best deep fried snacks. This place, managed by a man with his two helpers, offer excellent fried goodies that are commonly available in dim sum shops. According to him, he has been selling this snack for almost twenty-eight years, with no sign of slowing down! I am going to highlight a few of my favourite items among the different varieties sold in this stall.


A shot of all the goodies, just out of the frying pan.


From RM0.90 to a ringgit (RM1) for such good stuff!

First and foremost, the rectangular roti! A real delight to the tastebuds, a must try!


The ingredients are added onto a flat piece of dough…




In it goes into the hot kuali …


After all said and done, the delicious hot roti is ready…

The next one is my favourite, peanut filled deep fried bomb. Each round ball is delicately filled with crushed peanut, and the long ones with red bean paste.


Filling it with crushed peanuts…



The ball is given a good roll in sesame seeds…


A solitary bomb, awaiting its fate before getting fried…!


Yummy! the deep fried snacks with peanut and red bean fillings.

This is the savoury “woo kok”. A flatten piece of yam dough (taro) is filled up with lots of meat filling (charsiew) marinated in their secret recipe sauce.



Filling the yam dough with charsiew…



Delicate fingers at work wrapping it all up…


Good old “woo kok” is ready!


Beside the above items they also have the deep fried Lo Pak Ko. Check out this stall located in Chulia Street along the same stretch of hawker stalls selling wantan mee and curry mee. Click here for the Map Location.

Business Hours : 8pm – 11.30pm
Closed : Monday & Tuesday
GPS Coordinates : N 05*25’5.66″
E 100*20’11.36″

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