Seafood at Ah Keat Seafood Restaurant – Raja Uda, Butterworth

Recently our family together with some friends went over to Butterworth to try out the food at Ah Keat Seafood Restaurant. We were recommended to this place by Sueh Ying. As to the location we only know it is located somewhere in Jalan Raja Uda near to the Nine Emperor Temple. With our trusted Garmin Navigator, we arrived at the temple. From there we slowly search for the restaurant and true enough, we found it located just a few meters opposite the temple.

This restaurant initially was doing zhu char and has since ventured into more imported live seafood items in the last few years. It has rows of huge glass tanks with wide selection of live seafood which can be ordered in a variety of preparation options, including steamed, stir-fried and deep-fried.


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Besides the exotic seafood, they also have other signature dishes which consist of chicken, pork and local seafood. We started off having the deep fried chicken wings marinated with Nam Yue. Fried until golden brown and well cook inside, each delicious wing cost RM2.


The fried porridge was my favourite. The porridge @RM10 was fried with finely chop dry cuttlefish, mushroom and mince meat. I was told that it was important to constantly stir the porridge in order for it not to stick to the bottom of the pan and get burnt. The coriander leaves added flavor to the porridge. Must try this dish if you like thick porridge.


IMG_4365 IMG_4387

Siam Style Mantis Prawn @RM10. Deep fried mantis prawn is stir fried together with cashew and macadamia nuts, dry shrimps and sotong bakar together with onions and chili padi. I like this smaller size macadamia nuts as it does not feel so mouthful as compared to those extra large ones serve in some restaurants.


Stew chicken leg (Jiu Yim Kai Keok) @RM10. Stewed to the right texture (not too soft) and then stir fried with garlic, chili and topped with spring onions. A bit spicy and very appetizing.


The Tomyam Seafood @RM20 consist of crab, prawn and sotong. The soup is not too sourish and has strong flavour of limau pulut, lemon grass and mint leaves. We could not help ourselves finishing every drop of the soup. The seafood were fresh. An excellent dish to get the appetite going.


As for the fish dish, we had the Queensland Grouper (loong dun). The grouper was steam in soy sauce, with strips of ginger, pieces of mushroom with a hint of Chinese wine. This type of  grouper is a big fish by nature and the meat tends to be firmer. The fish slice is price at RM10 per 100g.


I like the simplicity of this Steamed La La dish @RM8. It has a lot of mince garlic, ginger, chili padi and tasted refreshing with the lemon juice that were squeezed into it before steaming. I particular like the gravy that has the strong pungent taste.


Crab fried with salted egg yolk. We came to know the chef fried the crabs with six salted yolks. We find it very flavorsome but a bit on the salty side. It was a delight licking and biting the shell.



Last but not least, the signature tofu dish, which are fried till golden brown. The lady owner makes these tofu herself. The vegetable cutlets in there goes well with the taste of the beancurd.


Overall the dishes were delicious and very tasty with emphasis on quality and freshness. The place is also brightly lighted and hygienic. We are bound to visit this place again to try out their other selection of live seafood. Saw the photos displayed on the wall that our Yang Berhormat, Mr Lim Guan Eng had patronized this restaurant before.

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This family owned and operated restaurant offers a comfortable family-oriented atmosphere and is open for dinner only, 7 nights a week. This restaurant is situated in Jalan Raja Uda, and the best route there from the island would be taking the Butterworth Outer Ring Road. Click here for the Map Location.


Ah Keat Seafood Restaurant
6881, Lorong Merbau 1 Off Jalan Raja Uda,
13000 Butterworth
Tel : 04 3233319, 012 4258552 & 012 4918736

Business Hours : starting from 5 pm right through 1.30am

GPS Coordinates : N05 26.560   E100 23.221

After the dinner, we went to took some photographs of the Nine Emperor Temple.  It was lighted up so beautifully. Check out the  photos in my other blog.